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You bring out the best in people for a living. Let us help you bring out the best in yourself with these beauty resume samples.

Child care

Day in and day out you care for the well being of others. Your compassion knows no bounds. Use these child care resume samples to showcase that.

Nanny Resume Guide


When you’re creative for a living the most challenging part of building a resume is figuring out how to channel that creativity. These creative resume examples have worked for creative professionals from artists to photographers to graphic designers.

Acting Resume Guide
Artist Resume Guide
Dance Resume Guide
Editor Resume Guide
Film Resume Guide
Model Resume Guide
Music Resume Guide
Theatre Resume Guide
Writer Resume Guide


As an educator you have to manage approximately 1,248 priorities at the same time. How can you put that on a resume? These education resume examples try to help you answer that question.

Pastor Resume Guide
Teacher Resume Guide
Tutor Resume Guide


As an engineer you are compensated for being logical. Nothing feels logical about trying to guess what you’re supposed to have on your resume. That’s where these engineering resume examples can help.

Hvac Resume Guide

Finance & Accounting

A finance professional knows that you’re only as valuable as you can demonstrate. What metrics should you include? How should you talk about your performance? These finance resume samples will show you.

Banking Resume Guide

Food Service

Food service professionals vary widely in their responsibilities and roles. It’s important that you are clear in exactly what you’ve done in your past work. These food service samples do exactly that.

Barista Resume Guide
Busser Resume Guide
Chef Resume Guide
Cook Resume Guide
Hostess Resume Guide
Server Resume Guide

Health Care

As a healthcare professional you take care of people for a living. We want to try to help you take care of your resume. These health care resume samples are a great starting point.

CNA Resume Guide
Dentist Resume Guide
EMT Resume Guide
Nursing Resume Guide
RN Resume Guide
Trainer Resume Guide

Information Technology (IT)

Technology makes the modern world go round. It can be difficult for tech professionals to channel their logical brains into the oftentimes chaotic resume design process. These IT resumes samples are a great starting point.

Devops Resume Guide
Gis Resume Guide
It Resume Guide

Logistics & Maintenance

Logistics and maintenance professionals are the backbone of most businesses. You provide support so the businesses can function as expected. These maintenance resume samples will provide that support for your resume.

Doula Resume Guide
Janitor Resume Guide
Pilot Resume Guide
Plumber Resume Guide
Welder Resume Guide

Office Support & Administration

You make sure the lights stay on, appointments are kept, and things are operating efficiently. Think of these resumes as the office support for your resume. We’ll provide the assistance so you can build a great resume.

Auditor Resume Guide
Ceo Resume Guide
Crm Resume Guide
Sourcer Resume Guide


All day you assist customers. The good ones, the bad ones, and the really, really bad ones. These retail resume examples are meant to turn the table and provide you support on crafting your resume.

Cashier Resume Guide
Retail Resume Guide

Sales & Marketing

You can sell water to a fish. Now help you sell yourself with these sales and marketing resume examples.

Manager Resume Guide
Sales Resume Guide

Security & Legal

How can you make sure your security resume has what it needs to get an interview? These security and legal resume samples were built to give you a guide for how to answer that question.


How can you craft a compelling resume without much work experience? We’ll help you answer that question with these student resume samples.

Mba Resume Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which template do I use?

The resume template you should choose will vary based on your profession and the amount of experience you have. See which resume template is a good fit for you. You can also browse through our selection of Word resume templates or Google Docs resume templates available for download.

No matter which resume template you choose, it needs to be the following:

  • Scannable: If you scan or browse this resume can you still absorb information? You don’t have long to impress the hiring manager with your resume.
  • Simple: Simple does not have to mean boring. You can still have an eye catching resume but avoid having anything fancy like a graphic on your resume. Computers can’t read these well.
  • Consistent: You need to choose a resume template that is consistent throughout. This means intelligent color groupings and only 2-3 different fonts. Your resume font is not the place to be bold (pun intended).
  • Expandable: This means that as you add more text to your resume your template should be able to expand to allow you to fit more on the page. The one page resume is the gold standard (especially if you have less than 10 years of experience).
Can I edit one of these examples?

All of the resume examples you see on this page are editable. Alternatively, you can choose your favorite template then upload your old resume. The format you like will be applied to your old document, so you can immediately start writing a resume.

Do I list all my jobs on my resume?

The answer, frustratingly, is it depends.

I don't have much work experience
If you are a student or don’t have a lot of relevant work experience to draw on, then yes, you should include as many jobs as you can on your resume. Thankfully, our resume writing tips can help you navigate these muddy waters.

In this case you need to make your old work experiences relevant to the job you’re applying to by highlighting your generalizable skills.

Most jobs demonstrate some degree of problem solving, collaboration, work ethic, etc. Think about how you can highlight these skills.

For example, a cashier might say something like “Worked collaboratively with other cashiers to provide prompt assistance to customers”

I have a lot of relevant work experience
If you're at the point in your career where you have several years of work experience related to the kind of job you're applying to, then you only need to include relevant experience on your resume (though it makes sense to keep a running list of all jobs you've ever worked in a resume outline or master copy).

For example, if I'm a senior software engineer with 8 years of programming experience, I'm going to exclude from my resume the server job I had in college.

How do I know my resume has everything it needs?

Decide on the best resume format for you; then, take advantage of our free resume checker to ensure your resume has everything it needs. Just upload your resume or edit one of the examples on this page, and we'll tell you exactly how you can improve your resume.

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