5 Research Assistant Resume Examples That Work in 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: July 27, 2022

As a successful research assistant, you're a thorough data analyst, a top-notch lab technician, a friendly participant coordinator, and an organized librarian all rolled into one.

However, accurately demonstrating these different skillsets on your research assistant resume can feel more overwhelming than autoclaving an entire lab's worth of equipment. Not to mention, you may not know whether your school wants a CV or a resume. Where are you supposed to start?

Don't fret—consider us your personal resume assistant! We've reviewed hundreds of resumes to determine what resumes land you an interview and what resumes get tossed in the recycling. This guide will walk you through what makes a good research assistant resume versus a bad one, and how you can stand out among your peers to get the research position you've always wanted.

Need inspiration instead? Our five research assistant resume examples have helped researchers across several disciplines land jobs in top labs and departments in 2022. If you're stuck on how to get started, take a look or use a resume template to be inspired and have help to make your best resume yet!

Research Assistant Resume

Research Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • Although you're likely applying to several positions, you need to tailor your research assistant resume to each application. It's tedious, we know, but it demonstrates your attention to detail and your commitment to the job.
    • Make sure your resume includes keywords from the job description, especially in your resume skills section.
    • Also, be crystal clear about your past research experience. Remember, the person reviewing your resume might not work in the same field, so you need to be abundantly clear about what research you conducted and how you executed your research.
  • If any of the research you contributed led to a publication, be sure to mention it. While this isn't the ultimate goal of research, it's definitely a feather in your cap. 

Undergraduate Research Assistant Resume

Undergraduate Research Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you're looking to get a role as an undergraduate research assistant, there is an implicit understanding that you may not have a lot of real-world experience to list on your resume. 
    • However, even if you don't have experience as a research assistant, include whatever work experience you have. Having any sort of job demonstrates responsibility, initiative, and the ability to work with others well.
  • When it comes to your undergraduate research assistant resume, the resume template you choose can play a big factor in determining whether you get an interview or not.
    • Choose a template that allows you to add sections (like projects) to cover up your lack of experience while also filling the page.

Entry-level Research Assistant Resume

Entry Level Research Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you have the room, try to include a resume objective (also called a career objective) in your entry-level research assistant resume.
    • This section allows you to demonstrate an interest in a particular research field (and in a particular research assistant position). Thus, make sure you tailor this section for every application you submit!
  • It's also wise to include a projects section filled with projects you've completed.
    • Even if the projects aren't relevant to the field of research you'd like to study, adding them highlights transferable skills like data analysis and experiment design. Plus, it fills up space so you're not worried about filling up a whole page. 

Laboratory Research Assistant Resume

Laboratory Research Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • When it comes to your lab assistant resume, numbers speak louder than words. Numbers quantify your claims and grab the eye of the person reviewing your resume.
    • Good examples of metrics are the number of publications you've published, the number of team members you managed, the amount of money you saved, the amount of grant funding you helped acquire, or the outcome of your data analysis. If it can be measured by numbers, include it!
    • However, unlike your data, these numbers doesn't have to be perfectly accurate—they can be rough estimates.
  • You've got a keen eye for details, but so does the person who's reviewing your resume. If your resume has more than a few errors, you likely won't get the job.
    • Before you hit submit, run your resume through a resume checker or a spellcheck system (Grammarly is a good place to start). Better yet, after you run it through AI, have a trusted colleague review it, too. 

Postdoctoral Research Assistant Resume

Postdoctoral Research Assistant Resume Example

Why this resume works

  • Although it takes up space, adding a resume summary is a great addition on your postdoctoral research assistant resume.
    •  This section highlights your expertise, years of experience in your field, and achievements, so it's highly recommended you include one. If you do so, just remember to tailor it for each application
  • Because of your experience, you may wonder if it's applicable to add projects to your resume. Happily, it's totally acceptable! It's even encouraged if you don't have boatloads of research assistant experience.
    • Consider including projects such as club membership (especially if you founded it yourself), volunteer experiences, or independent research. 

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