About BeamJobs:It's a pleasure to meet you.

Our mission

We’re here to create practical tools that make the process of landing a new job seamless and unambiguous. We want to make the job search a bit less soul-draining.

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Learn how we got here

Meet some of the team

Yes, they're twins. No, they can't feel each other's pain.

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Stephen Greet
Co-founder, CEO

Stephen is the co-founder and CEO of BeamJobs. He started his career in data working for an insurance company. He then moved on to work in edtech for a company called Chegg before venturing out to start BeamJobs.

Fun fact: Stephen once slept overnight in a Target parking lot to be able to buy a Nintendo Wii.

Justin Greet
Co-founder, CTO

Justin is the co-founder and CTO of BeamJobs. He started his career at Google as a software engineer before diving in headfirst with Stephen to start BeamJobs. He’s a full-stack engineer and a full-time dog dad (shoutout to Marvin).

Fun fact: Justin once got himself locked on a roof and had to ninja-warrior his way down.