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3 Mistakes on Our Way to 750K Resumes Created

Since my last company update , we’ve become a real business! We have people working for us, and more importantly, we have company t-shirts (okay, technically, they’re still being shipped, but I’m counting it). We launched our resume product in June 2020, and to date, people have created over 750K ...


2.25 Years To Make $1,100 In Software Revenue

The 4 biggest mistakes we made going from $10 to $1,100 in revenue for our software product.


2 Years To Make $10 in Software Revenue

It took us over two years to make $10 in revenue through software we made. We made a lot of mistakes we hope you can learn from on the way.


Bye Bye Google + How I Botched My New Company's Launch

I made a lot of engineering mistakes in my company's first launch. I dive deep into the 3 biggest to help you avoid making them.


14 Mistakes On Our Way to $88,000 in Revenue

As first time founders we've made a lot of mistakes since we started our company in May 2018. We look back at 14 of our biggest mistakes to help you avoid making them.