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Elegant resume template


Best for: Resumes with a lot of content

  • Modern
  • Professional
Standout resume template


Best for: Professionals eager to stand out

  • Modern
  • Creative
Professional resume template


Best for: Jobs that require formal resumes

  • Professional
Official resume template


Best for: 3+ years experience

  • Professional
  • Creative
Modern resume template


Best for: Jobs that encourage creativity

  • Modern
  • Creative
Classic resume template


Best for: 0-5 years experience

  • Professional
  • Modern
Compact resume template


Best for: Professionals light on experience

  • Modern
  • Creative
Minimalist resume template


Best for: Resumes with multiple roles

  • Modern
  • Professional

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The next time I'm even casually thinking about looking for a new position the first move I make will be straight to BeamJobs.
- Alex Furrier
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When a candidate applies to Solitaired and is looking for feedback I always recommend they optimize their resume with BeamJobs first.
- Neal Taparia
GREAT site. I just wanted to thank you for this site. Fantastic information for someone (me) who has been out of the office setting for a bit and needs to update her resume.
- Karla Sullivan
Thank you! This was an excellent investment. I was frustrated with the response I was getting to my resume. Since using your resume grader I've had potential employers go out of their way to compliment my resume.
- Kasey O'Connor
I needed to create a new resume for my job search. I tried a decent number of tools before finally discovering BeamJobs. The process was super straightforward and by the end I had a resume that landed me a job I'm excited about. Mission accomplished!
- Samantha Grumen
I can't recommend this enough! I've already introduced it to a couple of friends.
- Darshan Somashekar
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some tips to help you learn if a resume builder is for you.

Why use a resume builder?

Have you tried creating a resume in Word or Google Docs? It’s incredibly frustrating. Any time you change one input it seems like you break everything else about your resume.

Resume builders are aimed to solve this problem. A good resume builder makes it easy to create, update, and edit your resume. It should enable you to quickly change things without getting in your way.

When you are deciding whether a resume builder is worth using you need to be able to answer “Yes” to the following questions:

  • Is it easy to create multiple resumes for different job applications?
  • Do I like the resume templates they offer? If you don’t like them, chances are a hiring manager won’t either.
  • Can I get actionable feedback to improve my resume?

What makes BeamJobs different?

The BeamJobs resume builder is designed to make it seamless to edit and improve your resume. By offering out of the box resume templates that are professional, modern, and easy to update we take out the guesswork that comes with editing your resume.

Most people only create or update their resume every 2-3 years on average. It’s unfair then that you’re evaluated based on your ability to make a compelling resume. Our resume builder just helps make sure that your resume reflects your true talent and ability.

Is this resume builder for my profession?

In most likelihood, yes. Our resume builder was designed to work across different professions and sectors. You can see a list of professions we have resume examples for.

Who is behind BeamJobs?

BeamJobs was started by me (Stephen) and my brother Justin. Our backgrounds are in tech at companies like Google and Chegg. We decided to quit our jobs to build a tech-enabled recruiting agency.

During that time we saw the biggest factor preventing qualified job seekers from getting more interviews was the quality of their resumes. After a lot of research and engineering we launched the BeamJobs resume builder in July 2020.

Since then we’ve been able to help over 100,000 job seekers create better resumes. Our goal as a company is to make your job search easier and more effective. That starts with your resume.