7 Grad School Resume Examples + Complete Guide

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 8, 2024
7 Grad School Resume Examples + Complete Guide

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As a graduate student, you’ve dedicated years to the pursuit of knowledge and the betterment of the world. And if that weren’t enough, you’re paying the bills and building your expertise along the way.

But even though you can tackle research and jobs with a cool head, writing an effective cover letter and grad school resume can feel like a shot in the dark. How are you supposed to know what to include, and how can you showcase all your skills without going over a page?

We’ve created seven grad school resume samples based on the best resume practices for grad students. These examples have helped scholars build a great resume to get job interviews at prestigious universities, private corporations, and federal laboratories across the country.

Why this resume works

  • You don’t have to spend countless hours refining your grad school resume, but that doesn’t mean you should only spend 10 minutes on it. So, how can you find the middle ground?
    • We’d recommend using a resume outline to structure your thoughts initially—just jot down everything you can think of. Then go through and narrow it down so it contains only the essentials.
    • Then you can format your resume so it’s easy to read and pleasing to look at. Don’t forget to keep your section headers distinct with a different font and color.
  • Determining how to include metrics can be tricky, but it’s usually relatively easy to find if you know where to look.
    • You can include metrics about any rates you improved (like efficiency or time saved), the amount of grant money you helped earn, your GPA, how many publications you produced, or the number of people you worked with or assisted.

Graduate School Resume

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Graduate school resume example with internship experience

Why this resume works

  • Make a habit of creating a strong impression from the get-go with your graduate school resume. Is there a certain university you’re shooting for? Explain what makes it so special to you in the career objective and your purpose for applying.
    • If the institution caters to a specific subject like history then mention how you’ve used your skills to truly pursue excellence in this field via projects, internships, etc. Decided to study when everyone else was partying? Don’t be shy! Showcase your academic brilliance by adding a high GPA of at least 3.75.

Grad School Application Resume

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Grad school application resume example with dog walking and intern experience

Why this resume works

  • It’s always nerve-racking to hit “send” for your grad school application resume, isn’t it? Here’s the good news, you don’t need to be in a pool of anxiety as long as you mention how you’ve applied your current degree in real life.
    • Whether it be scoring an internship at a big company like NVIDIA or even using your skills to create various solutions, ensure you highlight the best parts! Let the university recruiters know your desire and ambition to contribute to society by pursuing higher studies there!

Biology Grad School Resume

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Biology grad school resume example with 6 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Adding a resume objective to your biology grad school resume is great for emphasizing your qualifications right away (and filling in some white space).
    • An objective is best if you’re changing careers or have only a few years of experience in your field. If you have over 10 years of experience, use a resume summary instead.
    • Make sure your objective is personalized for every job application by including the specific job title, company, and relevant skills each time you submit your resume.
  • Your resume should never be vague, but it’s even more vital to be as specific if you’re in the STEM field.
    • For example, what areas of research are you familiar with? How did you assist with experiments, and what were the results of your research? Did you improve lab processes in any way, and if so, how?

Nursing Grad School Resume

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Nursing grad school resume example with 5 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • When you’re writing your nursing grad school resume, you need to make sure you’re including the right metrics (aka numbers) to make a good first impression.
    • Quantifiable metrics can include patient satisfaction, the number of successful procedures you performed, how accurately you filled out paperwork, and number of patients you cared for per shift.
  • There’s a lot you have to think about when you’re writing your resume, so it’s easy to miss little mistakes.
    • Before you submit your application, always check your resume so it’s completely free of errors, like present tense verbs, missed commas, and typos. You’d be surprised by what you can miss on the first few revisions!

Psychology Grad School Resume

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Psychology grad school resume example with 8 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Did you know that having a unique skills section on your psychology grad school resume can help get you an interview?
    • Hiring managers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline the initial stages of applicant cuts. The ATS catches keywords in your resume and matches them to skills preselected by recruiters. If you don’t include enough skills in your resume, you’ll be eliminated. So, read the job description to add similar skills in a dedicated skills section.
    • We recommend adding six to eight skills in your skills section to demonstrate your technical capabilities.
  • Getting a job in psychology isn’t easy, so if you’ve got any special licenses or certifications, add an optional “certifications” section to your resume to show off your credentials.

SLP Grad School Resume

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SLP grad school resume example with 4 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Speech language pathology students possess solid communication skills, patience, and resourcefulness, so it’s crucial to demonstrate those skills on your SLP grad school resume.
    • While you can certainly list those skills in your skills section, it’s best to include them both in your skills section and in your work experience bullets.
    • Explain how you used those skills to make a positive impact on your patients and in your workplace. Always think of the “how” questions and try to answer them in your resume for the strongest effect.
  • Although it’s optional, adding a hobbies and interests section to your resume can potentially increase your chances of getting an interview.
    • Including your interests can make you more personable to the hiring manager, which is vital when the hiring team considers who they’ll interview!

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