5 College Graduate Resume That Got The Job In 2021

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: June 30, 2021

Whether you attended a traditional 4-year university straight out of high school, started at a community college, landed a spot at an Ivy League school, or worked your way through an online program, there's no doubt that your college experience was unique to you. 

Thus, it's safe to assume that your college graduate resume will also be unique, and that's a good thing because you want an employer to see what makes you a valuable candidate. With that said, it can be difficult to know what to include on your resume if your work experience is sparse or seems irrelevant. 

Not to worry, though, because we've taken the time to build 5 college graduate resume samples for you to use as a springboard. With our examples and proven tips, we know you'll be able to expertly draft a professional resume that encompasses your collegiate activities, work history, and skills.  

College Graduate Resume

College Graduate resume example

Why this resume works

  • Not everyone works through college, and that's perfectly okay. While a resume usually delineates work history, this is your opportunity to concentrate on projects and activities you've been involved in during college. 
    • Place emphasis on projects relevant to your chosen field. List 2-4 bullet points about your contributions, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Don't forget to start with a strong action verb. 
    • It's also appropriate to include other extracurriculars on your college graduate resume. Seemingly irrelevant activities are important to include because they demonstrate you're a well-rounded candidate. 
  • Take advantage of the career objective by briefly summing up your varied collegiate projects, and be sure to state how your experience better equips you for the job. 
  • If you're lacking typical work experience, avoid throwing a haphazard list of skills on your resume.
    • Examine the description of your desired job, and include some of those mentioned skills that are relevant to you. 

Recent College Graduate Resume

Recent College Graduate resume example

Why this resume works

  • If college graduation happened in the not-so-distant past, you likely have work experience you can include in your recent college graduate resume. While it's great if you can include work similar to your chosen field, don't panic if this isn't your experience. Employers recognize that we all start somewhere, so here are some ways to ensure you demonstrate competency for the job:
    • Include relevant coursework,
    • Include a specific and honest list of skills
    • Include your GPA (if you're proud of it!), 
    • and include a resume objective. 
  • When writing bullet points for both your job and project descriptions, do your best to demonstrate how you took action. 
    • Use numbers when possible to show measurable impact.
    • Start with action verbs. 
    • Be specific, and avoid generalized statements that could be on any resume. 

Marketing College Graduate Resume

Marketing College Graduate resume example

Why this resume works

  • Internships are extremely valuable to your marketing college graduate resume. Not everyone secures an internship before entering the workforce, so including an internship will demonstrate initiative, real-world experience, and industry knowledge. 
  • In a field such as marketing, don't gloss over the projects you've taken on throughout college. 
    • Whether you've improved traffic to your personal blog or volunteered to build campaigns for a local organization, those undertakings matter a great deal because employers will, again, see your initiative as well as how you operate in your skillset when you're not on the clock. 
  • Trying to fit all the pieces of your college years onto one page is a challenge, so choose a template that will allow you to rearrange and organize sections in a logical way. 

Engineering College Graduate Resume

Engineering College Graduate resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your engineering college graduate resume should showcase your abilities as well as your creativity—regardless of whether you have job experience. 
    • Something you "just did for fun" may actually be a project worth mentioning. If you developed an app for personal use and preference, this is an excellent project to include that will detail your skills, project outcome, and creativity. 
  • If you don't have work experience to include on your resume, place heavier emphasis on your education by listing:
    • awards, achievements, recognition, or organizations/societies you were involved in;
    • solid GPAs;
    • and relevant coursework. 
  • Including a resume objective will also go a long way in demonstrating your offerings and career goals.
    • Make sure you change your resume objective for each job you apply to. Otherwise, it's better to not include one.

Human Resources College Graduate Resume

Human Resources College Graduate resume example

Why this resume works

  • While every resume ought to be eye-catching, your human resources college graduate resume must outshine them all. Since your responsibilities will include hiring employees, it's imperative that your own resume and career documents are top-notch. 
    • Choose a professional but creative template, and take advantage of our free resume checker that will help you with a number of things, including using active verbs, avoiding passive voice, and checking for punctuation consistency. 
  • Include internships, work experience, and any projects that will attest to your abilities to manage employees and streamline operations. 
    • No matter what you include in your resume, write job description bullet points that will demonstrate genuine care for the people you work with as well as your ability to assist and improve the experiences of those individuals. 
      • Hint: If you can quantify your experiences with figures, statistics, percentages, or money, do so—metrics speak louder than vague statements. 

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