5 Event Planner Resume Examples for 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: June 9, 2022

Event planning is one of the most stressful, difficult jobs in the world. The need for attention to detail, organization, operations under tight budgets, and serious multitasking skills make this job hard! 

With all this stress and responsibility, you shouldn't have to worry about writing the perfect resume to convey your skills. 

That's where we come in. We've reviewed numerous event planner resumes to figure out which types get the most interviews. 

We distilled this information into five free event planner resume templates built to help you get your dream job in 2022. Use these, along with our helpful writing tips on your quest to improve your resume. 

Event Planner Resume

Event Planner resume example

Why this resume works

  • Look quickly at your existing event planner resume. What stands out?
  • We asked this question to dozens of focus groups, and the answer was always the same. The numbers!
      • Hiring managers, on average, only spend six seconds on each resume they review. Therefore, the most important thing you can do when building your resume is to include quantifiable metrics (numbers) because they catch hiring managers' eyes.
    • Numbers also do an exceptional job of demonstrating your accomplishments. It's much more difficult to tell employers about your impact convincingly than to show them with numbers.
    • Having trouble incorporating metrics? As an event planner, we recommend you include stats on the number of events you've planned, the types of events, your percentage of positive reviews, ways in which you've improved efficiency, saved money by negotiating contracts, improved ratings, and the number of software products you've used.

Corporate Event Planner Resume

Corporate Event Planner resume example

Why this resume works

  • Include specific software on your corporate event planner resume.
    • In 2022, prospective employers assume you have a strong understanding of applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Gmail. It's a better use of space to include niche, job-specific software like Event Mobi, Cvent, Eventbrite, Hubb, and Whova.
  • Make the recruiter's job simpler by formatting your resume in an easy-to-read style. 
    • We recommend the reverse-chronological technique, with your most recent and relevant work history first, followed by older experience.

Entry-Level Event Planner Resume

Entry Level Event Planner resume example

Why this resume works

  • Don't feel bad if you're starting out and don't yet have event planning experience. We all have to start somewhere. 
  • You can include any unrelated paid work experience you've had. These jobs still demonstrate responsibility and can be worded to highlight all the relevant skills of a great event planner.
  • Your entry-level event planner resume might also benefit from a resume objective.
    • We recommend them when you're undergoing a relatively substantial career change or have minimal experience and need to fill space.
    • If you do include a resume objective, make sure you specify it for each job. You should take note of the job description and list any matching skills you have. And don't forget to include the job title and company name!

Senior Event Planner Resume

Senior Event Planner resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your senior-level event planner resume should showcase your years of achievements by taking advantage of quantifiable metrics to best demonstrate those accomplishments.
    • For example, using numbers to display how you increased event attendance by 29% or had a network of over 300 vendors is highly attractive to potential employers.
    • Focus on important metrics, like event attendance, client satisfaction, negotiated contract savings, or ROIs.
  • Begin each bullet point with action words, keeping them to around 200 characters or less while double-checking your resume for active voice, proper grammar, and typos.

Event Coordinator Resume

Event Coordinator resume example

Why this resume works

  • Many applicants spend their time focusing on their work experience and forget to include resume skills. But you may be surprised to learn that the skills section is the second most important.
    • In fact, for hiring managers ever to see your resume, you need to include relevant keyword skills.
    • That's right! Employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter applicants before they read resumes. If you fail to include important keywords, your event coordinator resume may end up in the trash can rather than the manager's desk.
    • The most important skills to include on your event planning resume are organization, multitasking, negotiating, software, and critical thinking.

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