5 Auto Mechanic Resume Examples That Worked In 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 2, 2022

As a mechanic, you have your workflow down pat. You know how to work efficiently on your own, how to meet customer expectations, how to deal with the physical strain of the job, and how to operate as a team.

You shouldn’t need to spend your off time keeping up with the latest resume writing techniques.

Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you!

We spent hundreds of hours interviewing 1,500+ mechanics, from auto mechanics to supervisors, to distill what does (and what doesn’t) get candidates job interviews in the 2022 market.

We condensed this information down into 5 sample auto mechanic resumes, along with some helpful hints, to make sure your resume is up to speed.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you that dream job.

Mechanic Resume

Mechanic resume example

Why this resume works

  • Notice how this automotive mechanic resume grabs your eye?
    • The key to creating a visually-appealing resume is decluttering. Since you need to include pertinent information about you (like your education, relevant work experiences, contact information, and skills), your resume can quickly become a busy mess.
      • Try breaking up your work experience details into short bullet points of 200 characters or less.
      • Using quantitative metrics (numbers) to demonstrate your value is another way to save space.
  • Numbers speak louder than words.
    • Quantitative metrics aren’t just important for saving space. They do a far more convincing job of demonstrating why you’re the right mechanic for the job than words alone can.
      • In fact, 70% of hiring managers we polled said they wouldn’t hiring a mechanic if they didn’t include quantitative metrics on their resume.
  • If you’re struggling to think of numbers you can include on your resume, try including metrics on customer satisfaction ratings, the number of cars you serviced per shift, metrics on your efficiency and productivity, the number of people you collaborate with, the sales you grossed, your speed for general maintenance jobs like oil changes or brake pad replacements, or the variety of vehicle types you’re experienced in servicing.

Vehicle Mechanic Resume

Vehicle Mechanic resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you want your vehicle mechanic resume to stand out, you need to consider adding a dedicated skills section to your resume.
  • The skills section not just a nice summary of your core skills, it’s a vitally important way to make sure your resume gets seen at all!
    • When a good mechanic job opening is posted online it’s not uncommon for 100-200 applicants to throw their name in the pot. Hiring managers want to shrink this list as quickly as possible. Especially because some of these applicants may not be a good fit at all.
      • How does the hiring manager do this? They install Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software that can filter applicants based on pre-selected keywords.
      • Hiring managers choose skills as keywords, and often they pull these directly from their job posting, or they slightly tweak them.
        • When you’re applying to your next job, go ahead and read the job posting closely and make sure you mention the relevant skills in your skills section.
  • Vehicle mechanics tend to be skilled in communication, problem solving, collaboration, physical fitness, technological knowledge, and efficiency.

Diesel Mechanic Resume

Diesel Mechanic resume example

Why this resume works

  • This diesel mechanic resume contains a career objective.
    • We recommend including a career objective (also called a resume objective) for a few reasons:
      • They’re a great way to take up space on your resume if you’re short on experience and are having trouble filling up a whole page.
      • Career objectives are also a great place to explain a career change.
      • You’re willing to write a completely customized, highly focused career objective for every resume.
      • You’re a young person without much work experience and you need to write a compelling case for hiring managers to give you a chance.
    • If none of these apply to you, you should not include a career objective because they can make your resume more cumbersome to read than they’re worth.
  • If you decide to include a career objective in your resume, make sure it is highly specified for every job listing you apply to.
    • Note that this resume includes the specific name of the company they’re applying to, job skills specific to the job, and the job title listed in the job posting. If you cannot commit to making your career objective unique for each job, you shouldn’t include an objective.

Maintenance Mechanic Resume

Maintenance Mechanic resume example

Why this resume works

  • You have ample opportunity to include quality metrics on your maintenance mechanic resume.
    • Try including a number on 60% of your bullet points or more.
    • Metrics can include the amount of money you’ve saved a company, the number of vendors you worked with, places where you’ve boosted efficiency, etc.
  • A note on quantitative metrics:
    • Some data is not easy to get. It’s okay to make a very rough estimate on your numbers when metrics aren’t available to you.
      • However, we always recommend consulting with your employer to see if there are any metrics worth including on your resume.
    • It should go without saying, but don’t lie on your resume. If you do get hired and have promised an unrealistically high standard your boss will know you’ve been dishonest when quarterly reports roll around.
      • You can always highlight things that you know, like the number of shifts you’ve missed, customer feedback scores, or feedback you’ve received on colleague and boss surveys.

Mechanic Supervisor Resume

Mechanic Supervisor resume example

Why this resume works

  • This mechanic supervisor resume provides a great example for formatting your resume.
    • You need to ensure that your resume is approximately 300-700 words long, it fits on a single page, it doesn’t crowd the page or margins, and it’s visually appealing.
    • Each one of your work experiences needs to include 3-6 bullet points of approximately 200 characters.
    • You need to make sure to start your bullet points with action words, avoid filler words, maintain active voice, avoid personal pronouns and keep consistent punctuation.
  • If you’re not an English writer and a graphic designer, it can be intimidating to get started. Use our resume checker and it will tell you what words you need to change, where your tenses are inconsistent, and when you forgot to use action words.

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