5 Electrician Resume Examples For 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 10, 2022

An electrician is an expert in an extremely hands-on, technical trade. When it comes to the work of an electrician, if not done right, things can go horribly wrong. 

While this line of work can't always be directly and neatly translated onto paper, electricians still have to apply for jobs like everyone else—with a resume. By cultivating a resume using the tried and tested techniques we've found for excellent career writing, you can wildly increase your chances of landing an interview, and, ultimately, a job.

This resume guide contains 5 electrician resume examples specifically designed for the 2022 job market. Check out the tips for these resumes to see why they're effective and what you can do to make your resume work for you.

Electrician Resume

Electrician resume example

Why this resume works

  • This electrician resume puts a great emphasis on metrics. Note how it includes numbers, percentages, and amounts.
    • By quantifying your impact on the company, the claims you include in your resume suddenly hold a lot more weight. 
    • Add as much specificity to your work experience as you can. A hiring manager doesn't want to simply read a description of what the average electrician does. He or she wants to see what specific benefits and improvements you brought to your previous job(s) and how you might apply that same type of work to your next.
  • In addition to metrics, you can strengthen your resume through the use of active language in your work experience bullet points. 
    • Keeping your language simple and straightforward will assist hiring managers in getting the information they need from your resume. Make it as easy as possible to read and comprehend.

Maintenance Electrician Resume

Maintenance Electrician resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your maintenance electrician resume should be very clean and organized. While the substance is what truly matters, the appearance of your resume is the first impression many hiring managers will have of you.
    • Organize your resume so that it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.
      • Label each section on your resume so that each piece of information can be quickly located. This isn't the time to be creative or obscure. Make the flow of your resume intuitive and easy to follow using sections titles that are clearly marked by larger, bolder font.
  • In electrical work, there are very clear levels of advancement, which means you'll want to list your job experience in reverse chronological order.
    • Start with your most recent experience to show an employer what you're capable of now versus what you did as an apprentice. 

Electrician Apprentice Resume

Electrician Apprentice resume example

Why this resume works

  • Consider including a career objective in your electrician apprentice resume. Because you're new to the field, a career objective can bolster your resume in a number of ways:
    • It can summarize your overall work experience, demonstrating how seemingly irrelevant jobs have prepared you for electrician work.
    • It can inform the reader of what you're looking for in a job.
    • It can also discuss the values and skills you would bring to the job.
  • You can include work experience that doesn't directly correlate to the job you're seeking. If you have more applicable past jobs, you should definitely include them; however, working as a cashier, restaurant server, etc. can still have value in your resume.
    • Use previous work experience as an opportunity to highlight the important personal and professional skills you have that apply to an apprentice position. 

Industrial Electrician Resume

Industrial Electrician resume example

Why this resume works

  • A full resume is a good first impression to an employer. Your industrial electrician resume should fill the page.
    • Blank space suggests a lack of experience (and a lack of concern for how your resume appears). While this might not be true, you'll want to prevent an employer from making assumptions.
    • Expound on your work responsibilities. Include more than just duties; discuss how and/or why you did what you did, including your impact. 
      • For example, if you're skilled in diagnosing malfunctions in electrical tools, you could discuss your process for troubleshooting and the amount you saved a company in repair work.  
  • Maintain consistency in your resume's format to improve aesthetics and ease of reading. 
    • If you skip punctuation in your bullet points, don't start using periods halfway through.
    • Avoid filler words, passive voice, and personal pronouns in your work experience (see our free resume checker for help with this!). 

Journeyman Electrician Resume

Journeyman Electrician resume example

Why this resume works

  • While small, the skills section is the second most important section on your resume right after work experience. It should be a concise list.
    • Include soft skills that clue an employer in on your personal qualities and characteristics, and include hard skills that are specific to electrician work, such as knowledge of the National Electric Code and the ability to conduct tests and diagnoses. 
      • The skills section is a quick overview of what you have to offer. See our post for more information on cultivating a stellar skills section
  • In your Journeyman electrician resume, don't forget to list your license(s). This is the first thing a hiring manager will want to know. 
    • Licenses, certifications, and education differ by state, so if you're moving to a new state or advancing in your electrician career, make sure you're well researched and up-to-date on your needed licensures.

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