5 Construction Project Manager Resume Examples for 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: September 14, 2022

We can't ignore the need for skilled construction project managers who are responsible for the overall success of a construction project, the building company, the tenants, stakeholders, and owners.

Construction project management is a career that demands clear lines of clarity and accountability. Your job is to focus on the overall project and make sure your team understands what's needed. You have the opportunity to build something important, leading others in this accomplishment while keeping them safe.

Whether you're just starting a career in construction management as an intern or you're a seasoned professional, jobs are awaiting you during this time of growth. Using our writing tools and construction project manager resume samples as a starting point will give you a leg up on the competition in 2022. We've done the research and know what will get your resume noticed, so you can secure an interview and, ultimately, your next job!

Construction Project Manager Resume

Construction Project Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • When including a resume summary on your construction project manager resume, be sure to sprinkle in some keywords from the job description.
    • Use this opportunity to showcase any specializations you've honed in this short paragraph. Different from a resume objective, the summary is reserved for those with 10+ years in their field.  
  • When it comes to your resume, numbers speak louder than words. As a construction project manager, you can likely include metrics surrounding reduced safety incidents, increased client satisfaction, supplier savings, profits, and more.
    • Pro tip: Look at the job description and responsibilities required, and use metrics in your resume to demonstrate how you've already accomplished similar objectives.

Assistant Construction Project Manager Resume

Assistant Construction Project Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your assistant construction project manager resume should include your education, such as a degree in civil engineering, construction technology, or even something like accounting.
    • Forgetting to include your degree is a deal-breaker as hiring managers need to immediately discern whether you have that qualifier. 
  • Structure your resume in reverse-chronological order. In other words, your most recent experience should go at the top of your resume with your oldest experience at the bottom.
    • Hiring managers will first see your most recent and, likely, most relevant position. Then, they can scan down the rest of your resume to see older history. 
    • This is important because as you seek an assistant construction PM role, your goal is to demonstrate that your previous positions have progressively prepared you to take on management work. 

Entry-Level Construction Project Manager Resume

Entry Level Construction Project Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your entry-level construction project manager resume should reflect experience that focuses on keywords for the management role.
    • Yes, this is possible even with little experience! Obviously, having internship experience in project management is helpful, but even if you don't, it's possible to demonstrate you're the right candidate for the job.
      • For example, if the position you're hoping to land is seeking someone who can manage teams or analyze trends, use your work experience bullet points to showcase how you've led others to complete an assignment or how you've advised management to adopt certain equipment based on current trends. 
  • Your resume skills section is also a natural place to demonstrate why you're a worthy candidate.
    • Include mostly hard skills, skills you're genuinely adept in that match those on the job description.
      • These might include site safety or job-specific software.
    • Soft skills are also appropriate to list, such as strong communication and negotiation. 

 Senior Construction Project Manager Resume

Senior Construction Project Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Keep your senior construction project manager resume to one page. Hiring personnel spend a whopping six seconds reviewing any given resume, so be purposeful in what you do and don't include.
    • Discern the difference between what you want to include because you're proud of your accomplishments, as you should be, and what is truly relevant to the job you're applying to. Relevancy is king when keeping your resume to one page.
  • A good litmus test to determine whether you should include a specific skill is whether you can talk intelligently about using that skill in one of the responsibilities you list on your resume. 
    • This reinforces to employers that you're genuinely skilled in those areas.
    • It also provides context around how you used your skills in construction project management, making your candidacy stronger.

Residential Construction Project Manager Resume

Residential Construction Project Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Resumes should provide a favorable impression of you to a prospective employer. Few resumes actually accomplish this because people seeking construction management positions are qualified in their field—not in building resumes!  
    • Using an aid like our free resume checker will allow you to take advantage of professional templates, formats, and tools that assist with active language, metrics, and more. 
  • Clearly state the scope of your responsibilities in your previous roles on your residential construction project manager resume. The scope of responsibilities can change from company to company, so it's important to give the hiring manager a defined picture of what you did in your previous positions relevant to the job you're seeking.
    • For example, in a past construction project management job, did you lead coordination between teams, implement new processes, or receive positive feedback from leadership or clients?

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