7 Landscape Worker Resume Samples Built for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 12, 2024
7 Landscape Worker Resume Samples Built for 2024

Landscape Worker

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As a landscaper, your job is varied but hard work. And landing your next landscaping job requires more hard work. You’ll be submitting applications, attending interviews, and thinking about where you would best fit. 

Your AI cover letter and resume are the backbone of this process, so it will be in your best interest to make it solid and convincing.

We’ve compiled seven landscape worker resume examples designed using modern, research-based techniques. We’ve studied countless resumes and dissected the elements that will increase your chances of getting an interview and the job!

Pay special attention to the formatting, phrasing, and sections used in the following resume samples, and use them as a launching point in our AI resume builder. Let’s land your dream job in 2024.

Landscape Worker Resume

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Landscape worker resume example with 12 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Your landscape worker resume should showcase your work experience. It should be clean, concise, and use active language. The work experience section is, arguably, the most important part of your resume.
    • Hiring managers want to know you have the skills and abilities to get the job done without constant supervision or training. If you can show them in your work experience that you have already done what they’re asking for, your chances of getting an interview increase dramatically.

Entry-Level Landscaper Resume

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Entry-level landscaper resume example with 5 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Your entry-level landscaper resume can do a great job of filling the page, even if you have limited experience. If you lack previous job experience, don’t sell yourself short. You still have skills, abilities, and expertise that can serve you and a future employer well in a landscaping job.
    • You can also choose to include a resume objective. While not required, it can serve you well if done correctly.
    • There are several ways to incorporate a resume objective. Use it to summarize your most relevant experience or skills, inform the reader what you’re looking for in a job, and demonstrate what you hope to offer the target company.
    • We recommend only including an objective if you’re willing to customize it to the specific job to which you’re applying. 
    • Include four to six bullet points ( more is ok if needed to fill the page) for each job to demonstrate the experience you have while filling the space for aesthetics.
    • Consider how you might expand your job experience on the page and still have an impressive resume with fewer previous roles.
    • Can you add more detail about the machinery you used or the impact you’ve had on the company in percentages and numbers?

Landscape Owner Resume

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Landscape owner resume example with 10+ years of experience

Why this resume works

  • For a landscape owner resume to win over and retain clients, you must stand out. In any case, you’re not the only one offering this service in your locality. Customers want you to go over and beyond the typical landscaping services. But how?
    • Show prowess in managing customers and delivering unmatched services, evident in satisfaction rates and number of repeat business.

Self-Employed Landscaper Resume

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Self-employed landscaper resume example with 15 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • You can include a resume summary if you boast at least 10 years of experience in your field. Use it to highlight your specializations and offer a snapshot of your best self while customizing it to the target business.
  • Metrics can take your self-employed landscaper resume to the next level.
    • If you work for yourself, it’ll be your responsibility to land clients and projects, so providing numbers impresses upon them the impact you’ve already had as a landscaper. Metrics serve as hard proof of what you say you can do. 
  • Using active language is another powerful way to convey the impact you’ve had in previous work experience. Start with strong, action verbs to create compelling content that will keep the reader engaged and convinced of your abilities.
    • You should also avoid filler words as much as possible. Adding fluff can be cheesy and distracting.

Landscape Designer Resume

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Landscaper designer resume example with 11 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Do you want to create a landscape designer resume that’s unique and personable? You must think outside the box and include something that will stand out and set you apart.
    • How about including an achievement such as enhancing green spaces by 28%? No doubt, such an inclusion will catch the attention of recruiters.

Landscape Laborer Resume

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Landscape laborer resume example with 15 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Even if your relevant experience is limited, the skills section for your landscape laborer resume can showcase your value. List technical skills for landscaping, people skills, and personal skills that impacted your previous employers.
    • Your skills section should give the hiring manager a taste of what you can offer if they don’t have time to read all your work experience. Making it as unique and specific as possible will serve you best.
  • Two other essential parts of your resume format are your name and contact information. Large, dark letters will instill your name into the hiring manager’s head.
    • You don’t want to give the employer any reason not to call, so place your contact information where it’s readily seen, right at the top.

Landscape Manager Resume

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Landscape manager resume example with 15 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Your landscape manager resume should strike a balance between personalization and professionalism. A hiring manager may look at hundreds of resumes daily, so you want your resume to be visually unique.
    • It should be well-organized and clean while including touches of tasteful color in the section headings. While lots of color or motifs would become distracting, a modest dash can help your resume stand out.
  • Organization is an important element in your resume. You don’t want to make the hiring manager search for anything. Include clear headers to differentiate sections.
    • Tip: After building a resume, have a friend or colleague look at it with fresh eyes and tell you what stood out and what didn’t. Are the things that stood out to them what you hoped would stand out to an employer? Lastly, be sure to take advantage of our free resume checker