5 Janitor Resume Examples Built for 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: May 29, 2022

Janitors are responsible for cleaning and supplying facilities across industries. From schools to hospitals to warehouses, janitors clean messes, big or small, and manage cleaning inventory. They may also have varying levels of experience with building inspections, repair logistics, and maintenance repairs. Whether it's wiping air filters, mopping floors, or taking out the trash, janitors keep workspaces in good condition to help keep everyone healthy.

With this wide scope of responsibilities, it can be difficult to determine what's important to a hiring manager and how to write your resume accordingly. 

We analyzed countless resumes from all experience levels to help you get more interviews. These five janitor resume samples compound our knowledge of what works to help you find jobs in 2022, so they're a great place to get started.

Janitor Resume

Janitor resume example

Why this resume works

  • Since janitorial services can span nearly every industry, it's important that your janitor resume clearly explains where you've worked (e.g., apartment complex, hospital, office complex). This will give employers a picture of the work you're familiar with since industries differ in their protocols and procedures.
  • Facility cleaning and minor maintenance support can be hard to quantify, but as much as you can, your janitor resume should emphasize your accomplishments with results-oriented data.
    • How many floors or buildings did you manage? How many people were on your team? Did you always finish your tasks on time?
    • These metrics can be rough estimates—the goal is to make sure you demonstrate you know which metrics matter in your field.

Hospital Janitor Resume

Hospital Janitor resume example

Why this resume works

  • Build your hospital janitor resume with a sharp focus on safety. Indicate how you supported proper safety protocols without compromising quality or a positive experience within the hospital.
    • In addition to mentioning compliance rules, specifically, outline the disinfection procedures you followed in your previous hospital janitor roles to reduce the risk of infection for vulnerable patients.We suggest listing your accomplishments in a reverse-chronological resume format (most recent work history at the top and oldest at the bottom) to offer the reader a quick priority view of your best, most relevant experience.

Entry-Level Janitor Resume

Entry Level Janitor resume example

Why this resume works

  • As an entry-level janitor, you should have a clear resume objective that briefly summarizes your past work experience, even if not directly applicable to the janitor role you want. 
    • In your objective, make your experience and goals for future positions clear. Use action words and specific details, such as "utilize my passion for cleaning and organization," to show employers you have the know-how for the job. They need to see that you share their vision for improving customer and employee health and safety through quality maintenance and cleaning.
  • Include all relevant and transferable experience, including cleaning, maintenance, and customer service. 
    • If your entry-level janitor resume is light on work experience, that's okay. Just be sure to mention any relevant skills you demonstrated in your previous roles, like organization, thoroughness, and cleanliness.

Warehouse Janitor Resume

Warehouse Janitor resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your warehouse janitor resume should include the industries you've worked in and the size of warehouses you've serviced.
    • If you're applying to a janitor role for a warehouse that's 100,000 square feet and you have that kind of experience on your resume, you are much more likely to get an interview request.
  • Mention any specific tools or skills that are listed in the job description. Only four percent of job applicants take the time to customize their resume for each job they apply to, so by doing so, you automatically gain a leg up.
    • If the job description repeatedly mentions they want a janitor with experience cleaning operational equipment, list any past roles you held that had the same requirement.

School Janitor Resume

School Janitor resume example

Why this resume works

  • As a school janitor, focus on any specialty areas or special resume skills (electrical, HVAC, carpentry, plumbing), especially if the job description prefers candidates with your specific skill set.
    • Some of these specializations can be mentioned in your resume career summary if you decide to include one.
    • Only opt for a summary if you can boast 10+ years of industry experience and are willing to customize it for each role to which you apply.
  • Did you engage with the students in your past school janitor roles? Maybe by volunteering for the school dance or coaching a sports team? Mention it on your school janitor resume.
    • Including any efforts that go above and beyond signals to a school principal that you want to contribute to their community, which will improve your chances of getting an interview.

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