5 Architecture Resume Examples That Worked in 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: March 4, 2022

If you wish to land your dream architectural job in 2022, you’ll need to write an outstanding resume. Understandably, you may not know where to start, but there’s no need to be worried; we've reviewed thousands of architect resumes from intern through to lead architects to learn what works and what doesn't.

These 5 architecture resume samples helped architects land jobs at top firms so they demonstrate the ins and outs of writing the most effective architectural resume. Recruiters spend just a few seconds on average looking at a resume, and the main goal is to make sure each of these seconds counts. Without further ado, let’s look at what to include and what to avoid when writing an architecture resume. 

Architecture Resume Resume

Architecture Resume resume example

Why this resume works

  • The first thing you’ll notice about this resume is that the architect has quantified his achievements. Quantifying your achievements makes your resume more noticeable, which means an interviewer will be more interested in finding out more about you.
    • For example, you could say “Supervised and directed team of 30+ architects in creating in-depth specification documents.” or “Inspected more than 60 construction sites to analyze environmental impact and suitability for construction, ensuring adherence to state and federal laws.”.
  • This resume also contains action words. When writing your achievements or responsibilities using action words, it creates the impression that you are an achiever, something recruiters are always looking for.
    • Examples of action words in action in this resume include:
      • “Inspected more than 60 construction sites to analyze environmental impact and suitability for construction, ensuring adherence to state and federal laws.”
      • “Spearheaded construction and documentation of 300-room Western Sands Hotel in the Bay Area.” 
  • The job seeker also demonstrates that he can operate different architectural tools. The recruiter will check the box of "required skills", drastically increasing your chances of getting an interview.
    • Be sure to mention skills not only in the skills section, but also in action by saying things like “Assisted with development of 40 client architectural designs, utilizing AutoCAD and BIM models.”.
  • This architect resume contains an objective, highlighting the applicant’s abilities and goals. A resume objective describes you and tells recruiters what to expect from you if hired. 
    • “Highly-skilled, experienced, and licensed architect…..”

Architectural Designer Resume

Architectural Designer resume example

Why this resume works

  • When writing a resume, each professional role should have 3-6 bullet points.
    • However, if you have a more recent role, it is okay to have more than 6 bullet points, as shown in this resume. For instance, this applicant has listed seven roles at his current job, Marvel Architects.
  • If you have any notable achievements or awards relating to the job, do not forget to list them in the resume. Such achievements or awards tell recruiters that you are a great performer and that hiring you would benefit the company or organization. 
    • For example, this architectural designer resume states "Awarded 2016 Building Block Architect of the Year and 2018 Client's Architectural Design of the Year."
  • Architecture requires a high level of keenness. This resume demonstrates consistent punctuation by avoiding the use of a period in all bullet points in the Work Experience section.
    • Small things like this can add up to have a meaningful impact.
  • The applicant has also quantified his achievements, making them even more noticeable. Recruiters are usually drawn to numbers because that's how most achievements are measured. Some examples from this resume include:
    • "Supervised and coordinated renovation of 6000 sq ft reception and clubhouse of Grand Marinos Hotel and Suites in downtown Seattle"
    • "Served as Project Manager and Senior Architect of 30 unit residential building in Tacoma."
    • Quantifying your achievements demonstrates that you keep track of progress and results, a crucial skill needed in architecture. 

Architecture Intern Resume

Architecture Intern resume example

Why this resume works

  • Being an intern means it can sometime be tough to stand out. For that reason, you need to demonstrate how impactful you've been in your role through the use of numbers.
    • "Represented the company during in-person visits to adult family homes across Atlanta and creating remodeling proposals worth over $30,000 per project."
    • "Awarded Intern of the Month in July 2018 for designing an award-winning blueprint for a high-end client."
  • What special skills do you have that could benefit your potential employer? That's one question recruiters ask themselves when looking at your resume, and this resume demonstrates exactly that by saying things like "Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office, Rhino 6, AutoCAD, 2DS Max, and Revit through 10 projects".
  • Mention specific skills mentioned in the job description of the architecture internship you're applying to. Most applicants apply to internships in bulk.
    • By customizing your resume for each role you apply to, you'll meaningfully increase your chances of landing an interview.
  • As an intern, you may not have a lot of experience to include in your resume. But that shouldn't be a problem. You can get a little bit creative by adding a resume objective to occupy more space in your resume.

Architecture Student Resume

Architecture Student resume example

Why this resume works

  • One thing you need to know about recruiters is that they are always keen on hiring multi-skilled individuals. For instance, in this resume, the job seeker notes "Worked on designs for both commercial and residential projects."
  • Be sure to list down any form of impact you've had at your previous or current job. Recruiters are always looking for individuals who could improve their companies, and listing down your impact shows you are a suitable candidate for the job.
    • For example, you could say "Helped negotiate a $500,000 construction project with client."
      • The statement tells recruiters that this candidate can substantially impact the company, an opportunity employers would not want to miss. 
    • Remember, the impact does not have to be financial. Think of anything you've achieved in the past that could positively impact a potential employer, and then list it down. 
  • Mathematics and architecture go in hand. Most brilliant architects were once great mathematics students. Now, imagine the recruiter's reaction when they find out that you were actually a math tutor.

Architectural CAD Drafter Resume

Architectural CAD Drafter Resume Example

Why this resume works

  • On your architectural CAD drafter resume, focus on highlighting hard skills (the type of skills that are highly job-specific and often require specific job training).
    • Hard skills are easier to measure and evaluate than soft skills (which can be generalized to many types of jobs), so you should focus on skills like “physics,” “CAD software,” and “laws and regulation” that pertain to your role.
  • Soft skills can still have a supporting role in your architecture resume.
    • Skills such as “attention to detail,” “communication,” and “organization” are still incredibly important for the job, but try to demonstrate soft skills more in your job description bullet points than in your skills section. 

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