4 Financial Analyst Resumes Examples For 2021

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: March 9, 2021

Financial analysts have many duties and responsibilities; all of which are based on the organization they work for, the industry they are in, and their seniority.

It can be a challenge determining what to include in your financial analyst resume, how to properly format your resume, what data to use, and when to focus on projects so you can attract the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter for your dream finance job. 

We analyzed hundreds of financial analyst resume samples from all stages of analyst careers as well as different industries to help you get more interviews in 2021. We created five resume samples to help financial analysts build an eye-catching resume.

Financial Analyst Resume

Financial Analyst resume example

Why this resume works

  • As a financial analyst (mid-career), you want to showcase your ability to gather data and information from numerous sources for your reports, projects, or industry research for marketing trend determinations. Highlighting your solid understanding of where the right data is found will be an important skill to include in your financial analyst resume. 
  • The number one responsibility of a financial analyst is turning data into actionable recommendations. Be sure to add your statistics knowledge throughout your resume experience. It's time to brag about "how" your role directly impacted the company and/or the company's clients. 
  • Don't forget to include your projections and forecasts! Focus your financial analyst resume experience on how close your projections and forecasts were for the company and "how" those accurate projections and forecasts helped the company.
    • Run your resume through our resume checker to ensure you are including enough stats and answering the "how" for hiring managers.

Senior Financial Analyst Resume

Senior Financial Analyst resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your senior financial analyst resume should include leadership achievements. Team management and your team's performance should be included in your resume.
    • Don't be afraid to brag about your team size, project budget, projects completed on time, and of course, how those projects helped the team, the company, and/or its clients. 
  • Leading large acquisitions or mergers including due diligence committee leadership are eye-catching experiences to add to your robust senior financial analyst resume. Hiring managers and recruiters look for senior-level financial analysts who can not only perform advanced level analyst responsibilities but also drive business through exacting leadership. 
  • Oftentimes, senior financial analysts have more experience with different financial tools including SQL, advanced use of Excel, and other proprietary tools. Don't forget to include the tools of your trade on your resume so hiring managers can see your skill set. Learn how to create a more enticing skills section.

Entry Level Financial Analyst Resume

Entry Level Financial Analyst resume example

Why this resume works

  • Entry level financial analysts have the terrific opportunity to showcase related and transferrable skills from previous roles into a targeted resume with valid experience for their dream job.
  • If you are a student, discuss the classes you are taking or have already completed on your entry level financial analyst resume. If you are an intern who is ready to make your next career move, highlight the projects you supported while in your internship.
    • Do not discount administrative or supportive tasks from your resume. Be proud of your experience; hiring managers understand (and want to see) that we all started someplace.  
  • If you have any hobbies that pertain to finance (i.e. volunteer math tutor for schools in your area, participate in math-a-thon events) be sure to include these important details in your hobbies resume section.  

Junior Financial Analyst Resume

Junior Financial Analyst resume example

Why this resume works

  • As a junior financial analyst, you want to showcase your ability to gather data and information prior to analysis. Identifying the right data is a vital foundational step so let this important skill shine throughout your listed experience.
  • Generating reports is part of the daily life of a financial analyst. Be sure to include what type of reports you created and "how" the data helped the company and/or its clients. Hiring managers and recruiters want to see the positive impact you made in your previous roles as this makes your junior financial analyst resume more appealing and your chance of getting an interview increases. 
  • Be sure to focus on your junior financial analyst resume objective, especially if you are ready to move up the ranks and become a financial analyst.
    • When using a resume objective, tell the hiring manager or recruiter why you are ready for additional responsibilities and how you will move their company forward. Use three key experiences to foreshadow the statistical experience that you will list in your resume to back-up the statements in your resume objective.

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