5 Business Owner Resume Examples That Worked In 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 6, 2022

Operating your own business can, no doubt, be a rewarding experience. After all, isn’t the American Dream all about working for yourself and building your own business?

Nonetheless, running your own business can be exhausting, and if you're considering traditional employment or stepping into a new venture, you'll want to revamp your resume. When you've been doing it all, it can be hard to summarize your activities and responsibilities. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard part for you.

We’ve researched and determined what aspects of business owners' resumes got them interviews in 2022. We took our learnings and distilled it down into 5 free business owner resume samples with some accompanying tips and tricks that will help you perfect your resume and land you an interview for the job of your dreams.

Business Owner Resume

Business Owner resume example

Why this resume works

  • When should you include a career or resume objective on your business owner resume?
    • Not everyone should include a career objective. However, when you’re beginning your career or are undergoing a career change, a resume objective can be a great place to describe why your unique background prepares you for the job.
      • If you're a business owner transitioning to a more traditional career, we recommend that you do include a career objective on every resume you submit to give a brief synopsis to employers on why you're making a transition. 
  • We know you have countless responsibilities as a business owner, so it can be trying to make everything fit on a page, especially if you are including that aforementioned objective. 
    • Choose a template that will allow you to rearrange sections, adjust the font size, and margins. 

Small Business Owner Resume

Small Business Owner resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you’re a business owner writing a resume to gain employment, you’ll want to prove you can make an impact by providing plenty of quantifiable metrics. 
    • As a business owner, you understand that numbers speak louder than words. Numbers demonstrate why you’re an asset whereas words cannot back up what you’re saying. 
    • You can provide metrics on business revenue, the number of store locations, reduced employee turnover rates, below-market rental agreements, efficiency standards, performance reviews, customer and employee satisfaction, awards/recognitions, etc.
  • You can also demonstrate your impact by beginning each work experience bullet point with an action verb. 
    • Action verbs denote strength and confidence and will demonstrate you taking specific action in your business. 
    • Avoid using personal pronouns as they are "fluff" that takes away from the meat of your small business owner resume. 

Online Business Owner Resume

Online Business Owner resume example

Why this resume works

  • It's important to write your online business owner resume in reverse-chronological order, meaning your most recent work experience is listed first.
    • This is important because employers will pay the most attention to the top third of your resume. Make sure they see your most relevant, most recent, and likely most impressive experience at the top.
  • You don't need to list every job you've ever had. Though you may have had 10+ previous jobs, you don’t need to include them all. Including 3-4 relevant jobs is a good rule of thumb. 
  • Make sure to keep each work experience description to 3-6 relevant bullet points.
      • Employers spend mere seconds scanning through resumes, so highlight relevant, important information and move on. 

    Restaurant Business Owner Resume

    Restaurant Business Owner resume example

    Why this resume works

    • Unlike a career objective, which is optional, a skills section is vital!  
      • First, it is the key to your restaurant business owner resume getting read. When employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter resumes, they select relevant keywords and skills. If your resume doesn’t match enough of the words selected, it may be discarded!
        • Look at the job description of where you want to work to see what skills they're seeking. 
      • Second, this space is a chance to quickly state the skills that should be reinforced throughout your resume.
        • For example, if you list "people management," your job description(s) should demonstrate how you effectively recruit, hire, train, and/or manage staff. 
    • Consider the placement of each resume section. 
      • For example, as a restaurant business owner with years of experience, your education shouldn't be the first thing to capture an employer's attention when your skills and experience would be more pertinent. 

    Construction Business Owner Resume

    Construction Business Owner resume example

    Why this resume works

    • There’s a lot to think about when you’re writing your construction business owner resume.
      • If you’ve been a business owner for a while now, your resume may be years out of date. You’ll need to translate your valuable self-employed work experiences into bullet points.
        • Highlight your marketing capabilities, customer service skills, ability to manage staff, fiscal responsibility, and wise investments for your construction company. Running a business might be the best thing anyone could include on a resume!
    • When you begin working on your resume, keep the following in mind:
      • Your grammar and word choice should be flawless. Have friends, family members, a business coach, and our resume checker review your work.
        • Use active voice throughout, avoid personal pronouns in your work experiences, and avoid unnecessary filler words.
      • Fill an entire page, adjusting margins, fonts, header fonts, and font size as needed to avoid going over/under a page.

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