5 Veterinarian Resume Examples for the Job in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet March 22, 2024
5 Veterinarian Resume Examples for the Job in 2024

Dogs, lizards, cats, horses, and goats are often much more than pets—they’re family. So, your job as a veterinarian is pretty important! With every assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan, supplement recommendation, and animal medical procedure, you’re helping a loved one.

But how do you convey your passion for your work in your resume? Does your resume template allow you to tailor your veterinary skills for each job to make you stand out?

Don’t sweat it! We’ve helped vets like you for years. We can give you a leg up with our five veterinarian resume examples and resume tips!

Veterinarian Resume

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Veterinarian resume example with 8 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Veterinarian medicine is an ever-changing field that appreciates professionals embracing new work software such as AVIMark, Cuattro, EzyVet, etc. Showing your success rates from using these applications will be an asset in your veterinarian resume.
    • Highlighting specific accomplishment rates in practice, such as client appointments, consultation, diagnosis, imaging and surgery would give you an upper hand.

Veterinarian Assistant Resume

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Veterinarian assistant resume example with 3 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Highlighting your ability to collaborate with other team members, such as the lead vet, radiologists, and front desk staff, would be a strong point in your veterinarian assistant resume.
    • Don’t hesitate to show your proficiency in tools you used for veterinary medicine and animal care, such as Smiths Medical SurgiVet V6004 and AVImark, because that will be an added advantage.

Why this resume works

  • So, you’re a student seeking an internship and pondering the best approach to experiences in your vet student resume. You are not without options; past volunteering stints can seamlessly compensate for your seemingly limited job experience.
    • A peek at Hailey’s highlights of her volunteering at PetCare Crew and StrayCare should give you enough inspiration to craft an attention-worthy resume. Again, make sure to illuminate tangible outcomes from your interventions in these organizations.

Veterinary Practice Manager Resume

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Veterinary practice manager resume example with 8 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Craft your veterinary practice manager resume to spotlight your ability to harness your leadership prowess, mentorship, and initiative to use animal care resources effectively and enhance profitability.
    • For example, you could talk about saving an animal hospital a specific dollar amount in software subscription fees or spearheading a training program for staff. In addition, don’t let those moments when your advocacy for using particular software contributed to streamlined operations (think pet record management, client service, marketing, and inventory management) sit in the shadows.

Why this resume works

  • Showing your ability to collaborate with other staff, multitask and use different equipment and software to give the best animal care gives your vet tech resume the authority it needs to catch the recruiter’s attention.
    • Be sure to support each achievement with a measurable metrics to give recruiters a view of your potential.

Tailor Your Veterinarian Resume to the Job Requirements

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

While friendliness and other soft skills are invaluable when you’re helping clients with difficult situations or making sure their pets stay calm, they should take a back seat in your skills list. Focus on the technical side of things.

Use active verbs in your skills section and employ enthusiastic language to show your passion for your work once you get to your experience section. Don’t say “did” when you can say “completed” or “achieved”.

As for which of your many abilities to pick for your resume, make a list of what makes you a uniquely good vet and take a look at the job description again. Where’s the overlap? List what you can do based on each job ad to show you’re the perfect fit!

Need some skill ideas?

15 best veterinarian skills

  • ezyVet
  • TeleVet
  • V6004
  • Cuattro
  • AVImark
  • HomeAgain
  • ImageJ
  • Cornerstone
  • Surgical Instruments
  • X-ray Machines
  • Capnography
  • Endoscopy Equipment
  • LIMS
  • CellSense
  • Fluid Pumps

Your veterinarian work experience bullet points

Now, you’re going to hear a lot about revisiting the job description to make sure your resume is top-notch in terms of what they’re looking for. But you don’t want to just repeat the job duties in your experience section! Leverage experiences to show your prowess with X-rays or feline supplement recommendation instead.

Each experience point should give a streamlined snapshot of how you made a difference, utilizing active verbs and language to set off your final impact in the vet clinic. And make sure you use quantifiable data to back up your achievements! Recruiters want metrics.

  • Reduced labor hours show your ability to work efficiently with a team
  • Your clinic’s ROI thanks to your inventory management and equipment maintenance
  • Client/patient return percentages show that your work is excellent
  • Personal ratings from customers demonstrate your soft skills and bedside manner

See what we mean?

  • Handled daily clinic operations using EzyVet, facilitating real-time appointment adjustments, improving daily clinical procedure rates and efficiency by 27%
  • Designed enrichment programs that enhanced shelter animals’ mental and emotional well-being, achieving a personal rating of 4.8/5 stars
  • Assisted in the recovery of animals undergoing endoscopic procedures and maintained a 98% procedure success rate
  • Incorporated Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs in daily operations to make informed decisions for treatment plans, reducing manual planning hours by 7 per week
  • Provided an interactive diagnostic DICOM Viewer with comprehensive image processing capability, improving data accessibility and collaboration by 34%

9 active verbs to start your veterinarian work experience bullet points

  • Handled
  • Designed
  • Assisted
  • Responded
  • Incorporated
  • Provided
  • Led
  • Collaborated
  • Maintained

3 Tips for Writing a Veterinarian Resume Without Much Experience

  1. State your career goals
    • If you’re low on experience but have everything it takes to be an excellent veterinarian, highlight some fresh skills and qualifications in a resume objective! State why you and the company both want you to get the job, and briefly use some extra (not repeated!) skills to reinforce your credibility.
  2. Include relevant certifications
    • If you earned any additional certifications alongside your high school diploma or degree in Veterinary Technology, don’t leave them out! Include stuff like a Approved Veterinary Assistant (AVA) since these can help fill any gaps left by a limited job history.
  3. Don’t forget internships and shadowing opportunities
    • If you ever had the chance to shadow a veterinarian as part of your education, that’s a great way to showcase your ability to keep up with the job role. Internships can also reinforce applicable skills like capnography and basic animal radiology.

3 Tips for Writing a Veterinarian Resume if You’ve Got Some Experience So Far

  1. Try a summary instead!
    • While an objective statement is great for setting your sights on a career goal, a summary highlights the greatness that’s already gotten you there. Give a concise overview of some skills and experiences that qualify you for the veterinarian role.
  2. Be selective about your education
    • If you’ve already had some professional experiences and you’ve achieved a college degree in Veterinary Science or Veterinary Technology, there’s no need to state that you graduated high school—it’s implied!
  3. Present only the best achievements
    • Be selective about your accomplishments in your experience section, too. Use reverse-chronological order to put a spotlight on the trend of advancement you’ve already demonstrated, and put your crowning achievements at the top.
How do I beat that ATS?

Revisit the job description. While you don’t want to simply toss back requirements word-for-word, certain technical buzzwords like “X-rays,” “DICOM Viewer,” and “anesthesia” are your keys through the gate so that recruiters can get their hands on your resume.

How can I spice up my experience points?

Context, context, context! Make sure you lead with those active verbs and pepper energetic language throughout your experience points about why and how you did what you did. Who did you help, and what difference did you make for your vet clinic?

Do I need an objective/summary at all?

Maybe . . . maybe not! It doesn’t matter whether you have an extensive list of professional experiences or you’re just starting out with plenty of other sections to bolster your limited experience. If your resume already looks complete while presenting only high-quality content about your veterinary qualifications, you’re good!