5 Assistant Manager Resume Examples For 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 5, 2022

The job of an assistant manager is to help organize and run daily operations. The assistant manager works for the manager taking on any duties required and must be capable of filling in for the manager whenever needed.

Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to, hiring and training sales associates, tracking and ordering inventory, ensuring the sales team meets its goals, and that customers are satisfied. 

Listing all of these skills on your resume can feel a bit overwhelming. We reviewed 1,000+ assistant manager resume examples to learn what works, and what doesn't, to help you get more interviews.

These 5 assistant manager resume samples are a great place to start to help you land your next job in 2022.

Assistant Manager Resume

Assistant Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your assistant manager resume is your first step in being known by an employer and is your opportunity to bring all your past accomplishments from school, a job, volunteer efforts, etc. and show quickly who you are, what your skills are, and how you can help them meet their goals.
    • Use your resume to pull together all your past experience including schooling, accomplishments, and jobs you've held previously.
    • Remember, your resume is all you have at the beginning to introduce yourself. Notice that this resume pulled together the applicant's history. Use it to guide your "story" for the job you want.
  • When writing your resume pay close attention to the work objective. Your career objective is at the top and the first thing an prospective employer will look at. They will be looking for what you want in the position so they can best determine if their job is right for you. When writing your objective keep this in mind: 
    • Read the job listing first to see what they're looking for and match your objective to their hiring needs. Of course, don't write an objective that isn't true for you just to get the job.
    • Keep your objective clear and concise. Don't use filler words to bulk it up because employers will be looking for a candidate's ability to think clearly when on the job.
    • Consider the value you can bring the employer. Think about what skills you in school, or at your previous job, or what teachers have said about your abilities and write about this. Your value is what you can bring that is scarce and not easily found.
  • Consider always using metrics when writing your job description bullets. Your metrics will guide the hiring manager to see right away what you were able to accomplish for your last place of employment.
    • Showing a history of meeting goals is important, especially for an assistant manager. You may have had goals to achieve in volunteer positions or school programs as well. 
    • You'll have other areas on your resume to show your personality, but giving metrics is about the job and, at the end of the day, managers hire people who can get the job done.

Assistant Store Manager Resume

Assistant Store Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Applying for an assistant store manager position means you're looking for a supervisory role overseeing staff and store operations. When applying for this position use your past experience overseeing any project, if you haven't worked in a store before, in which you were able to supervise others to complete tasks.
    • If this is your first assistant store manager role, use your past experiences to show what the job was you were given and how you worked, in a supervisory capacity, to lead others to accomplishing goals.
    • Clearly show how you worked with others. What specifically were you in charge of? Sales goals? Producing something on time? Meeting customer expectations shown through feedback? There are a myriad of ways to show accomplishments. Use this sample resume to help you think through yours.
  • When writing your resume pay close attention to the skills you provide your prospective employer.
    • Write your skills to match what your employer is looking for.  Read the job description, think about the skills you developed, and match those skills the skill keywords used in the job description.
    • Keep your skill count at a manageable number and don't exaggerate. Only list the skills that are relevant to the job. The person reading your resume doesn't want to read about skills that don't matter to them.
  • Make sure the scope of your responsibilities are clearly defined. While there are very specific jobs that assistant store managers have, there can also be differences store to store. Show a good overview of what you've done in the past so the hiring manager can match up what you've done with what they want.
    • Did you make weekly schedules? Did you order, accept, and track inventory? Were you able to reduce costs?

Retail Assistant Manager Resume

Retail Assistant Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • As a retail assistant manager you're in charge and responsible for daily production of sales. Notice in this resume that there are quantifiable metrics to show your accomplishments. Using metrics shows that you were held accountable for results and that you met the challenge.
    • Showing metrics is fact-based and transcends any language or "spin" you can put on job performance.
    • If you've worked at a job where your performance was quantified, showing how you met or exceeded the goals given to you is a great way to show an employer that you can be counted on to get the job done.
  • Be sure to include a resume objective on your resume. Customize your objective to match the job description posted.
    • When writing your objective try to use words that match the keywords in the job description.  By doing this you're making sure that your objective, which is the first thing a hiring manager will read, is relevant to what they're looking for. Don't be generic or vague in your writing. This is the time to be specific and show that what they want for the retail assistant manager position is what you want.
  • A retail assistant manager resume gives your potential employer insight about you. Your chance of getting an interview starts with your resume. It's a structure that allows you show your experience, skill, and qualifications for the job you want.
    • If you already have working experience, be sure list your jobs in reverse chronological order, most recent at the top. This give the hiring manager the chance to see what you've done most recently that's relevant to the position and go further back in time if they choose.
    • The person reading your resume is only looking for what qualifications you have that meet the expectations of the job. When writing your resume be sure to have the job description in front of you so you can use the keywords they use. The resume example provided will give you the outline needed to follow and insert your own information.

Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume

Restaurant Assistant Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • To be a restaurant assistant manager means you know something about the restaurant business. Be sure, when writing your resume, that you include, though sparingly, important restaurant terminology along with keywords provided by the job description. 
    • Write your resume so it's simple to read. Don't use "filler" words to use up space because a professional manager will pick up on your attempt to make your resume longer and may question the truth behind what you write.  
    • Include only the most relevant information for the job you're seeking and make it prominent by closely reading for keywords and including them first in every section of your resume.
  • Include a resume objective on your restaurant assistant manager resume. Customize your objective to match the the keywords in the job description posted.
    • Your resume objective is the first thing a hiring manager will read while spending only 6 seconds on any resume. Make your objective stand out. Be clear, concise, and specific when matching your object to the keywords describing what the job entails.
    • Keep your objective short. It's not a cover letter.  
    • Write your objective so it addresses what the hiring manager is looking for and what you can do for them. We recommend that you don't use personal pronouns and rather write from the reader's point of view and how your experience will assist them in achieving what they want.  
  • Use quantifiable metrics to show your accomplishments
    • When writing your resume, the metrics you use showing how you met your goals will say more about you than any language.
    • Many job seekers don't know to show quantifiable metrics so now that you do you can have competitive advantage!
    • You might have to go back some time to gather your metrics, but once you do continue tracking them if you're still employed while looking for a new job.

Gym Assistant Manager Resume

Gym Assistant Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Applying for a gym assistant manager position is a role in a specific industry versus retail or restaurant. If you're looking to move up in management or remain an assistant manager at a new gym it means you already understand what the overall industry does, what it tracks, and what the goals are it wants to accomplish.
    • Although the industry shares similar objectives it doesn't mean that all assistant manager jobs have the exact same set of responsibilities. Be sure to read the job description carefully so you write your resume to include the keywords provided in the job description.
    • Use action words at the beginning of each section showing your experience. Words like manage, led, supervised, conducted, etc. Show the action you take when leading a team.
    • As a gym employee you may have some fitness certification. Make sure your certification is current and include this in your education.
  • If you include a resume objective on your resume be sure to customize it to match the keywords in the job description. 
    • Your ability to do this will not only show that you're a good fit for the job, but it will also show that you paid attention to the description and can think about how to address the needs of your audience. This is a good thing for an assistant manager whose audience is staff and gym members.
  • Notice that this resume includes quantifiable metrics.
    • If you've already been an assistant manager then you have been responsible for metrics - sales, up-sells, member attrition, etc. Use these metrics to show your ability to perform. It will be noticed.
    • When giving metrics, as best you can give them in a context of time. Over what period of time did you achieve your goals?

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