5 Retail Manager Resume Examples For 2021

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: May 3, 2021

Leadership jobs have a set of special requirements. You must be direct and commanding in order to get things done, but you also need to be empathetic and flexible because you are working with diverse personalities. It can be an extremely rewarding career to develop a team of associates who are passionate about their company and their work. 

Hiring departments are looking for retail managers who can inspire their sales team and turn ideas into reality. They want someone who can establish a store that meets company goals and provides a stable revenue; they need to believe you can accomplish all these things while ensuring customers and employees are happy. Your resume is your first opportunity to spark the hiring department's interest. 

This guide provides 5 proven retail manager resume examples and tips, so you can see what works best in 2021.

Retail Manager Resume

Retail Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your resume is your first impression. That impression should tell the hiring manager that you are organized, clean, and direct.
    • Your retail manager resume should be visually attractive and easy to read, which will subtly and indirectly convey your positive traits and working style to the hiring personnel. 
  • This resume doesn't use end punctuation in the work experience bullet points.
    • It doesn't matter whether you use periods or not, but what does matter is that you remain consistent. Use the same structure for all bullet points.
      • This consistency will prevent distraction and demonstrate attention to detail.
  • Your work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order with your most recent experience at the top.
    • Your most recent experience is usually the most relevant and likely best demonstrates your abilities. 

Retail Store Manager Resume

Retail Store Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • The more you can use numbers to quantify your impact on previous jobs, the better.
    • Seeing concrete metrics in your resume is more impressive than general statements about decreasing returns or boosting sales.  
  • Cater your work experience points to show your best side. Show you are easy to work with and go above and beyond what's expected. Your retail store manager resume will benefit from including information about continued personal education or what you've done to facilitate customer/employee interaction. 
    • Hiring managers are looking for someone who demonstrates initiative, so make sure your resume shouts that you're the person who won't stop at the bare minimum.

Retail Assistant Manager Resume

Retail Assistant Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • The length of your retail assistant manager resume matters. It should not exceed a page; it should not be less than a page.
    • Play with the format, font size, and margins to make the information fit the page exactly.
    • One-page resumes are visually pleasing and show you have sufficient work experience even before a hiring department reads the document.
  • Your career objective is a great way to ensure you can fill a full page, and it shows a little bit of your personality.
    • It can have two purposes: it can summarize your resume and tell the reader what to expect, and/or it can include your values and desires for a job. Don't underestimate the power of this little paragraph.

Retail Sales Manager Resume

Retail Sales Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • According to our research, the skills section is the second most important section on your retail sales manager resume right after work experience. Hiring managers are looking for specific things, and listing your abilities strategically will nab their attention.
    • Look at the job description of the position you're applying for, and notice what skills and abilities are included in the job's write-up. 
      • If those listed skills are true to you, see if you can include some of those in your resume because it will tick some boxes for the hiring personnel!
  • Avoid using personal pronouns in your work experience. 
    • This makes the resume concise and professional. 
  • You don't have to include all the work experience you've ever had.
    • It's better to have fewer previous jobs that are more specific and higher quality than cramming 5-6 jobs with less description and less applicability to the job you're seeking.

Retail Department Manager Resume

Retail Department Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your retail department manager resume should show that you're decisive and know what you're doing.
    • Begin each work experience bullet point with an action word. This creates a straightforward and commanding tone in your resume, boosting confidence in the hiring manager that you have the skillset needed. 
      • This strong language should extend throughout your resume. Avoid filler and descriptive words. Your resume should be full and meaty without any fluff.
      • Using active voice is another way to accomplish this. Active voice generally gets to the point faster and uses more inviting language overall.
  • For more help with your resume, our free resume checker will not steer you wrong and will help you with things like filler words and active voice. 

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