5 Retail Sales Associate Resume Examples for 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: July 6, 2022

As a retail sales associate, you act as the face of the business, interacting with hundreds of potential buyers per day. Meeting sales targets and exceeding customer expectations while standing on your feet all day can often feel like two full-time jobs at once.

The last thing you should worry about is writing a winning resume and formatting it so your resume passes the ATS scan.

Fortunately, we've got you covered.

We've analyzed hundreds of retail sales associate resumes to determine what makes a successful retail resume. Then we applied what we've learned to create five retail sales associate resume examples for all career levels.

Use these resume examples and helpful suggestions to help you create a resume that gets you more job interviews in 2022! 

Retail Sales Associate Resume

Retail Sales Associate resume example

Why this resume works

  • No matter what, always tailor your resume to the sales associate job description before submitting it.
    • It shows dedication and a genuine interest in the position, a major green flag for employers.
  • You've likely heard about a resume summary before, but do you know how to include one on your retail sales associate resume?
    • A resume summary is essentially a two-to-three sentence run-down of your qualifications and achievements. This means a summary is primarily for associates with at least 10 years of experience.
        • If you haven't been in the industry that long, you can opt for a resume objective instead, which focuses more on your skills and enthusiasm for the position.

Retail Clothing Sales Associate Resume

Retail Clothing Sales Associate resume example

Why this resume works

  • On average, hiring managers only spend six seconds reviewing your resume, so your retail clothing sales associate resume needs to stand out immediately.
    • Beyond including excellent content (like metrics), you need to have a strong structure that allows managers to see your skills and successes with just a glance.
      • As a general rule of thumb, use bullet points everywhere except your resume objective/summary. They're easier to scan and can help save on space.
      • Whether you use a resume template or not, make sure you have each section, like work experience and skills, clearly labeled in a different font (and sometimes with a different color, too).
  • Remember how we mentioned metrics? Numbers are the fastest way to get a hiring manager's attention, and they're the best way to quantify your accomplishments.
    • Focus on including metrics like the number of customers you served, the amount of revenue you generated, and how much you surpassed sales targets.

Entry-level Retail Sales Associate Resume

Entry-level Retail Sales Associate resume example

Why this resume works

  • Trying to land an entry-level retail sales associate position can feel disheartening, but don't despair—hiring managers know better than to overlook an applicant with high potential and demonstrated skill.
    • Even a job in an unrelated industry can showcase relevant skills like customer service, verbal communication, multi-tasking, and more.
      • So if you can, list at least three previous positions in work experience whether it's directly applicable to retail sales or not.
  • Lacking work experience? Branch out to include volunteer work, school projects, or classes that demonstrate your communication, leadership, teamwork, or sales capacity.

Cell Phone Retail Sales Associate Resume

Cell Phone Retail Sales Associate resume example

Why this resume works

  • The number one thing hiring managers hate is a generic resume. Make your cell phone retail sales associate resume as specific as possible by listing unique responsibilities and action words.
    • For example, instead of saying "assisted employees with additional training resources," say "launched secondary training modules to help employees solve technical issues." The latter phrase clearly describes the type of training and why it was implemented.
  • When you're formatting your resume, make sure you don't forget to include a resume skills section. Without adding these vital keywords, our resume likely won't pass the ATS scan, which means it won't reach a hiring manager and thus, won't get you the job.
    • Avoid being weeded out by including 4 to 10 skills you possess that match the sales associate job description.
      • Good examples of relevant skills are product knowledge, leadership, point of sale (POS), organization, time-management, and communication skills.

High-end Retail Sales Associate Resume

High End Retail Sales Associate resume example

Why this resume works

  • Customers committing to a high price tag expect more from customer service, which means employers expect their retail staff to have detailed knowledge of products, impeccable personal presentation, and exemplary communication skills.
    • That means your high-end retail sales associate resume needs to show how you've improved the shopping environment for customers in the past. 
      • Including metrics and specific responsibilities go hand-in-hand to show employers you have the skills to create a five-start shopping experience for their customers.
      • You can take the time to go more in-depth about an achievement or accomplishment in your sales cover letter.
  • As a high-end retail sales associate, you know that details matter. So before you hit "submit," make sure the details on your resume are perfect.
    • Once your content is corrected, use a spellcheck tool or our resume checker to review for errors and suggest improvements; every detail counts, so triple-check your resume before you hand it off!

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