3 Sales Associate Job Description Samples Made for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 15, 2024
3 Sales Associate Job Description Samples Made for 2024

Are you searching for a skilled B2C sales associate who’s got the job skill chops like empathy, charisma, drive, and genuineness? Not an easy task. 

Given how closely sales associates will work with your brand, you want to select the best to represent your company and provide your customers with a stellar experience.

Not sure how to attract the right talent to be the face of your organization? We’ve got you covered with our three sales associate job description examples and tips to get you rolling in sales associate resumes in no time!

Sales Associate Job Description Example


Sales Associate Job Description Template

Retail Sales Associate Job Description Example


Retail Sales Associate Job Description Template

Software Sales Associate Job Description Example


Software Sales Associate Job Description Template

Write a Winning Sales Associate Job Description 

A laptop screen and desktop monitor depicting well written sales associate job descriptions

From job descriptions that wax poetic for over 1,000 words about every accomplishment the organization has achieved (no, a job description shouldn’t be as long as “The Raven”), to those that skip out on even introducing who they are or what their product is, there are several issues you might not even know are no-gos! 

It’s not uncommon to wonder, “Why does any of this matter? The sales associate resumes are piling up, so we must be doing something right.” 

True, but are you getting the right applicants? A job description is essentially a pitch to sales associates. If your pitch doesn’t land, there’s a good chance you’ll alienate the best talent from the start. That’s why it’s probably worth glancing over that job description once more. After all, first impressions matter.

At the end of the day, it’s important to answer the whyIf you focus on answering that question—for example, there’s an uptick in demand and you want to reach more clients—you’ll have a great starting point and the rest will flow naturally.

So let’s get practical: how can you level up your job description game for your sales associate vacancy so it connects with your target audience?

Provide clarity upfront

A great job description should snag the attention of your potential future sales associate. You don’t need to spend five paragraphs painstakingly detailing your company’s entire 50-year history (yes, we’ve seen that before). 

Instead, keep it short and simple: let them know in a nutshell who you are, what makes your products special, and where they would fit in or why you have a vacancy. Remember, applicants might be reading dozens of job descriptions a day, and you have seconds to pull them in.

On the other hand, make sure you provide some level of detail! You don’t want to post a job description without a crumb of information on the company, let alone an introductory paragraph on the role introduction. Avoid the temptation to jump straight into the responsibilities, and instead take a few moments to craft a narrative that sets the stage and gives a Goldilocks-level amount of information.

Make your mission clear

To write a job description that connects to potential applicants, your mission and vision should be clear. That way, job seekers can determine if they could see themselves pitching your products and helping customers find the exact right match. 

What inspired you to launch your business? What pain points were you trying to address? What are your values? Let’s say you sell an AI HR product. You could start by explaining how your company set out to create a less biased, more engaging candidate acquisition process. 

Then, you could also cover how you were inspired to ensure a more equitable hiring experience for a diverse pool of candidates, and tie that into how a sales associate could help bring across your vision to new customers. By weaving the answers to the above questions into your narrative, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the perfect applicant. 

Focus on the qualities you’re looking for

Great verbal and written communication skills, being empathetic, and having a proven interest in your niche or field: these are important soft skills most sales associates will need to thrive in their roles, so make sure to include them.

Don’t forget to mention any minimum requirements candidates have to meet so both parties can quickly determine if the role is a great fit. For example, it’s often expected that sales associates generally only need a high school diploma or GED. If you have higher minimum requirements or require X years of experience in the field (which is more common in retail or software sales roles, make sure to note that).

While you’re at it, be critical: is everything on your list a must-have? Don’t create a list with 15 bullet points of necessary requirements and then another list of 15 preferred requirements. Instead, keep it to the essentials and see what can be learned on the spot. You and your future sales associate will thank us in the long run.

Edit, edit, edit

Remember, at the end of the day, your job description might be the first time someone meets your brand. Make that first impression count by writing, re-writing, revising, and editing your job description to perfection.

Beyond the basics of spelling and grammar, check your overall flow and tone. Does it match your brand voice? Does it strike the balance between informative and succinct? It’s important to have it checked by various pairs of eyes so no details are missed. If you can get other sales associates on the job to make sure it’s realistic, you’ll score bonus points! 

Lastly, preview how it’ll look once it’s live. Check for spacing or formatting issues that may not show up in your word processor, and make sure everything will look aesthetically pleasing once you’re all done. Finally ready? Hit submit, and let the sales associate resumes start pouring in!

Outline Your Sales Associate Job Description if You’re Stuck

A pair of hands designing the outline of a sales associate job description on a panel

Feeling overwhelmed about where to begin with your job description? Fret not, because we’ve got a tried-and-true outline you can use to snag the attention of your next sales associates.

Job details

Grab the reader’s attention by quickly introducing your organization and spending a few sentences on your mission. Skip the company jargon and corporate-speak, and try to keep it human. Then, introduce the sales associate role, and explain a little bit about what the position will involve and why you’re hiring. In short, this section should make it clear why the reader should apply.

About the company

While most people can talk for hours about their company, keep this section short and sweet. Bring your readers alongside your company values and personality, and let them know a little bit more about who you are and what makes your organization tick. Keep this to just a few short paragraphs at most; a good sales associate will do the research and ask the right questions to do business well.

What you’ll be doing

Far too often, job descriptions skip out on actually mentioning the responsibilities. It seems like a no-brainer, but it actually isn’t! 

Yes, most sales associates’ jobs have overlapping tasks, but no two jobs are completely similar. Try to highlight requirements that are specific to your company’s needs, and use active verbs and language as much as possible.

  • Offload, move, scan, replace, and stock merchandise
  • Proactively reach out to prospects via phone, email, and other methods and introduce them to our GoWork solution
  • Assist in maintaining and elevating the look and feel of the J&J’s Jewelry brand on location


Hopeful sales associates will want to know if they have a shot at the job, so straightforward qualifications help you get relevant applications while signaling to applicants whether they should apply. 

Remember when listing qualifications, think about what hard and soft skills are needed versus what can be taught through on-the-job training. Otherwise, you run the risk of alienating potential talent.

  • 3–5 years of (software) sales experience, including outbound calling
  • Possess strong knowledge of luxury jewelry brands (Graff, Chopard, Pomellato, etc.)
  • Fluent English skills (a second language like Spanish or French is a bonus)
  • Be able to lift up to 10 lbs. regularly and up to 50 lbs. on occasion


Why should job seekers consider your job opening? The benefits are absolutely important for applicants so they know what’s in it for them. Use this section to provide a salary range (even if it’s a rough estimate as it promotes transparency) and any company perks you offer. Note any important stipulations, such as if a full-time role is required to receive a certain benefit.


A Sales Associate’s Functions and Responsibilities

Group of employees with laptops go over roles & responsibilities of sales associate on a whiteboard

A sales associate is a combination of customer service, marketing, and communication, so an outstanding sales associate will be able to excel in these categories. At the same time, they need to avoid being too pushy, making it a true juggling act!

We’ve collected some of the top roles of sales associates; while they may not be doing each of the functions below, most associates will deal with all of these functions at one time or another, making this a great place to get some ideas for your job description. 


Prospects may be interested in your product/service but may not fully understand its benefits. Alternatively, there could be obstacles stopping them from completing the purchase, so it’s up to the sales associate to address these roadblocks.

  • Identify the customer’s pain points and needs, and demonstrate how the company’s solutions benefit the customer. Look for a suitable alternative using company resources that satisfy both parties.
  • The role requires outstanding verbal communication and persuasive negotiation skills, as well as strong empathy.


At the end of the day, sales associates need to inform buyers about the products and services available and explain why they could be a good fit. This requires clear communication skills to strike the balance between selling a product and remaining friendly.

  • Create an emotional connection with customers by answering questions, solving complaints, informing them about product deals, and providing a great customer experience.
  • Coordinate and deliver monthly informative webinars to external stakeholders on the GoWork solution.
  • The role requires strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills, great listening abilities, emotional intelligence, and a friendly personality.

Conflict resolution

As the public face of a company’s physical location, sales associates may need to de-escalate certain situations and find satisfactory compromises. Customers may be frustrated when dealing with returns, exchanges, or other unexpected situations, and sales associates need to find a reasonable solution that keeps all parties satisfied.

  • Provide quality, unforgettable customer service when handling customer questions and complaints, while remaining welcoming, friendly, and in control. This can take place in person, over the phone, or via the Internet. 
  • The role requires the ability to work under pressure while exhibiting outstanding communication, listening, and problem-solving skills.


To stay on top of their game, most sales associates will need to stay in the know of the developments in their niche. That way, they’re familiar with best practices and can handle virtually any question.

  • Regularly conduct market and desk research to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. Must use this knowledge to make adjustments to current sales outreach and inform our KPIs.
  • The role requires excellent time management, written communication, and critical thinking skills.

Opportunity Creator/Recruiter/Prospector

Sales associates often help bring potential customers further down the sales funnel to create a more resilient sales pipeline, tapping into the needs of potential consumers and turning them into paying customers.

  • Answer any customer questions and proactively offer advice and feedback by creating a friendly connection and informing them of company products and services without being overly pushy.
  • The role requires outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, active listening skills, emotional intelligence, and a friendly demeanor.