3 Retail Assistant Manager Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet February 5, 2024
3 Retail Assistant Manager Resume Examples for 2024

Customers appreciate friendly service and an easy in-store shopping experience. You make that a reality by monitoring inventories, ensuring products get stocked, and leading customer service efforts. 

Are you appropriately managing your resume to grow your career?

Modern retail consumer needs are constantly changing, so your resume template must allow you to include the most up-to-date abilities by today’s standards. Allow us to help with our free cover letter builder and retail assistant manager resume examples that have helped plenty of retail professionals land their ideal job. 

Retail Assistant Manager Resume

Retail assistant manager resume example with 3 years experience

Modern Retail Assistant Manager Resume

Modern retail assistant manager resume example with 3 years experience

What Matters Most: Your Retail Assistant Manager Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

When stepping into the assistant manager role, you’ll discover that you must lead teams and ensure that all daily tasks, like stocking shelves and performing loss prevention measures, are completed successfully. 

Every retail store is different depending on the products they offer and their specific culture. Therefore, analyzing the job description and industry-specific needs will be important. Are you applying to a retail store that sells consumer tech products? Then your knowledge of personal computers and troubleshooting basic tech issues would be ideal to include. 

Here are some of the best retail assistant manager skills to include on a resume. 

9 best retail assistant manager skills

  • POS Systems
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Customer Service
  • Scheduling
  • Staff Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Microsoft Office
  • PartKeepr

Sample retail assistant manager work experience bullet points

When the customer experience and bottom line are top priorities, retail hiring managers will want to ensure you have the right experience to be an assistant manager. 

You’re probably aware of several important retail performance metrics like customer satisfaction scores, average transaction value, and customer retention. Try to emphasize the important numbers in your examples whenever possible. 

Additionally, think of portraying your examples like you would explain product information to customers. Everything should be neatly organized and easy to understand.

Here are a few samples:

  • Collaborated with the management team to create an updated scheduling system that ensured appropriate staff-to-customer ratios were achieved 97% of the time. 
  • Assisted in developing a new employee training system that led to 70% better material retention.
  • Completed annual inventory using PartKeepr for 5 years with 98% accuracy. 
  • Performed opening and closing procedures of the store, ensuring all security measures were met for 7 years. 

Top 5 Tips for Your Retail Assistant Manager Resume

  1. Include a broad skill set
    • Retail assistant managers will perform hands-on tasks on the sales floor, complete paperwork, and lead teams to success. It includes a wide skill set that should be thoroughly covered throughout your resume.   
  2. Use action words in examples
    • Are you wondering how to make your impact stand out? Try using action words like “developed” and “performed.” For example, you could say you “developed a new scheduling system that improved employee satisfaction by 65%.”
  3. Metrics matter
    • You know that most retail stores operate on tight margins. Therefore any metrics you can include will help you stand out. For instance, if you helped generate 50% more loyalty program signups to boost customer retention by 77%, that would certainly catch any hiring manager’s attention. 
  4. Keep examples brief
    • Brief and highly relevant examples will provide an impactful overview of your top skills. For instance, one sentence on how encouraging employees to greet all customers helped improve loss prevention statistics by 87% and satisfaction scores by 56% would be great to include. 
  5. Use an organized template
    • Think about how you label employee schedules or inventory records to make them easy to understand. Design your resume similarly by using an organized template with clear headers, bullet points, and easily readable fonts.
How long should my retail assistant manager resume be?

Aim for a one-page resume that includes your most relevant experiences to the job’s needs. If you’re struggling to narrow it down, think about the type of retail store or the job’s requirements. Will you be involved in the product ordering process? Then your experience using Goflow for ordering would be great to list. 

What if I’m applying for my first retail assistant manager job?

If you lack management experience, any instances where you displayed leadership or technical skill on the job would be great to emphasize. For example, if you made stocking processes more efficient and trained teammates on the new system, that would be an excellent example. 

How many jobs should I list on my resume?

Limit it to three or four previous jobs. Aim to include your most recent experiences and the most relevant ones to the position. For instance, your experience as a sales floor associate at a retail clothing store would be more relevant than previous work in a manufacturing setting.