5 Call Center Representative Resume Examples For 2021

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: March 8, 2021

You’d think that crafting resumes would get easier as you progress through your career. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Entry level and experienced call center representatives alike struggle with generating successful resumes. 

Expanding on limited experience or condensing decades of work to fit one page is not an easy task, so that’s where we come in. 

We’ve taken the time to analyze hundreds of resumes from call center representatives, and used analytic tools to determine what does (and what doesn’t) land applicants interviews in 2021. 

Using this analysis, we’ve generated 5 call center resume samples to help you land your next call center job. 

Call Center Resume

Call Center resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you only change one thing about your call center resume, make sure you estimate your work contribution with quantifiable metrics (numbers). 
    • Utilizing numbers strategically on your call center resume will allow you to convey more information in a smaller amount of space as opposed to describing your experiences with words alone.
  • A cluttered, busy resume is a sure way to ensure hiring managers miss out on key information. Since managers must review 100-200 applicants per call center job posting, they only have the time to spend an average of 6 seconds on your resume. Make that time count by efficiently demonstrating your capability.
    • Avoid filler words and use numbers as often as possible.
  • Include a resume objective if you’re willing to specialize it for each job you apply to. This means that your objective should include keywords from each job description, and should specifically mention job titles and companies.
    • When do you need a resume objective? Resume objectives become more important if you’re looking for a career change. They’re also helpful if you’re a little light on experience and need to fill up space.

Call Center Representative Resume

Call Center Representative resume example

Why this resume works

  • One of the most commonly undervalued resume sections by job seekers is the resume skills section. Though many applicants fail to pay attention to this small space on their call center representative resume, it’s actually the second most important section. 
    • To avoid instant elimination from the sea of applicants, ensure that your call center rep resume includes relevant skills. Check the job description and look for key skills and talents that come up and include them on your resume. 
    • Resumes are frequently processed by applicant tracking systems (ATS) before they reach hiring managers. Call center resumes at this stage with skills that are not specifically pre-selected by hiring teams will never be seen by people. Instead, they are automatically rejected. 
  • We may sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating that you must include quantifiable metrics in your call center representative resume. 
    • When you read this resume you instantly know that this applicant is extraordinary. This candidate is confident, capable, and goal-oriented. They can demonstrate their value, and they clearly understand the job responsibilities. 
    • What makes hiring managers want to interview you? The numbers!
    • Pretend for a moment that you’re a hiring manager charged with bringing on an exceptional new team member. Read this resume and see what you think.

Entry Level Call Center Representative Resume

Entry Level Call Center Representative resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you're looking to make your first break into a career, it can feel impossible to craft a compelling entry level call center resume. How do you demonstrate your job capabilities when you have limited prior experience, irrelevant experiences, or no job experience at all? 
  • Fortunately, when you're applying to entry level positions, employers understand that you may have limited experience, so don't lose hope! 
    • The most important thing you can do is demonstrate the key skills and responsibilities highlighted in the job description. 
  • If you have some relevant prior experience, make sure it features prominently in your work experiences, and quantify the work you did in that role. 
  • If you have irrelevant job experiences, you can still highlight relevant skills and responsibilities. For example, this person is looking for a job as a call center representative, and therefore highlights friendly, empathetic interpersonal skills. 
  • If you do not have any work experiences, remember that you can detail school projects (perhaps ones that required great communication skills or leadership), volunteer experiences, or extracurricular activities that required relevant skills. 

Call Center Manager Resume

Call Center Manager resume example

Why this resume works

  • Call center managers should demonstrate increased responsibility throughout their careers. For example, if you used to mentor a small group of co-workers and now manage a large call team, you should mention that in your work experiences. 
    • Increased work responsibilities demonstrate growth and personal development, showing potential employers that you will continue to become more valuable for the company over time, and increasing the chances that you're contacted for an interview. 
  • As a manager with extensive responsibilities and expertise, it can be hard to condense your call center manager resume into a single page. Focus on quantifiable information, which will save space while highlighting your accomplishments. 
    • Though you may value an internship your completed 15 years ago, it's not likely relevant to your call center manager resume anymore. Only include the most recent (and relevant) jobs you've held, and save an anecdotal tidbit about your internship for the interview. 
  • When you have years of experience, your managerial resume may become more dense. Ensure that hiring managers read the most important experiences on your call center manager resume by listing them in reverse chronological order. When your most recent work experiences are listed at the top of your resume, we've found that hiring managers are twice as likely to request an interview. 

Outbound Call Center Resume

Outbound Call Center resume example

Why this resume works

  • As an outbound call center agent, more than anything you should demonstrate superior efficiency and customer service skills. Cross-check your outbound call center resume with the job description and job role you're applying to, making sure you address every area they discuss. 
    • At a minimum you should demonstrate your capacity to handle high call volumes, ensure customer satisfaction, and obtain or exceed sales targets. You'll make yourself an even more compelling job candidate if you highlight ways in which you boosted efficiency for yourself and co-workers.
    • Mentioning command over popular customer service software tells hiring managers that you will require less job training, and that you may be able to train other staff members on new software programs. 
  • Make sure to customize your outbound call center resume for every job you apply to. Some job descriptions may include specific software used, and some may specify different outbound call specializations. For example, some job descriptions might focus on meeting high-volume needs, while others may focus on following up with repeat or long-term clients and establishing strong customer relationships. 
    • Your resume won't look the same for every application.
  • Try quickly reorganizing, quantifying, and using an active voice throughout your resume. Then check your resume to make sure you get interviews using this resume checker.

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