5 Security Officer Resume Examples for 2023

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 3, 2023

In a more connected world than ever, our society places a high value on safety and security. With security as a top priority for businesses and organizations, you might struggle with what to include in your security officer resume, so you'll stand out from the competition.

As a security officer, you're someone who knows how to multi-task while observing your surroundings. You know the details matter, but what exactly should you include on your resume when your job encompasses so many aspects?

Don't get stumped staring at a blank piece of paper; we've put together five security officer resume samples for you to check out and use as a guide to land your next job in 2023.

Security Officer Resume

Security Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you're seeking career advancement, you'll want to ensure your security officer resume delineates that upward progression. It's best to place your work experience in reverse-chronological order as it will display your most recent job first, which will likely be most similar to the position for which you're applying. 
    • As you explain your duties at different jobs, think about writing in such a way that shows increased independence and responsibility. For example, if you compiled notes for a supervisor in one role, perhaps you became the supervisor reviewing those notes in your next job. 
  • In your resume summary statement, emphasize that you're ready for advancement. 
    • Words like "monitored," "observed," "supervised," and "inspected" will subtly prove your abilities to an employer.

Corporate Security Officer Resume

Corporate Security Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your corporate security officer resume can demonstrate career progression by highlighting increased responsibilities with metrics regarding theft reduction, effective management of threats, or the size of teams you worked with or managed.
    • Providing statistics and numbers will corroborate impressive accomplishments. It's more powerful to say you were part of a team that "reduced theft by 29%" than that you "helped reduce theft" in your time on the job.
    • Pro tip: An estimate will work if you don't know the exact statistic. Just be sure you can provide evidence in an interview!
  • Consider including a resume summary if you're seasoned enough to boast 10+ years in your field and are willing to customize it for each position to which you apply. 
    • A resume summary works best when kept concise but power-packed with your specializations. Don't forget to mention the target business by name!

Entry-Level Security Officer Resume

Entry Level Security Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you're just building a work history, you may feel unsure about how to fill a page on your entry-level security officer resume. Do some research on the specific security officer job you're seeking by looking over the job description. A great area to start is the "resume skills" section. 
    • As you write about your work experience, think about how you can connect those marketable skills to your previous experience. For example, if you list "strong work ethic" as one of your abilities, you can demonstrate that soft skill at any job!
  • Again, when your experience feels a bit sparse, don't fret. This is a chance to beef up the bullet points; it's an opportunity to go in-depth demonstrating your wide-ranging proficiencies, whereas someone listing three or four positions may only fit a handful of bullets per job.
  • Another way to fill your page as an entry-level candidate is to include a resume objective. Just be aware that its value comes from customization.
    • A worthwhile resume objective should contain keywords that match your skills from your carefully reviewed job description.
    • It should also mention the target company by name and be a power-packed, brief glimpse of your best self!

Security Field Officer Resume

Security Field Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • One skill that's super important for a security officer is working well with other people. Your security field officer resume will work best if you show collaboration and partnership for each role listed at least once.
  • A stronger emphasis should be placed on your work history and skills rather than education. 
    • Education can be de-prioritized toward the bottom of your resume unless the security field officer role specifically requires higher education or certifications. 
    • If you choose a resume format that places your skills toward the bottom, that's okay, provided your work experience bullet points demonstrate those skills.
    • List your skills as one word or short phrases so they'll easily stand out regardless of placement.

Protective Security Officer Resume

Protective Security Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • Let your protective security officer resume summary pack a punch. If you've got a hefty work history in the field, abilities, skills, certificates, or licenses that not everyone else has, use the summary statement to highlight what you can bring to the table.
  • If you list work experience that seems unrelated to a security position, rest assured that you can find ways to connect that experience to what you're currently doing and hope to pursue. 
    • Suppose, for example, that you include "Server" as your oldest job; servers and security officers share a common thread:
      • Interacting with the public
      • Paying attention to details
      • Multi-tasking
      • Responding to needs promptly 
    • When writing your job duties, starting with active verbs can help employers see the abilities you have that translate from one career to the next. If these details sound tricky, you can gain more clarity by using our free resume checker.

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