5 Firefighter Resume Examples That Worked In 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 9, 2022

Some of the most high-risk careers are also the most rewarding. If you're a firefighter, this probably resonates with you. We so appreciate your commitment to people and your community. It's safe to say that you do the work most of us run far, far away from. 

Our skills have nothing to do with putting out fires, but we're sure you'll appreciate the research and work we've done to help you draft the best possible resume as you pursue a new position. 

Here, you'll find 5 free firefighter resume samples and accompanying tips and tricks to ensure you avoid common pitfalls and create a resume that will stand apart from the competition in 2022.

Firefighter Resume

Firefighter resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your firefighter resume should include quantitative metrics (numbers).
    • We recommend you include at least 3 metrics per work experience, but more is almost always better.
      • Numbers speak louder than words. Numbers demonstrate your capabilities to handle firefighting responsibilities whereas words alone cannot prove your qualifications.
  • Don’t worry if you haven’t included metrics on your resume yet. It’s easier to do than you might think!
    • Start by brainstorming relevant numbers that relate to your job title. As a firefighter, this could be the number of crew members you collaborated with, the number of apprentices you’ve mentored, the acreage of wildfires you’ve fought, the number of emergencies you’ve responded to, the amount of time you’ve saved by improving efficiency, etc.
      • Then, rework your current bullet points to include these numbers. If you’re having trouble finding exact numbers to include, make a ballpark estimate.

Senior Firefighter Resume

Senior Firefighter resume example

Why this resume works

  • One of the least appreciated and most important sections on your senior firefighter resume is your skills section.
    • This skills section includes both hard and soft skills.
      • Hard skills, which you should focus more on than soft, include job-specific skills like evacuation, fire containment, ladder use, and EMS know-how.
      • Soft skills, which often apply to a variety of jobs, include things such as verbal communication and organization.
      • We recommend you include a mix of highly job-specific skills and more general skills and qualities you possess.
  • As a seasoned firefighter, don't forget to include the education and certifications you've obtained. These are two areas that don't take up much room but will quickly eliminate you from the pool of applicants if not included. 

Entry Level Firefighter Resume

Entry Level Firefighter resume example

Why this resume works

  • It's tough to write your entry level firefighter resume when you’ve never worked as a firefighter. Relevant experiences will help you stand out, such as work as an EMT, paramedic, or a volunteer SARS worker or volunteer firefighter.
    • If you don’t have these experiences, though, don’t worry. Everyone starts somewhere, and hiring personnel will be willing to look for relevant experiences with seemingly irrelevant titles.
      • Working as a server, sales associate, or call representative, for example, can demonstrate your ability to collaborate with coworkers and work in high-pressure environments.
  • If you’ve just graduated and don’t have any job experience, add relevant school projects, volunteer work, or courses.
    • For example, coursework in anatomy, physical education, and leadership are all relevant for a career in firefighting!
    • Look for a volunteer position or internship with a fire station or begin EMT training, so you can start building your resume as soon as possible.

Wildland Firefighter Resume

Wildland Firefighter resume example

Why this resume works

  • A career objective is one section of your resume we consider optional. 
    • It's useful for your resume when going through a career change, such as changing from a general firefighter to a wildland firefighter. An objective provides a space to explain why your experiences are relevant to the job you’re applying to and why you’re interested in this pursuit.
    • A career objective may also be helpful when you have minimal experience. This will help fill the page and give you space to express why the hiring manager should take a chance on you.
  • If you're going to include an objective on your wildland firefighter resume, make sure it’s specific. In fact, your career objective will require some rewriting for every job application you submit!
    • Make sure to include the title of the job you’re applying to, the name of the company/department/organization, and how your skills will provide value.

Volunteer Firefighter Resume

Volunteer Firefighter resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your volunteer firefighter resume should be flawless. Just because it’s a volunteer position, don’t think there won’t be competition!
    • Fire chiefs are looking for a trustworthy team member to add value to the station without getting in the way or requiring constant guidance. Use your job description bullet points to demonstrate your capacity to work just as hard as full-time firefighters.
    • Include metrics on things like the number of drills you attended, the average number of calls you responded to, the number of firefighters and departments you’ve collaborated with, awards earned, memorable fires you've worked, etc.
    • Clean up grammar and fine-tune your writing.
      • Use action words to start each bullet point to own your accomplishments. Plus, action words are just more interesting for readers. 
  • Before submitting your application, take advantage of our free resume checker, and give yourself the best shot at getting your dream firefighting job in 2022.

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