5 Police Officer Resume Examples That Worked in 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: March 24, 2022

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a five percent increase in police officer jobs between 2019 and 2029. The projected growth means more police officer resumes will be submitted in the next few years than ever before. 

It's also worth noting that police officer jobs require a certain level of discipline and organization as the bare minimum, so stellar organization of your resume is critical if you wish to stand a chance of being hired. 

For this reason, we've created five police officer resume samples that will help get you hired in 2022. These resumes contain everything you need to know about getting hired as a police officer, including the key details you'll want to include.

Police Officer Resume

Police Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you include a summary or objective in your police officer resume, it should be a snapshot of who you are as an individual and include your qualifications to place you at the forefront of the job-hunting process. As a rule of thumb, a summary is useful if you've had over 10 years in a given field, while a resume career objective is best included when you're light on experience.
  • Demonstrate your industry knowledge by mentioning skills and experience like "911-operator" and using numbers to quantify achievements.
    • Evaluating your performance using metrics is the single biggest way to improve your chances of getting an interview.
    • Metrics like crime rate, funding, and increasing efficiency show you know what matters to police departments, and more importantly, you know how to have an influence.
  • Mentioning achievements such as winning the Police of The Year Award will capture the attention of the interviewers, which is the whole goal of writing a resume.
    • Hiring managers spend less than 10 seconds reviewing your resume, so including recognition like this will help extend the reviewing period, increasing your chances of getting an interview.

Experienced Police Officer Resume

Experienced Police Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you're an experienced police officer, you need to ensure your resume highlights your lengthy expertise.
  • Demonstrate your capabilities in the field using numbers to quantify achievements and explain your impact throughout your career.
    • "Supervised and coordinated a team of 12 patrol officers" and "reducing road accidents in school zones by 50%" are potential examples of tangible, eye-catching results.
  • List your education and include any certifications or specialties to boost your chances of being hired.
    • Be specific about your state-level certifications if they pertain to the state in which you're applying.
  • Wondering which skills to include in your experienced police officer resume? Our resume skills guide should give you some direction!

Entry-Level Police Officer Resume

Entry Level Police Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • When applying for an entry-level job position, you probably don't have much experience to include in your resume. Rather than fluffing in your resume, get creative by adding a resume objective.
    • The key to a good resume objective is to detail your best qualifications while customizing the objective for each job to which you apply.
    • If a job opening specifically says "knowledge of the law or public safety," then including those keywords in your entry-level police officer resume objective quickly demonstrates you're qualified for the role (provided those keywords accurately reflect your expertise).
  • If you're low on experience, you can show impact from a previous, unrelated job in a way that relates to the current position for which you're applying.
    • For example, mentioning soft skills like "managed," "handled," "analyzed," or "trained" shows leadership and is a great way to book your spot for an interview!
    • When listing your achievements, showcase those most relevant to the specific job for which you're applying.

NYPD Police Officer Resume

NYPD Police Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your NYPD police officer resume should state your most current experience first.
    • For instance, did you achieve the status of a sergeant or captain? Include it on your resume, highlighting your most recent and relevant experience first in reverse-chronological order.
  • In the License section, check a box in the hiring manager's mind by including any certifications and specializations.
  • Another pro tip when building a resume: always maintain an active voice to eliminate filler and demonstrate ownership.
    • Interviewers go through hundreds of resumes before settling on their preferred candidate, so your resume must be as power-packed as possible!

Federal Police Officer Resume

Federal Police Officer resume example

Why this resume works

  • Make your federal police officer resume sparkle with a neat yet elegant resume format. Focusing on specifics like consistent punctuation is the attention to detail law enforcement officers need. You'd be surprised to discover the fine details interviewers notice when searching for the perfect candidate.
  • Quantifying your achievements and mentioning exact timestamps (for example, "2-week training") shows measurable results and confidence.
    • Some of these achievements can be easily copied from the internet, so interviewers have seen tons of them. They'll dismiss your federal police officer resume if it sounds too generic. Ensure your information is specific and authentic.
    • Your skills section should contain hard and soft skills.
      • Soft skills like problem-solving and courage translate effectively into any role, but even more powerfully within a police officer position.
      • Hard skills can include weapons handling and CPR.

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