5 Career Change Resume Examples Designed For 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 6, 2022

Career changes are exciting, stressful, and daunting. Perhaps you've spent decades crafting your skills in a specific field only to feel drawn toward a new challenge. Maybe you've only spent a few years at a job you thought you wanted, but it's just not everything you'd hoped. 

Whatever the case, career changes mean starting over. You're likely experiencing some varied emotions as you pursue a new endeavor. You've got enough on your mind as it is, so don't let your resume be a source of anxiety. 

We've compiled 5 career change resume examples and a guide to ensure you include the right content and details in your resume. Don't see your current or future career in any of these resumes? Don't let that deter you. The careers in our sample resumes aren't nearly as important as the how and why of the details included, so keep reading because we're sure there's something here for you!

Career Change Resume

Career Change resume example

Why this resume works

  • One of the most valuable things you should include on your career change resume is an objective statement. Career objectives serve many useful purposes for various resume types, but they're especially useful for when you're seeking a brand new venture. 
    • Use your objective, or summary statement, to merge your background with the opportunities you're seeking. In other words, demonstrate that your experience has provided you noteworthy preparation for your new field. 
  • Choose a professional template and format to accentuate your resume. While it may not be fair, employers often toss out resumes that are visually unattractive. 
    • Employers are crunched on time, so choose a template that is both professional and eye-catching. This will keep the hiring manager's eyes fixed on your resume long enough to see that, yes, you are qualified for this position!

Teacher Career Change Resume

Teacher Career Change resume example

Why this resume works

  • It may seem like a leap between teaching and software engineering, but in your job description bullet points (and your career objective!), you can bridge the gap in your teacher career change resume. 
    • Look for ways to connect your teaching duties to working with software (or whatever your job experience is in). 
      • Many skills indirectly transfer from one job to another, such as the ability to work with others who have diverse needs or handle multiple tasks in a given workday. 
      • Taking it a step further, if you've led projects that directly rely on skills you'll need for a new career, definitely include these, such as helping students develop digital programs.  
  • If you've already had a lengthy career, you may be frustrated with attempts to keep your resume to one page. There are a few workarounds, and an especially useful trick is to move your objective to the side. 

Data Analyst Career Change Resume

Data Analyst Career Change resume example

Why this resume works

  • Few things will carry more weight in your data analyst career change resume than the use of metrics. 
    • No matter how different your new career may be, an employer will be more likely to invest in you when he or she sees measurable data from your experience. 
  • Propel your job experience bullet points forward with active verbs. Avoid starting these descriptors with personal pronouns. Just get right to the point. 
    • Active verbs engage the employer and promptly demonstrate your impact at previous jobs. Whether your career change is a small shift or a colossal change, an employer will quickly realize you'll bring that same level of impact to your new field.  
  • Tip: Use our free resume checker to make sure you're using metrics and active language to your advantage. You'll find some other useful tools there, too!

RN Career Change Resume

RN Career Change resume example

Why this resume works

  • What if you actually have experience in the job you're pursuing (even though most of your resume is represented by a different career path)? In this case, you may choose to exclude the career objective in your RN career change resume. 
    • If you feel confident that you're most current experience speaks to your abilities and skills sufficiently, you can bypass the objective; on the other hand, feel free to include the objective, allowing it to serve as a quick summary of what you have to offer. 
  • Demonstrate similarities between jobs as you're able. This will show your flexibility and willingness to adapt to varied environments and will also improve the flow of your resume.

Multiple Career Resume

Multiple Career resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you've found yourself pursuing multiple career paths, one of the most vital sections you can include in your resume is a set of strong skills
    • Your multiple career resume may be a combination of somewhat similar occupations or jobs on opposite ends of the spectrum. Your skills section is what will help tie it all together and prevent your resume from becoming a jaunty, hard-to-follow document. 
  • Speaking of skills, make sure you really drive your abilities home within your job description bullet points, too. Maybe every job you've ever worked has required customer service skills, or maybe you've needed computer and software proficiency. 
    • Whatever it is, find a common thread, and sew it into every job experience. It'll be a subtle but powerful tool to increase readability and demonstrate dependability despite multiple career changes. 

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