5 Delivery Driver Resume Examples That Work in 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 4, 2022

Delivery Drivers are not only responsible for safe driving but must have high-attention to detail, money handling expertise, a sales mindset, and provide exceptional customer service. As a delivery driver it can be difficult to determine what content is important to a hiring manager and understand how to write your resume.

We analyzed hundreds of delivery driver resume samples from all levels of experience to learn what works to help you get more interviews in 2022.

We created five resume samples to help delivery drivers build an eye-catching resume that will showcase your safe driving practices as well as your customer service accomplishments.

These resumes helped delivery drivers find jobs in 2022 so they're a great source of inspiration.

Delivery Driver Resume

Delivery Driver resume example

Why this resume works

  • As a delivery driver, you want to prominently present the type of vehicles driven and load weights as well as how many deliveries you made per day. Hiring managers need to quickly determine your previous work history in order to find you a match for their role.
  • Always showcase your clean driving record in your resume objective and throughout your resume experience.
  • Hiring managers and recruiters want to see how your actions resulted in an increase in customer service, brand loyalty, and revenue.
    • For example, did you up-sell customers when making deliveries? Did you increase the efficiency of your routes to increase overall sales?

Food Delivery Driver Resume

Food Delivery Driver resume example

Why this resume works

  • Food delivery drivers should showcase their ability to handle food safely, provide fast service to customers, and support the kitchen staff in preparation for the food delivery. Collaboration is important to hiring managers as you will be immediately seen as a team player.
  • Clearly indicate your customer service accomplishments and how they supported company goals, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction and retention.
    • Was your personal connection to a customer responsible for them becoming a repeat customer? Did you throw in some bread-sticks to reward a loyal customer? Make specific mentions of how you excelled in customer service.
  • Bonus: showcase your preferred food products or food service expertise in your resume's overview or resume experience to really catch the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager, especially if the job description indicates a preference towards that experience.

Entry Level Delivery Driver Resume

Entry Level Delivery Driver resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you have never held a delivery driver role, highlight all skills that overlap with that of a successful delivery driver.
    • For example, if you have experience as a cashier then that money handling experience is relevant to a food delivery driver.
    • If you have experience stocking shelves at a grocery store then that level of organization is applicable to a package delivery driver.
  • Even if you don't have delivery driving experience, always highlight your clean driving record in your resume objective to really grab the hiring manager's attention.
    • Companies want to hire safe, responsible drivers. Make it clear that you fit that mold.
  • Take advantage of the interests and hobbies section of your resume to try to include hobbies that are relevant to the role you're applying to.
    • For example, if you're applying to be a driver for an Italian restaurant, mention how you enjoy cooking Italian food.

Pizza Delivery Driver Resume

Pizza Delivery Driver resume example

Why this resume works

  • As a pizza delivery driver you should focus your resume on demonstrating you are organized, can manage multiple orders and routes simultaneously, and you have exceptional customer service skills. The best way to accomplish these goals is through the use of metrics.
    • How many order did you deliver per day in your past roles? What was the total sales volume? Did you handle any especially large events?
    • By focusing on these concrete numbers you paint a very clear picture of your strengths.
  • Pizza Delivery Driver resumes should list any special skills related to the role and/or if you provided any support outside of your scope (i.e. cash handling, pizza creation, sales) that you want the hiring manager to notice about your experience, especially if the job description prefers candidates with your specific skill set.

Amazon Delivery Driver Resume

Amazon Delivery Driver resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you want to work as an Amazon delivery driver, your resume objective should clearly make mention of that.
    • Why do you want that role? Is it because of Amazon's reputation? Because you want to work for the biggest consumer delivery company in the world? Be specific!
  • Be sure to include your accomplishments specifically how you improved routes through processes (saving the company money) and increased customer satisfaction through results-oriented data. Hiring managers like to see how you helped other companies and how you will help their company.
  • As an Amazon delivery driver, you represent their brand. Showcase what you did to ensure brand integrity (i.e. appearance) as well as handling packages with care.

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