5 Food Delivery Driver Resume Examples Made for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 10, 2024
5 Food Delivery Driver Resume Examples Made for 2024

You handle everything from checking and loading each order to ensuring its safe delivery into the customer’s hands. You’re an excellent, smooth driver, you’re great at time management, and your attention to detail results in accurate delivery and payment collection.

But you might still wonder how to instantly check and make your food delivery driver resume look just as awesome. What information is most important to include, and which resume template looks best?

Hey, we’ve done this before! After years of helping food delivery drivers like you, we’ve prepared five food delivery driver resume examples and some solid resume tips to get you on the road to success.

Food Delivery Driver Resume

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Food delivery driver resume example with 4+ years experience

Food Delivery Driver 2 Resume

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Food delivery driver 2 resume example with fast food work experience

Food Delivery Driver 3 Resume

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Food delivery driver 3 resume example with waiting staff experience

Food Delivery Driver 4 Resume

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Food delivery driver 4 resume example with kitchen assistant experience

What Matters Most: Your Skills & Work History

Your resume skills and work experience

When constructing the perfect skills list, opt for know-how and abilities that relate directly to your profession. You could mention that you’re great with communication, sure . . . but you could make a better impression by sharing skills like “customer transactions” and “order verification” instead!

Hone your skills to be as specific as possible, too. By referencing more nuanced aspects of your job role, you show your experience and demonstrate that you know what it really takes to be an excellent food delivery driver.

Recruiters essentially need a quick snapshot of what you can do: Not just what makes you a good worker, but a good food delivery driver in particular.

9 best food delivery driver skills

  • Driving Safety
  • Order Verification
  • Customer Transactions
  • Food Packing/Delivery
  • Efficiency
  • Navigation
  • Prioritization
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-Solving

Sample food delivery driver work experience bullet points

Recruiters are primarily concerned with what kind of positive impact you’ve made for your coworkers and customers. Showing that you’ve done a great job within past roles demonstrates your readiness to excel in your next role as a food delivery driver.

How did you improve customer satisfaction with your speedy delivery? What about your ninja-like ability to catch order errors before hitting the road?

To set those success points off, include a solid metric in each bullet point. Find the number that best indicates quantifiable improvements you’ve made. Think of reduced wait times or increased customer satisfaction ratings.

Here are some good examples:

  • Exceeded sales targets by 12% by up-selling seasonal menu items and novelty drinks
  • Drove company car with 0 accidents or violations while making quick deliveries, receiving excellent customer service ratings of 98%
  • Promoted brand loyalty with customers and vendors during deliveries and pickups, increasing brand awareness and new growth by 17%
  • Used the Uber Eats app for reporting, including GPS tracking, order completion, and payments, reducing reporting errors by 11%

Top 5 Tips for Your Food Delivery Driver Resume

  1. Always mention vehicle safety
    • While you don’t want to over-emphasize your ability to drive cautiously (leaving recruiters wondering if you’re overcompensating for a lead foot!), it’s important to mention your ability to drive safely and lawfully as a food delivery driver.
  2. Look for experience overlaps
    • If your previous experience wasn’t particularly related to food delivery, look for overlapping areas that you can use to tie everything together: Customer service and up-selling are key parts of food delivery, and stocking jobs show your ability to handle products safely and efficiently.
  3. Keep your template simple
    • Show your ability to cut to the chase by closely following the formatting of one of our three resume templates. Keep your color usage minimal, and stick with highly readable fonts to show recruiters that you’re as good with layout as you are with an efficient delivery!
  4. Call for references
    • If you’re applying for a delivery job, references can give your credibility a huge boost! Even if you have previous coworkers or employers from a restaurant or stocking/sales job, their recommendations can increase your appeal for a food delivery role.
  5. Mix up your metrics
    • You don’t want to mix up a food order, but you do want to switch your metrics around a bit! Your achievements will be much more interesting if you provide a variety of numbers like reduced wait times, personal ratings, and customer satisfaction percentages.
Should I use an objective or summary?

If you’re just breaking into the food delivery field, you might want to provide an overview of your qualifications by including a resume objective statement. If you’ve been doing this stuff for a while, a resume summary could be a strong intro. If your experience points are super compelling, maybe you need neither!

How long should my resume be?

Stick with just a page! You can make it shorter, but never go over one page. Recruiters don’t have much time, and you want to grab their attention ASAP—deliver information as quickly as you deliver carryout orders when writing a cover letter and resume!

Should I avoid any particular metrics?

Now that you mention it, numbers that don’t tie into a measurement of your impact aren’t very strong. The number of orders you delivered might be impressive, but it’ll be way better alongside a customer service metric!