7 Nanny Resume Examples That Work in 2023

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 4, 2023

You're the person everyone calls when they want fun, educational activities for their children. Kids love being around you, and you can handle any problem that comes with taking care of children.

But even though you can successfully care for multiple children at a time, sometimes it seems like writing a resume is far scarier.

We've spoken to countless nannies across the country and compiled our knowledge into these seven nanny resume samples.

Use these examples to help you build your own resume so you can get your next nanny job in 2023!

Nanny Resume

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Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • Nannies are expected to perform many duties, so when discussing your experience, make sure to include a range of responsibilities to show your flexibility and versatility.
    • Your nanny resume should paint a picture of the overall breadth of your work experience.
  • If you're new to nannying, you can consider adding a resume objective (also called a carer objective). An objective gives a short overview of your experience, your skills, and your enthusiasm for the position.
    • If you do include an objective, customize it to each job you apply for by mentioning the employer and desired role by name.

Full-Time Nanny Resume

Full Time Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • Using a resume template can help you structure your ideas, but make sure you adjust it to fit your content. 
    • You can add sections, bullet points, and even social media links to fill out your full-time nanny resume, but keep your font size and margins relatively big so it's easy to read.
  • Education requirements vary from job to job. However, if you're interested in college and thinking about what you might like to study, we'd suggest getting a major in psychology or elementary education to support your skills as a nanny.

Professional Nanny Resume

Professional Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • The more you gain experience, the more you'll have to add to your resume. While that's definitely a good thing, it can make formatting your resume difficult.
    • You can rearrange sections and adjust your margins, although we'd recommend keeping some white space so your content is easier to read.
  • Most families require certifications before they hire a nanny, so it's essential you add (and frequently update) a certifications section on your professional nanny resume.
    • For example, C.P.R. certification is a requirement for most nanny jobs, but it lasts only two years before requiring re-certification. Before you hit "submit," update your resume based on your experience.

Infant Nanny Resume

Infant Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • No matter what nanny job you're shooting for, always customize your infant nanny resume for each job to which you apply.
  • It's commonly understood that nannies are integral to the families they help. Demonstrate your impact by including specific skill keywords and being comprehensive (but concise) in your work experience bullet points.
    • What were your most common responsibilities during the day? How did that help the family? If it helps, make a big list of your responsibilities and narrow them down as you go until your resume is one page.

Special Needs Nanny Resume

Special Needs Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • Childcare in general requires a vast amount of skills, but caring for special needs kids requires even more abilities and experience.
    • Be as specific as you can with your work experience bullets and skill keywords so your future employer know exactly what you can handle.
  • If you've got the room, adding a hobbies and interests section can help you show off your personality and reinforce your skills.
    • For example, organizing a meetup for people on the autism spectrum shows you're talented at organization, budgeting, and communication.

After-school Nanny Resume

After-school Nanny Resume Example

Why this resume works

  • Nannies are frequently a teacher, a cook, a guardian, and a friend, but how are you supposed to put all that on your after-school nanny resume?
    • Start by using a resume outline, then build from there. Once you’ve written all your responsibilities down, narrow each position’s experience until you have three to four targeted bullet points.
  • Getting hired as a nanny is no walk in the park, so you need to demonstrate the impact you’ve made in your previous positions to prove you’re an ideal candidate.
    • How many children did you watch? What were their ages? Did you save time by streamlining schedules? Chances are, there are metrics even where you don’t expect them!
    • Adding metrics (aka numbers) is the fastest way to showcase your abilities. Wherever you can add numbers, do it!

Summer Nanny Resume

Summer Nanny Resume Example

Why this resume works

  • You know that you have the right skills and experience related to child care, but how do you translate that into a clear and comprehensive one-page resume? Focus on key points that demonstrate how awesome you are at taking care of kids.
    • Be specific with your responsibilities and list how many children you cared for and their ages.
    • Highlight things you did to help the children learn new things—for example, did you take them on trips or plan educational activities?
  • To make your summer nanny resume cohesive, align your resume skills section with your work experience.
    • For example, if you made schedules for three children, then mention that in your work experience and list it as a skill. That way, your resume sections support each other and drive home your abilities.

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