5 Nanny Resume Examples That Work in 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: February 27, 2022

You're the person everyone calls when they have a question about raising their child. Kids love being around you.

You're an excellent nanny. So you shouldn't also have to be great at writing a resume.

We've spoken to countless nannies across the country and compiled these five examples, which follow the best practices for 2022.

Nothing is scarier than staring at a blank page!

These five nanny resume samples have gotten professional nannies real jobs in 2022. Use them as a starting point and reference for what to do and what to avoid.

Nanny Resume

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Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • Nannies are expected to perform many duties, so when discussing your experience, make sure to include everything to show your flexibility and versatility.
    • Don't assume a potential family knows everything you can do. Your nanny resume should paint a picture of the overall breadth of your work experience.
  • Use color without overdoing it. Gently accent your resume and make it stand out, not overwhelm.
  • Consider adding a career objective if you're light on experience or have had a career change. The real key to an objective is to customize it to the job to which you're applying.
    • Customizing includes mentioning the employer by name and giving a snapshot of why you'd be the perfect fit for the job.

Full-Time Nanny Resume

Full Time Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • The state of California requires that all nannies are Trustline certified. It acts as a repository of verified nannies that have cleared criminal background checks. Check if the state you're working in requires certification. Likewise, if you have a certification, don't forget to include it in your full-time nanny resume!
  • Education requirements vary from job to job. However, if you're interested in college and thinking about what you might like to study, our data suggest that the most common college major for nannies is psychology.
  • The path to becoming a nanny isn't always a straight line. Including non-nanny work experience is an additional way to demonstrate dedication and professionalism.

Professional Nanny Resume

Professional Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • There are nanny jobs throughout the country that require only a high school diploma or G.E.D. If you don't have a college degree, that's perfectly okay! Be sure to explicitly mention the highest level of education you've attained on your professional nanny resume.
  • C.P.R. certification (a requirement for nearly all nanny positions) lasts only two years before requiring re-certification. So make sure you mention the year you were last certified on your resume.
  • 99.9 percent of all nanny resumes should be one page or less (excluding references and cover letters). If your resume is longer than that, our data suggests you're 32 percent less likely to land an interview.

Infant Nanny Resume

Infant Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you decide to include a resume objective in your infant nanny resume, you should try to customize it for each job to which you apply. Read the job description thoroughly and mirror its language in the objective.
  • It's commonly understood that nannies are integral to the families they help. However, to make this clear, you should demonstrate the impact of your work experience. A rule-of-thumb to accomplish this is to start each bullet point with a strong action word like "Organized," "Performed," or "Maintained." Too many details to remember? Eliminate the guesswork with our free resume builder tool!

Special Needs Nanny Resume

Special Needs Nanny resume example

Why this resume works

  • Nannies are required to have a whole range of skills. The resume skills section should be as specific as possible without overwhelming your resume.
    • Listing six to ten skills is a good rule, as it enables employers to glimpse your best strengths without overburdening their eyes. As a special needs nanny, mention the kinds of special needs you have experience with whenever possible.
  • You can include a hobbies and interests section if you're a little short on applicable work experience or if you participate in a directly related activity such as organizing a meetup for people on the autism spectrum. These kinds of relevant activities are worthy of your special needs nanny resume!

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