5 Artist Resume Examples Built for 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 3, 2022

Art, in all forms, is a universal language and an equalizer for everyone.  No matter what type of art you practice, your abilities, professionalism, and overall talent make the world move forward.  As Oscar Wilde said, "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life."  Art brings life and creativity to all industries, from small mom-and-pop shops to medium-size apparel companies to technology enterprises.

If you're ready to take your artist know-how and savvy to your next adventure, then you'll want to take a look at the sample artist resumes we've put together to enable you to introduce yourself and your craft to the next employer who's looking for YOU.

Artist Resume

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Artist resume example

Why this resume works

  • To be a professional artist, you might need some education or training depending on the job you want.
    • If you have any training or education, whether you have a degree, certificate, or time spent in a program, be sure to include all of it in the education section of your resume.  
  • When looking over the sample resume, notice that there are metrics provided in at least 50% of the work experience bullets. A hiring manager will be able to differentiate you from other candidates by the metrics you can provide.
    • For example, increases in art sales, the amount of recurring business from clients based on the quality of your work, or anywhere you were able to reduce expenses in your office, studio, or for your team. Showing how you demonstrate your measurable impact will help you stand out and be hired.
  • When structuring your resume, input your work experiences as an artist in reverse chronological order.
    • For instance, put your oldest experience at the bottom and your most recent one at the top. Hiring managers will take six seconds to skim for what they want, and being able to quickly see where you started and where you are now will help them know you quickly.

Makeup Artist Resume

Makeup Artist resume example

Why this resume works

  • The skills portion of your makeup artist resume is the opportunity to list critical areas you feel are your most significant assets. Look at the top resume skills for 2022 to help you highlight your abilities and build a makeup artist resume that enables you to land the job of your dreams.  For example:
    • Your understanding of color patterns and how this knowledge affects your abilities to help customers choose what they want.
    • Your innate social skills show how well you can get along with colleagues and customers.
    • Using social media as a way to interest and sell to potential customers shows an aptitude to expand your service.
  • Show your scope of responsibilities. Showing how else you supported the company, besides as a makeup artist, is always essential. Were you cross-trained to provide more assistance to your team?
    • For example, did you work as a greeter, receptionist, or learn more skills to show your interest in advancing? 
    • A hiring manager looks for other talents you bring with you to the job. After all, getting a well-rounded employee interested in learning and growing can be viewed positively.
  • When including a work objective on your makeup artist resume, be sure to match the keywords in the job description.
    • If the job description repeatedly mentions color palette, foundation, ability to help people for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, you should probably have that in your resume.

Graphic Artist Resume

Graphic Artist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Using action words to describe your work is a crucial part of your graphic artist's resume. Action words help your resume tell the story of why you're the best fit for the graphic artist position. If a hiring manager is only taking, on average, six seconds you read over your resume, then you have minimal time to show them what you can do. Action words will make your descriptions resonate more.
    • Action words may also help you stand out from the competition by using terms that denote action, leadership, communication, and accomplishment.
    • Words such as directed, led, achieved, established, and outperformed are great examples of action words.
  • Resumes are used to make the most favorable impression on the hiring manager. Your graphic artist resume is the first impression of you. For this reason, it is often referred to as one of the most crucial steps taken during a job search.
    • Look for keywords in the job description and match those keywords as much as possible in your resume. Matching keywords can help you land the graphic artist job you want.
  • Use these graphic artists' resume samples and tools to highlight your abilities and build a resume that gives you a competitive advantage over the competition.

Freelance Artist Resume

Freelance Artist resume example

Why this resume works

  • The work objective is your moment to show where you're headed in your career as a freelance artist. Use the opportunity to tell the hiring manager what you're looking to do for them and the company. Of course, make sure it resonates with your career objectives, but your next company wants to know what you can do for them.
  • A good litmus test to determine whether or not you should include a skill as a freelance artist is whether that skill shows up in a work experience listed on your resume. This accomplishes two things:
    • It reinforces for the hiring manager that you're only including strong skills that you can bring with you.
    • It provides more context around how you actually deployed your freelance artist skills to the specific project where you previously worked.
  • As a freelance artist, you may have many experiences doing many different jobs and running many various projects. When writing your freelance artist resume you want to keep it to one page, so real estate is valuable.
    • Don't waste your space or divert the hiring manager's attention with skills and an objective that won't increase your chances for an interview.
      • Ensure your skills, objective, and work experience bullets are the most relevant to the job description by matching keywords.  

Fine Artist Resume

Fine Artist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Give quantifiable metrics on as many fine arts job experiences you can. Metrics are facts and stand out to any hiring manager reading resumes. 
    • Metrics show accomplishments effectively, make an impact, and transcend language. Fine arts jobs have metrics.
    • Did you sell, increase customer purchases, complete projects ahead of schedule, invent new process, find new artists, etc.
  • Always include your soft skills on your fine arts resume.
    • Show how you used your ability to work on a team, communicate with clients, understand and learn from their feedback, and grow in your position.
  • As a fine artist, you probably have an arts degree.
    • If not, and you have any other certifications that you can show, they can be helpful—certifications in disciplines such as Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Drawing, or Mixed Media. All fields show your interest in learning, curiosity about art, and ambition to take on new roles.

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