5 Chef Resume Examples To Get You Hired In 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 3, 2022

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for chefs will rise by at least 6% between 2019 and 2029, which is faster than average. This growth means that if you are looking for a job as a chef, chances are there are hundreds of other interested candidates. To increase your chance of landing your dream chef job, we have created 5 of the best chef resume samples to guide you.

Our resume writing experts have reviewed thousands of applicants and identified common mistakes many chefs make when writing their resumes. Thankfully, this chef resume writing guide will help you come up with the kind of resume that will increase your chances of getting hired in 2022. 

Chef Resume

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Chef resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your chef resume stands a higher chance of getting noticed by interviewers when you use action words when describing your work experience.
    • For example, statements like "Managed food budgeting and inventory" show that this applicant is responsible and knowledgeable, attracting interviewers' attention. 
  • Use quantifiable achievements whenever possible. Numbers are easier to notice than words. Besides, quantifying your achievements shows that you are a result-oriented chef. 
    • For instance, using words like "increasing sales by 23%" shows that this chef can cook as evidenced by the increase in sales.
    • Focus on metrics important to the hiring manager. Restaurant owners and managers primarily care about business metrics like sales and profit margins. 
  • Given that chefs work in a fast-paced environment, interviewers will always prioritize job-ready applicants over those who need additional training after hiring.
    • This means you have to clearly demonstrate your relevant experience. Customize your chef resume for each job you apply to.

Executive Chef Resume

Executive Chef resume example

Why this resume works

  • Being an executive chef means your resume should demonstrate an increase in the level of responsibility you've taken on throughout your career.
    • If you've had the chance to help hire or manage other kitchen or service staff, be sure to include that. For example, this executive chef resume states "Managed kitchen staff through training and team groupings, recording in increase in employee headcount of 25% in 2013". 
  • Remember to mention any skills that are specifically mentioned in the executive chef job description.
    • This executive chef resume mentions skills from the job description such as "teamwork, kitchen equipment, cost savings, leadership, and fine dining".
  • To learn more about the kind of skills interviewers want to see in your executive chef resume, check out our skills writing guide.

Entry Level Chef Resume

Entry Level Chef resume example

Why this resume works

  • When applying for an entry-level chef position, you probably don't have a lot to write on your resume. In that case, consider adding a "Career Objective" section to your resume.
    • A career objective helps occupy space in your resume while informing interviewers what you're looking for and why you're a good fit.
    • We have compiled a list of career objective examples for different professions to help give you some inspiration for your career objective. 
  • When writing a career objective for an entry-level chef, you need to mention keywords that will grab the interviewer's attention. You can either include a summary of your resume or mention your interest and qualifications for the role you are interested in. 
    • Words like "knowledge of menu preparation, table setting, great sense of taste and smell, and innovation" define a great chef, and that's something that would prompt an interviewer to schedule an interview with you. 

Pastry Chef Resume

Pastry Chef resume example

Why this resume works

  • As mentioned earlier, the "Career Objective" section of your resume is a great place to market yourself in 2-3 sentences. If you're not going to customize it for each pastry chef position you apply to. you're better off omitting it altogether.  
    • In this resume, the applicant mentions, "Proficient in creating artisan bread, chocolates, pastries, desserts, and various confections," clearly showing the hiring manager their areas of expertise.
  • Consistency in punctuation is also another important factor many job seekers overlook when writing their resumes. 
    • More generally, the little details can add up to a lot. Don't let a silly comma or missing period be the reason you don't get an interview.
    • Read, re-read, then re-read your resume again. Send it to 2-3 friends or colleagues. Run it through a resume checker.

Sous Chef Resume

Sous Chef resume example

Why this resume works

  • Interviewers are usually attracted to sous chef resumes that demonstrate competencies in skills or experiences that are mentioned in the job description. 
    • By mentioning "Ensured strict adherence to HACCP standards" in this resume, this sous chef stands out for any job that mentions "cleanliness" of "safety" in the job description.
  • Remember to list specific achievements in your resume, don't focus on your responsibilities.
    • For example, instead of saying "Led a team of kitchen staff" this sous chef demonstrates achievement by instead saying "Led a competent team of kitchen staff to win Seattle Food Fest award in 2014 for Best Restaurant in Downtown Seattle".

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