5 Cook Resume Examples To Get You Hired In 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 8, 2022

We all love it. Some of us cave to it when we're stressed or seeking comfort. Some enjoy traveling to exotic places for a chance to partake. We're talking about food. And while we all love it, we don't all love the prep work, cooking, baking, and clean-up. 

That's where you come in. Food creation is your passion, and whether you've been delivering homemade goodies to your neighbors from your kitchen or have worked for decades at top-of-the-line establishments, you've come to the right place to ensure you present a well-designed and thoughtful resume to employers. 

We've poured through hundreds of job descriptions and resumes to see what employers require in 2022. Our cook resume samples are sure to ease frustrations during the job hunt, and the tips below will help you navigate the ins and outs of what to include in your own resume—a surefire recipe for success.  

Cook Resume

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Cook resume example

Why this resume works

  • Strong, active verbs will confidently drive your job description bullet points in your cook resume. As a cook, you rotate through a variety of tasks, such as gathering ingredients and supplies, chopping produce, plating orders, etc. Cut out fluff, and get straight to the point! 
    • Use past tense in your job description: gathered, chopped, plated, etc. 
    • If you're still at your most recent position, you can use past or present tense. 
  • Consider what you want to include in your skills section. While you want to give an honest appraisal of yours skills, a good tip is to look at the job description of the cook position you're vying for. 
    • What specific qualities, characteristics, or requirements are they seeking in an employee? Do any of those fit you well? List them! 

Experienced Line Cook Resume

Experienced Line Cook resume example

Why this resume works

  • Metrics can really set you apart from other candidates. Figures, percentages, monetary amounts, etc. will demonstrate measurable value in your line cook resume. 
    • Did your ability to communicate well enable you to reduce customers' wait time? Did you effectively cut down on food waste through a revamped inventory and storage system? 
      • Even if you have to provide an estimate, rather than a concrete number, you can always give further explanation during the interview. 
  • If you're experienced as a line cook, be sure to demonstrate career progression. 
    • List your job experience in reverse chronological order so that your most recent job appears first. It's likely that your most recent job will have required more responsibility and more complex duties than a job you worked over 10 years ago. 

Entry Level Cook Resume

Entry Level Cook resume example

Why this resume works

  • In your entry level cook resume, it's wise to include a career objective. This short paragraph can make all the difference when trying to get your foot in the door. 
    • The objective, or summary statement, quickly shows an employer how your past (and sometimes seemingly unrelated) job history has actually prepared you to be a cook. 
    • It's also an opportunity to interject a little of your personality while stating what you can offer as well as what you hope to get in return.  
  • Don't worry if past job experience seems irrelevant. There are certain things at every job that translate to any career. 
    • If you worked retail, demonstrate your eagerness to tackle side work during non-peak hours, or if you worked at a call center, discuss collaborating with coworkers to figure out solutions for customers. 
      • No matter where you've worked, you can find similarities from one field to the next. 

School Cook Resume

School Cook resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your job description bullet points should tie in seamlessly with your skills section. As a school cook, you rely on teamwork and collaboration to provide nutritious meals and snacks to students and staff. 
    • If you list collaboration as a skill (or a similar word), be sure that this skill is clearly demonstrated in your job description bullet points, too. 
  • Metrics can really work for you in your school cook resume as schools can vary vastly in size. How many people are you serving daily? How many meals and snacks are you preparing? 
    • If you're applying to a work at a school with 800 students, an employer will have more confidence in you if he or she knows you've successfully managed cooking meals for 600. 

Breakfast Cook Resume

Breakfast Cook resume example

Why this resume works

  • Consider including a resume objective in your breakfast cook resume. A breakfast cook possesses certain qualifications and skills that may not be required by a cook who tackles the dinner rush. 
    • An objective can subtly speak to your specialty as a breakfast cook while communicating what you can bring to the table (pun intended). 
  • As a breakfast cook, food presentation matters. Resume presentation matters, too, which is why we invite you to use our free resume checker to ensure your document is polished, precise, and perfect. Our resume checker will help you: 
    • Check active language and active voice,
    • adjust formatting and fonts,
    • punctuate consistently,
    • and so much more. 

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