5 Executive Assistant Resume Examples for 2021

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: September 22, 2021

You're super organized, and can write as well as you speak. No matter how busy a calendar is, you can always find a way to squeeze in an important meeting.

You're an excellent Executive Assistant. By no means should you also have to be an expert at writing an effective resume in 2021.

We've compiled this list of 5 Executive Assistant resume examples that have actually landed people jobs in 2021.

These resumes are a great place to start, and a great way to avoid the dreaded blank page.

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Executive Assistant Resume

Executive Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • Because the role of an executive assistant can be pretty all-encompassing, it's important to show exactly what skills you have  in the resume skills section of your resume. Specific is better than vague. In this resume, instead of simply mentioning "Scheduling" the candidate listed specific scheduling technology.
  • There's about a 50-50 split in the executive assistant world: about half of all job postings require a college degree, and half don't (especially with experience). Make it crystal clear to the hiring company what the highest level of education you've attained.
  • Unless you have 10+ years experience, do everything in your power to keep your resume to a single page. Try adjusting things like font size and page margins to get this just right.

Executive Administrative Assistant Resume

Executive Administrative Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • It's often tricky to demonstrate exactly how your work as an executive assistant moved the needle for the company. A surefire way to do this is to quantify your work- that is, to tie hard numbers to your effort. In this example, the candidate did well to tie their introduction of Kissflow software to a specific number of hours of work saved.
  • There is no standard definition for what an executive assistant does, so it varies from company to company. If there is any work you've done that you think is unique to your company and demonstrates leadership or ownership, you should certainly include it. In this resume, the candidate did some impactful speechwriting for the CEO.

Senior Executive Assistant Resume

Senior Executive Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • As you become more senior in your career, it's important that you demonstrate to potential employers that you've gotten more and more responsibility. This resume does that well. By launching a networking event and being trusted to edit the CEO's book, this candidate proved that they can handle important tasks.
  • Adding a bit of color can help your resume stand out, while going overboard can distract from the most important part of the resume: the content. If you use color, limit your palette to 1 or 2 colors at most.
  • It can be tricky to know whether to call yourself an executive assistant or a senior executive assistant. Follow these rules in order. 1) If your title are your current job is "Senior Executive Assistant", then you're senior. 2) If the job you're applying to is called a "Senior Executive Assistant", then use senior. 3) If you have 5+ years of relevant work experience, you can call yourself senior if you like.

Executive Assistant to CEO Resume

Executive Assistant to CEO resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you're an executive assistant to the CEO, the primary focus of your job is supporting the head of the company. One of the most important traits of this job is dependability. So try to focus on highlighting that in your resume.
  • Sometimes the little things in a resume can really add up. One of the most common sloppy mistakes we see in resumes is inconsistent use of punctuation. Specifically, when some bullet points end in periods and others don't. Either option is fine, but choose one and be consistent!
  • By starting each bullet point off with a strong action verb, this resume gives the impression that the candidate made things happen. It's a simple trick that can really make your resume pop.

Entry Level Executive Assistant Resume

Entry Level Executive Assistant resume example

Why this resume works

  • For most people, we don't recommend adding a  resume objective (the 2 sentences below the job title on this resume). However, when you're changing fields (like in this resume) it's a useful space to show why you think your skills will carry over.
  • If you're trying to land your first executive assistant role, focus on the parts of your past work experience that reinforce the idea that you're qualified. Any kind of organizational work (scheduling, appointments, billing, answering the phone) usually translates over.
  • As someone changing careers and recently out of school, the hobbies and interests (called "Activities" in this resume) section of this resume shows that the candidate is a responsible leader.

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