5 MBA Resume Examples Built for 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: November 7, 2022

Getting an MBA isn’t easy by any stretch, but having this degree can help you develop a professional network, secure a leadership role, and earn more money, so it’s well-worth it.

However, even once you get your MBA, you still have to write a compelling resume to get the job you want.

We’re here to help you build a professional resume to bring your knowledge, professional attitude, and talent to the world of business. 

If you're applying for a job with an MBA already in hand (or while getting your MBA), use our five MBA resume samples and writing tips to give you a competitive advantage in 2022. Get inspired and get to writing a resume that will open the door to the job of your dreams!  

MBA Resume

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MBA resume example

Why this resume works

  • Having the right structure for your MBA resume is almost as important as the content (almost).
    • We recommend a reverse-chronological resume format since it’s easy to read and understand even with a passing glance. It’s the standard for a reason!
  • If you’ve been in business for at least 10 years, you might opt to set the stage by including a summary in your resume
    • When done well, a summary highlights your biggest achievements and what you can bring to the table at your future workplace.
    • Always remember to customize your summary using keywords found in the job description, and be sure to mention the target business by name!

MBA Application Resume

MBA Application resume example

Why this resume works

  • When it comes to your MBA application resume, numbers speak louder than words, so include metrics when they make sense.
    • Metrics prove your ability to positively impact a company. Perhaps you've reduced implementation time on a project or saved the company money. Most likely, the numbers are there, and you just have to find them!
  • Want to know the most important step in the resume writing process? It’s not writing—it’s editing
    • Editing allows you to catch mistakes, alter content, and ensure it’s accurate. So before you submit your application, always check your resume one last time for errors, inconsistencies, and readability.
      • This is also the time to make sure your resume format is correct. You may need to submit your resume as a Google doc, for example, so read the application instructions carefully!

MBA Graduate Resume

MBA Graduate resume example

Why this resume works

  • Now that you’ve obtained your degree, your MBA graduate resume should showcase how you applied the skills you honed during your studies. 
    • Think about your biggest challenges and how you approached them. How did you solve your problems, and what were the results? Putting this kind of information on your resume is far more valuable than simply stating your responsibilities.
  • Employers will expect your resume to be as professional as you, so it’s in your best interest to use a resume template that’s readable but stylish.
    • Each resume template differs in its appearance and how much content it can hold. If you’re struggling to fill the page or have to cut massive amounts of text, try changing the template you’re using before switching formatting elements.

Post-MBA Resume

Post MBA resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your resume’s skills section is one of the smallest yet most vital parts of your post-MBA resume, so it’s crucial you get it right.
    • Rather than list every single ability you're adept in, look at the job description and include some of those skills. Only include what you’d be comfortable demonstrating or talking about in an interview.
  • Once you’ve nailed the skills you want to include, support them throughout your work experience bullet points.
    • For example, if you list teamwork as one of your skills, explain how you communicated within a team to increase productivity, thus saving the company money.
    • Our tip: think of each bullet point as a single skill, then focus on showing how you used that skill effectively.

MBA Student Resume

MBA Student resume example

Why this resume works

  • To keep your MBA student resume from being a cookie-cutter copy of everyone else’s, try changing up the artistic elements, like font type and color.
    • So long as your resume is easy to read, there’s nothing that says your resume should be plain black & white. Change up the layout, try a new font type, and add some color until it’s as unique as you are!
  • Consider using a resume objective to highlight your skills and eagerness to continue growing in your business career. 
    • Just remember that you need to customize your objective for each job application. Usually, this means using the follow guidelines:
      • Mention the business by name.
      • Include keywords from the job description (but not too many).
      • Briefly discuss your goals if you were hired.

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