5 Baker Resume Examples [Edit Free Word & Docs]

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 5, 2024
5 Baker Resume Examples [Edit Free Word & Docs]

As a baker, you’re the maestro behind countless delicious pastries, cakes, desserts, or breads. Equipped with boundless creativity and more than a spoonful of resourcefulness, you transform mere recipes into mouth-watering baked goods.

Proving your baking skills should be easy—all people need is to try one of your creations. Before that can happen, you also need to prepare a resume that helps you get your foot in the door.

You can count on us to help. With our cover letter maker and baker resume examples, you’ll highlight your expertise and land interviews!

Why this resume works

  • Being versatile is immensely helpful for your baker resume. So let your work experiences go wild and mention a variety of metrics!
    • Right from managing finances for a bakery to helping new bakers prepare food faster, ensure that you leave no stone unturned and properly highlight your expertise in design and baking food!

Why this resume works

  • Just because you’re not a chef doesn’t mean that your degree in Culinary Arts is going to waste.
    • Add any credible degree to your home baker resume to show your employer that you know how to stay on top of food trends and design immaculate custom orders. Back this impression with any instance of you creating new recipes and improving sales for them!

Why this resume works

  • Who doesn’t love cakes on a holiday? Add new flavors to the mix and you’ve got a happy customer for life! This is where your specific skills in creating seasonal recipes can shine.
    • To distinguish your self employed baker resume from other average candidates, add your skill in creating seasonal cakes that go well with holidays and how you’ve also boosted sales during this period with these cakes alone.

Why this resume works

  • Becoming a bread baker doesn’t require learning rocket science. In fact, even a dishwasher can progress to reach this role.
    • If you’re in the same boat as Ada, mention how you directly helped bakers in your past job by preparing baking tools, organizing all utensils in a kitchen, or delivering fresh bread during peak hours. You can then showcase how you’ve climbed the ranks through hard and diligent work.

Why this resume works

  • How can you prove your worth in a demanding position such as this? By showing you give back to the community!
    • If you’ve ever initiated or led a charitable food event, then be sure to add it to your head baker resume. Further, your drive to incorporate sustainable practices and manage employee schedules will be more than enough to show why you’re a good fit for this role.

Create a Delightful Baker Resume That Fits the Job

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

Ask someone who doesn’t work in the industry and they’ll tell you that anyone can bake a cake. However, you know that baking for a living takes a lot of skill, so you’ve got plenty to brag about.

Use this section to match up your abilities to those listed in the job description. Depending on your baking specialization, you might need to emphasize your knowledge of making the perfect sourdough or knowing how to decorate cakes. 

Keep things highly specific and focus on job skills related to the art of baking, but also any relevant software that helps you keep track of orders, recipes, and schedules.

Need some ideas?

15 top baker skills

  • Toast POS
  • Hobart Mixers
  • Artisan Breads
  • Fondant Handling
  • ServSafe
  • Thermometers
  • Pastry Making
  • Hygrometers
  • BreadStorm
  • Precision Baking
  • Canva
  • Maintaining Equipment
  • Vegan Baking
  • Bakery ERP
  • ChefTec

Your baker work experience bullet points

Baking is a job that has very tangible results—after all, at the end of the day, most of your work revolves around producing utter deliciousness.

To translate that into your one-page resume, lean into the impact of your work on the bakery and the rest of the staff to show that you’re not just skilled; you’re also highly effective.

The best way to do this is to focus on your greatest achievements and sprinkle them with some metrics for extra effect. For instance, instead of saying that you “made birthday cakes,” mention how your cake-decorating skills contributed to a 34% increase in monthly custom orders.

  • Talk about how you contributed to a growth in revenue on a monthly, yearly, or seasonal basis.
  • Discuss things like inventory management, reductions in cost production, or cutting back on food waste to show that you’re all about savings.
  • Show off the sheer number of pastries, cakes, or breads that you make on a daily basis, including any specialized menu items, like vegan options.
  • Highlight productivity and effectiveness with metrics like workflow optimization, speeding up order fulfillment, or introducing new systems that improve kitchen efficiency.

See what we mean?

  • Used Rational Combi Oven to increase baking efficiency and increase the amount of daily baked items by 21%
  • Crafted 31 unique pastry recipes with the help of Paprika Recipe Manager, increasing sales of a new menu by 19% within 7 months
  • Monitored all baking equipment performance with WebstaurantStore, lowering equipment downtime instances by 21% through proactive maintenance schedules
  • Created dough fermentation schedules, which led to a 21% improvement in sourdough flavor depth as reported by customer feedback

9 active verbs to start your baker work experience bullet points

  • Created
  • Developed
  • Improved
  • Reduced
  • Implemented
  • Optimized
  • Crafted
  • Used
  • Boosted

3 Tips for Writing an Impressive Baker Resume if You’re Inexperienced

  1. Go the extra mile
    • It’s one thing to talk about your skills—in a profession like baking, you can actually show them! Take photos or videos of your creations and send them alongside your application. Better yet, make yourself a website and add the link to your resume.
  2. Include relevant certifications
    • Your ServSafe cert is most likely mandatory, so throw that in. Other than that, things like the CB, CMB, CJB, or the Bread Bakers Guild of America Certification can all be useful.
  3. Talk about what you can do
    • Working in cafes and restaurants, you may be expected to be versatile with your baking skills. To show that you’re ready to start, talk about the vast array of things you can create, from muffins to wedding cakes.

3 Tips for Crafting a Baker Resume if You Have Years of Experience

  1. Spotlight your achievements
    • As an experienced baker, you’re behind many delicious creations, so show it off! Discuss any awards you may have won, competitions you’ve participated in, or customer satisfaction.
  2. Highlight your leadership
    • If you’ve led kitchens or teams of bakers, shine a light on your management skills. Discuss assigning shifts, teaching workshops, and monitoring food safety protocols.
  3. Show your interest in the job
    • You’re an accomplished expert, but it still helps to show how much you care about this particular job. Emphasize your interest in the role by tailoring your resume to match the job description, leaning into your out-of-this-world baking skills throughout.
How long should my resume be?

Your resume should be short and sweet, so limit it to a single page. Use that space to talk about your past work in cooking or baking and your knowledge of the industry.

How can I make myself stand out?

Highlight other skills that bring you success. For instance, discuss how you were able to build up your bakery’s social media profiles by using Canva and writing effective Instagram posts.

Do I need to write a career objective?

A tailor-made career objective can emphasize how your baking skills will come in handy at this particular bakery or restaurant. Pick out a couple of key skills, such as market trend awareness and creative design, to align with the job.