5 Hair Stylist Resume Examples That Worked in 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: May 28, 2022

You’ve worked countless hours mastering your craft and building your client base. At the end of the day, when you’ve cared for a dozen clients and your feet ache, you shouldn’t have to know all the tips for creating a perfect resume.

That’s where we come in. We analyzed numerous hair stylist resumes to learn what makes (or breaks) a resume.

We synthesized this information, condensing it into five hair stylist resume samples and a few essential tips and tricks for crafting your perfect hair stylist resume.

With job growth projected to decline during the next decade, your resume must stand out against the crowd in 2022.

Hair Stylist Resume

Hair Stylist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Do you need to include a resume summary in your hair stylist resume? Resume summaries aren’t always necessary. If you aren’t willing to personalize it for every application you submit, you shouldn’t use one. However, they can be a great tool to communicate interests and key takeaways to hiring managers when used appropriately.
    • Include the job title and the company’s name in your summary.
    • Mention the specializations you have and the value you'll add. A career summary that states, “Hair stylist seeking a role at XYZ hair salon” will not communicate anything helpful. Instead, be as specific as possible and emphasize your many years in the industry (10+ for a summary). For example, your resume summary could potentially highlight years of experience earning high rebooking rates.
  • Include any certifications or extra training in specific areas, such as chemical hair treatment, trichology, hair smoothing, coloring, etc.; listing customized skills will attract salon owners seeking ways to draw in more clients and provide specialized services.

Senior Hair Stylist Resume

Senior Hair Stylist resume example

Why this resume works

    • One of the most important tips to learn when writing your senior hair stylist resume is the difference between showing and telling employers about your accomplishments. It’s tempting to say, “attended workshops and courses,” but it’ll be far more impactful to say, “attended 10+ workshops and courses per year.”
      • When you don’t have an exact number, you can give a range of numbers (ex: saw 6-10 clients per day) or use a plus sign (ex: oversaw care for 150+ clients per month). Alternatively, you can write “up to” (ex: managed care for up to 200 clients per month).
    • Quantifiable metrics draw the eye of employers, who consistently spend mere seconds looking at any given resume—having trouble figuring out how to include metrics?
      • Include your rebooking rate, the number of clients you have, deals you’ve received on hair products, the number of courses you’ve taken, the percentage of your positive reviews, the number of clients you see per hour, and your sales-to-service ratio.

Junior Hair Stylist Resume

Junior Hair Stylist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Don’t forget to include your resume skills on your junior hair stylist resume. It’s one of the most under-appreciated sections. But once you realize its importance, we doubt you’ll neglect it.
    • An ATS is a robot hiring managers program to remove resumes that are not a good fit. You’ll need to check your resume for keywords and other essential capabilities to get past the system.
    • Fun fact: At least 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS to filter applicants.
    • The skills section is the first hurdle you must clear in the application process because your resume will be checked by an applicant tracking system (ATS) before it ever reaches a hiring director.
  • List any relevant field-specific expertise you have. Review the job description and include similar skills, but avoid reposting the exact wording on your resume.
    • Important strengths for hair stylists include creativity, flexibility, cleanliness, organization, physical stamina, style recommendations, technical ability, customer service, communication, patience, and sales.
    • We recommend listing six to ten skills on your resume. Include relevant expertise without creating a laundry list that hiring managers will have to sort.

Self-Employed Hair Stylist Resume

Self Employed Hair Stylist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Having a period of self-employment on your resume can be more helpful than you might think. Use quantifiable metrics to show how you’ve streamlined booking systems or reduced expenses for your own business. This will be appealing to a prospective salon.
    • Since you’ll lack a recommendation from a superior on your self-employed hair stylist resume, include verifiable metrics for the number of clients you’ve maintained and supply discounts you’ve received.
  • Catching the attention of recruiters is essential, and taking advantage of our resume builder can help you craft, order, and weave powerful, impactful language throughout your piece. Use action verbs and active voice, quantify your achievements, avoid personal pronouns (ex: my, I, we), and be concise.
    • Examples of great action verbs to use at the beginning of each bullet point include: achieved, drove, exceeded, outperformed, spearheaded, guided, built, organized, briefed, authored, and cultivated.
    • Remember that each bullet point should be under 200 characters. If it’s difficult for you to decrease the length, remember to use metrics and consider breaking up your bullet point into two.

Student Hair Stylist Resume

Student Hair Stylist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Listing your work experience in a reverse-chronological order (where your most recent experience is at the top) is common practice for resumes, and we recommend you stick with it.
    • A reverse-chronological resume format highlights job growth and development throughout your career. Employers focus more on the top half of your resume than the bottom. It’s therefore important to include your most relevant and recent job experience first.
    • Reverse-chronological style is also best for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). That’s because it’s the industry standard and more predictable for a machine to sort. Instead of reinventing resume structure, you can focus on content.
  • As an entry-level candidate, you can opt for a career objective, provided you take the time to customize it for each position to which you apply.
    • Don't forget to personalize your objective by mentioning the target business by name and relevant keyword skills you discovered in the job description.

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