5 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Examples

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: December 30, 2020

You're a caring person. You like to look out for others and make sure they're living happy, healthy lives.

You're a great Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), but you shouldn't also need to be an expert at writing a resume. It can be challenging to talk about your experience and qualifications on your resume in a way that demonstrates your expertise.

These resume samples have helped CNAs land jobs at great hospitals, rehab facilities, in-home care companies, and so many more. They're a great place for you to get started.

CNA Resume

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CNA resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you include a resume objective on your resume then you should try to customize for each job you apply to by matching the keywords mentioned in the job description.
  • To become a CNA you need to become certified, which involves completing  a training course followed by a certification exam which differs by state. The certificate usually lasts for 2 years so make sure you include the year you were last certified on your resume.
  • Similarly, most CNA jobs require that you're certified in CPR and First Aid. That certification also lasts for 2 years so include both the organization that certified you (like the American Red Cross, or ACR) and the year you were last certified.

Hospital CNA Resume

Hospital CNA resume example

Why this resume works

  • CNAs work in a wide variety of settings. Some focus on patients in hospitals, while others worth with patients at rehabilitation facilities, while others work in home-health care. So when discussing your work history you should make it clear which environments you have experience in.
  • When discussing skills on your resume, should be as specific as possible but broad enough that any recruiter glancing at your resume can still keep up. For CNAs, the two most common skills we've seen are Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Vital Signs (both reading and measurement).
  • To become a CNA, a college degree is almost never required. If you have one then you should certainly include it in your resume. If you don't, then make sure you include the highest level of degree you've obtained (usually high school or a GED). Almost make sure you include whatever certification training program you've attended.

Entry Level CNA Resume

Entry level CNA resume example

Why this resume works

  • The most difficult Certified Nursing Assistant job to land is your first one. Luckily, once you get your certification this should become far more straightforward. So make sure you attend a training class if possible and study hard for the certification exam, which varies by state.
  • If you're a little light on relevant work experience and have compelling hobbies and interests (especially those that demonstrate leadership), then feel free to include them. You should strive to make your resume fill up a single page.
  • For entry-level candidates, include past work experience even if it's not in the medical field. This helps show that you can be depended on.

Senior CNA Resume

Senior CNA resume example

Why this resume works

  • This resume works in part because it's clear when scanning each bullet point that the candidate made an impact. Starting each bullet point with a strong action word (provided, led, helped, etc) is a quick and easy way to achieve this.
  • You hold a lot of responsibilities as a CNA, some of which extend beyond medicine. Make it clear when discussing your work experience that you can thrive at the more human-centered parts of the job, like light housekeeping and leading social activities.
  • The CNA certification generally last for 2 years. Getting re-certified usually doesn't require taking another exam, and it mostly a formality. However, if you have a lot of experience make it clear that you have recently been re-certified (instead of certified for the first time).

Home Health CNA Resume

Home health CNA resume example

Why this resume works

  • Home Health CNAs spend their days in the homes of patients that need extra care. So the non-medical parts of the job are especially important for these types of CNAs. Highlight your experience with these types of activities (like meal prep, housekeeping, and sociability) when discussing your work history.
  • Colleges throughout the country offer specialized certification training programs with the end goal being a Certification in Nursing Assistance. These programs vary state by state, but generally last for 12 weeks. If you've attended one of these programs, then absolutely include it in your resume.
  • Measuring vitals is a technical and important part of the job. In addition to including it as a skill, try to devote at least 1 bullet point in your work experience to describing your proficiency in it.

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