5 CEO Resume Examples & Guide Created For 2022

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: January 6, 2022

Many of us grew up dreaming of what it would be like to become the CEO of a great company. Turns out there's a whole lot more to it than Hollywood's depiction.

As the chief executive officer, you're someone who can capture the big picture while caring about the details that make operations run seamlessly. A company's path forward, including profits, rests on your shoulders, so this means you're a skilled communicator and leader who's able to delegate, challenge, and guide others toward accomplishing the company's mission. 

For such a role, your resume must demonstrate your competency to direct a company. We're here to help. With our 5 CEO resume samples and guide, you'll be able to write an award-winning resume quickly, so you can land your next job and get back to what matters most: caring about the operations and people that move a company forward. 

 Resume Examples

CEO Resume

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CEO resume example

Why this resume works

  • It's critical that your CEO resume demonstrates career progression. Write your resume in reverse chronological order.
    • Don't place your most recent CEO position at the bottom of your resume where the board of directors is likely to miss it. Instead, place it at the top with older, less relevant positions below. 
      • Using this format is an easy way to show you've enhanced your management and leadership skills as you've climbed the ladder. 
  • Your resume is often the first "image" a company will have of you. Therefore, it's not enough to haphazardly update an old file and hope for the best. You may be the most qualified candidate, but if your resume is spotted with mistakes, unorganized, or unclear, your resume will be discarded. 
    • Our tools can help you avoid submitting an unpolished document. Take advantage of our resume checker, and at the very least, have someone look over your work.  

Founder & CEO Resume

Founder & CEO resume example

Why this resume works

  • As a founder and CEO of a company, your background makes you ripe for just about any career path you'd like to take on next. 
    • Depending on the role you're seeking, be aware that employers may be concerned that you're overqualified. 
      • When discussing your responsibilities in your job description bullet points, craft your points in such a way that also demonstrates the duties and skills necessary for the position you're seeking. 
      • Extra tip: Be ready to discuss in an interview why your founder and CEO experience makes you the perfect candidate for the job. 
  • Your skills section should both reflect your abilities and strengths as well as the specific skills a company is seeking in a candidate. 
    • A quick look through the company's job description will ensure you tailor your founder & CEO resume to the job. 

Modern CEO Resume

Modern CEO resume example

Why this resume works

  • Your Modern CEO Resume should reflect forward-thinking experiences. Use your work experience bullet points to demonstrate how you've promoted respect, diversity, equity, and the sharing of many perspectives. 
  • When including an objective on your Modern CEO Resume, be sure to match keywords to the particular company you're applying to. 
    • This will mean, if you apply to 15 companies, you'll need to tailor your resume 15 times to reflect the specificity of each role.  
    • Use this as an opportunity to reflect on what you can offer to each position. Writing objectives can be tricky, so we recommend writing this part last, so you have a full resume to reflect on before tackling this short paragraph. 

Non Profit CEO Resume

Non Profit CEO resume example

Why this resume works

  • To be a non-profit CEO, you'll need education such as an MBA, MPP, or MPU.
    • Be sure to list any additional certifications in addition to your degree, such as a Leadership Certificate. Keep additional certifications current before placing them on your non-profit CEO Resume.
  • As the CEO of a non-profit, two things ought to be visible throughout your resume: a community spirit and a heart of compassion.
    • Fundraisers are a critical part of non-profits, so be sure to discuss your efforts and accomplishments surrounding community initiatives to garner support. 
    • In that same vein, you'll have a lot more success finding donors when you're a compassionate and empathetic leader who guides the rest of the staff to operate in the same fashion. 

Real Estate CEO Resume

Real Estate CEO resume example

Why this resume works

  • Metrics should be included in any resume, but they're absolutely vital for your real estate CEO resume. 
    • ROIs, budgets, profits, KPIs, clients, and more provide natural opportunities to discuss your measurable impact across your work. 
  • Keep your resume organized with clear section headers, and be sure to keep it at exactly one page. 
    • Find a template that will allow you to rearrange, remove, or add sections. 
    • Adjust margins, vertical spacing, font, and font size. 
  • As a real estate CEO, you must be quick to discern and take action. Demonstrate this by starting each bullet point with actions words, such as "directed," "evaluated," "tracked," and "managed."

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