5 Phlebotomist Resume Examples That Work In 2021

Author: Stephen Greet, Co-founder
Published on: March 7, 2021

Whether you’re a lead phlebotomist or you’ve just gotten your CPT certification, it can be challenging to convey your experiences on a resume in a way that impresses potential employers. 

To be a successful phlebotomist you need to have mastery over many skills. 

You must be empathetic, detail-oriented, a team-player, and you need specialized training. 

Conveying this information in a professionally-formatted resume shouldn’t be your job. 

That’s why we analyzed over 1,000 phlebotomist resumes to determine what resumes generate the most interviews.

We’ve refined these resumes down to the top 5 phlebotomist resume samples to get your dream job in 2021. 

We’ll also share the best tips from our analysis to help you stand out on your resume.

Phlebotomist Resume

Phlebotomist resume example

Why this resume works

  • When you quickly glance at this phlebotomist resume, what stands out? The numbers. Quantifying your accomplishments encourages hiring managers to slow down and take a second look, which is important because on average, they’ll only spend 6 seconds looking at your resume.
  • This resume is packed with information, but it’s easy to get the key takeaways, and the points are all highly specific and relevant to what a potential employer wants in an ideal phlebotomist.
  • Note that, while being a server isn’t very relevant to phlebotomy, the first point emphasizes teamwork, which is a key skill on phlebotomy resumes that get interviews.
    • In fact, the skills section is the 2nd most important section on your entire resume, because it determines whether a hiring manager even sees your resume. Make sure to read up on the most important resume skills for your resume.

Lead Phlebotomist Resume

Lead Phlebotomist resume example

Why this resume works

  • A lead phlebotomist has more responsibilities, which you need to demonstrate on your lead phlebotomist resume. This resume demonstrates the key roles that a lead phlebotomist takes on, including being responsible for monitoring phlebotomists on site, checking compliance with standard operating procedures, and ensuring patient satisfaction with services.
  • Mentioning that you value cohesion, team work, and proactive communication emphasizes that you value the people you work with. Phlebotomists often work under high pressure and stress, so having a team leader that wants to work with staff to reduce stress is crucial.
    • Tip: One great way to try to quantify your impact as a leader is to show you have helped reduce staff turnover. This makes it a no-brainer that you deserve an interview!

Entry Level Phlebotomist Resume

Entry Level Phlebotomist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Maybe you’ve just completed your certification and are looking for your first full-time phlebotomy position. Mentioning key phlebotomy skills throughout your entry level phlebotomist resume helps make the case that you will be excellent on the job.
    • This resume demonstrates skills including organization, customer service, interpersonal skills with coworkers, and attention to detail that are necessary for any prospective phlebotomist to have.
      • Remember, a prospective employer can easily train you about their operating procedures, but they can’t easily train you to be an empathetic team member.
  • Including a resume objective isn’t always necessary, but may be helpful if you’re changing career paths or are light on experience. Resume objectives require specification for each job you apply to. Match keywords in your objective to the job description.

Red Cross Phlebotomist Resume

Red Cross Phlebotomist resume example

Why this resume works

  • If you have multiple years of experience, organize them in reverse chronological order on your Red Cross phlebotomist resume. Your most recent experiences are the most relevant and should be the first thing a hiring manager notices.
    • Your oldest work experience is likely the least relevant. But, you can still make sure it highlights key words and skills that employers are looking for.
  • Demonstrate your exceptional grasp of job responsibilities. As a Red Cross Phlebotomist, your primary job responsibilities include compassionate donor interactions, safe collections, and handling blood carefully so it remains viable for transfusions.
    • This resume does just that. Donors feel so positively about the experience that they come back, you’ve saved a quantifiable amount of blood from spoiling, and you utilized safe techniques and sanitation. This is the time to sell why you’re the best person for the job. Don’t be shy about it.

Mobile Phlebotomist Resume

Mobile Phlebotomist resume example

Why this resume works

  • Quantify your impact whenever possible on your mobile phlebotomist resume! Numbers demonstrate that you focus on the things that matter. Even if the numbers you use are very rough estimates, they’ll take you a lot further than fluffy, vague words will.
  • If you’re working in mobile phlebotomy (fast-paced) but looking for a position at an outpatient clinic (slower-paced), emphasize that you’d thrive in that specific environment.
  • Utilize a resume checker to make sure your resume has everything it needs.
    • Even if you have the perfect skills and experiences, it can be difficult to convey them in a convincing and aesthetically-pleasing way.

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