5 Custodian Resume Examples That Worked in 2024 

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet July 11, 2024
5 Custodian Resume Examples That Worked in 2024 

The grounds are free from litter, the floors are squeaky clean, all entry points are secure, and the restrooms are freshly sanitized . . . and it’s all thanks to your excellence as a custodian! You employ various chemicals and tools to ensure that your work zone always looks its best.

But how do you make a custodian resume that’s as tidy as your area of responsibility is by the end of your shift? What should you include in terms of work experience and eye-catching skills?

Don’t worry; we’ve been doing this for years! We’ve helped plenty of people in your profession find their goal roles—and our five custodian resume examples are here to make your job search way smoother.

Why this resume works

  • Strengthen your custodian resume by quantifying the impact of your work. For instance, how did your efficiency help past employers save on energy expenses?
    • Find ways to connect your contributions to the larger organization’s interests to demonstrate your value as an employee.

Lead Custodian Resume

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Lead custodian resume example with facility maintenance experience

Why this resume works

  • What’s the first thing that stands out for you in this lead custodian resume? Besides the powerful achievements, you’ll notice that the candidate has worked for big names like Marriott International.
    • Tenure with big corporations often acts as a green light for hiring managers and works in the favor of the candidate. However, Grace’s resume does not exclusively rely on previous experience but also rides on the back of noteworthy work experience.

School Custodian Resume

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School custodian resume example with housekeeping experience

Why this resume works

  • Try to match your resume as closely to the job description. Here, you’ve really got to flesh out work experience, skills, and accomplishments that make an impact.
    • Begin with carefully outlining your past experience and strategically highlighting key metrics you’ve achieved such as saving up to $38,562 every year. Take a look at how Avery’s school custodian resume doesn’t minimize these positives and tactfully creates a winning piece.

ATM Custodian Resume

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ATM custodian resume example with 12 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Servicing an ATM requires a high degree of integrity and scrutiny. You’re a trusted steward of capital—and not everyone can fulfill that duty. Show prospective employers that you’re the person for the job by exhibiting an ATM Security Manager certification (CASM) on your ATM Custodian resume.

COMSEC Custodian Resume

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COMSEC Custodian resume example with 11 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • As a COMSEC custodian, your profession is literally a matter of national security. Safeguarding sensitive communications calls for strict adherence to protocol and a trained eye for discrepancies. The more experience you can show in securing classified documentation, the stronger your COMSEC custodian resume will be.
    • Demonstrating relevant work experience at a defense contractor firm like Raytheon Technologies lends credibility to your unique competencies.

Tailor Your Custodian Resume to the Job Requirements

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

Revisiting the job description should be a recurring thing when you’re building your custodian resume! You want to stand out to your potential employers, and what better way than by tailoring your resume to the job ad and showing that you already care about the place you’ll be maintaining?

Jot down a list of skills you have (with focus on the most custodian-related ones!) and compare it with the job requirements. What overlaps? Does that mention of machinery maintenance sound just like your specialty? Circle that one!

Make sure you follow the job description’s lead when it comes to balancing your hard and soft skills, too. For example, you might be excellent at collaboration, but this won’t come into play much if you’re applying for the night shift as an ATM custodian. Keep your skills technical.

Need some ideas?

15 popular custodian skills

  • Smart Card Technology
  • Key Recovery System
  • Log Management
  • ATMdesk
  • TeamViewer
  • SAP
  • ServiceNow
  • Glory CashInsight
  • Wireshark
  • CleanTelligent
  • FacilityDude
  • Fiix
  • EnergyCAP
  • iAuditor
  • AirWatch

Your custodian work experience bullet points

Now, recruiters aren’t looking for someone who can spit back whatever the job requirements say. Yes, it’s super important for you to read the job description and model your resume after it, but you want to leverage your accomplishments most of all.

Pay attention if you see job duties that remind you of unique stories that exemplify your capabilities as a custodian! Sharing a concise experience point that aligns with something in the job description is ideal.

Streamline your bullet points by using active language and verbs that pack a punch while you briefly describe what you achieved . . . And don’t even think about glossing over metrics!

  • Increases in security ratings strengthen your integrity
  • Risk or accident reduction percentages show your critical thinking abilities
  • Reduced work hours demonstrate your ability to optimize workflow
  • Boosted efficiency rates in your workplace highlight how organized you are

See what we mean?

  • Managed a Key Recovery System that facilitated an average recovery time of 31 minutes during critical events
  • Enhanced physical security by implementing Smart Card Technology for access control, reducing unauthorized access incidents by 34%
  • Implemented ATMdesk to monitor ATM health, which minimized unscheduled maintenance tasks by 8 incidents per week
  • Optimized cash replenishment process using Glory CashInsight, reducing cash handling costs by 27%
  • Developed a preventative maintenance program with Fiix that reduced equipment breakdowns by 38%

9 active verbs to start your custodian work experience bullet points

  • Developed
  • Enhanced
  • Reduced
  • Implemented
  • Safeguarded
  • Improved
  • Managed
  • Created
  • Optimized

3 Tips for Writing a Custodian Resume if You Have Limited Experience

  1. Ah, the resume objective!
    • If you’re aiming for a custodian role, either fresh out of school or a totally different field, you might want to use an objective statement to set off your resume! Introduce your most qualifying traits to your potential employer, briefly stating how they enable you to excel in your role.
  2. How about that internship?
    • If you haven’t worked professionally before, think about whether you completed an internship or mentorship that could bolster your credibility as a custodian. If you volunteered at a facility or did house cleaning as a side job, that stuff can count, too!
  3. Even unrelated jobs can relate
    • That’s right: If you’ve had a previous job that had nothing to do with being a custodian, you probably still gained some skills that’ll translate. Your attention to detail or your ability to work with harsh cleaning supplies will serve you well, even if you learned them in food service or retail.

3 Tips for Writing a Custodian Resume if You’ve Got Some Experience Already

  1. Include only your most relevant jobs
    • If you’ve had a handful of jobs that tie in with the custodian role (or worked other custodian jobs in the past), narrow things down for your resume. Only include around three or four of your most impressive jobs on your resume!
  2. Use reverse-chronological formatting
    • Trust us! Putting your most recent experience right at the top of your resume gives recruiters an immediate snapshot of where you are now—and sparks a desire to read more about your interest in working as a custodian. Emphasizing your latest and best achievements is a winning move!
  3. Don’t focus as much on school
    • Now that you’ve had some work experience, you don’t need to rely on in-school projects or internships as much. In fact, if you have enough of a work history racked up, you can nix school projects from your resume completely.
How do I pass through the ATS?

Head on back to the job description and skim for keywords like “access control” or “preventative maintenance” that you can reflect organically in your resume. You already did a lot of the legwork here when you refined your skills list, but another pass couldn’t hurt!

Are there any no-good metrics?

If you have a random number of people, things, or tasks, ask yourself whether it strengthens your credibility in the end: “Does this measure my impact as a custodian?” If you aren’t sure, go for a stronger metric that applies directly to the results you created.

Which template do I use?

Whichever one makes your individual qualifications look best next to the job description! Do you and your potential employer appear to be on the same page? Try out all three of our custodian resume templates to see which one makes your creds look most impressive and relevant to the job.