3 Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 15, 2024
3 Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Senior Administrative Assistant

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Business executives often need a sidekick to help with daily tasks, and that’s where you come in. Meetings are scheduled, phone calls are taken, and data is filed with expert care with you on the administrative staff.     

Does your resume portray your capabilities of doing high-level work?

We know senior managers and executives don’t just hire anyone, so you’ll need an organized resume template and some help writing an effective cover letter. Our senior administrative assistant resume examples will help you display your top skills in a way that stands out.

Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

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Senior administrative assistant resume example with no experience

Formal Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

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Formal senior administrative assistant resume example

What Matters Most: Your Senior Skills & Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

High-level executives have busy schedules. As such, you’ll have many tasks on your plate as a senior admin assistant. Listing the most sought-after skills on your resume will show you’re the right fit. 

In the modern administrative environment, technology matters a lot. Mixing in software for scheduling, billing, or compiling data is smart. In addition, looking at the admin assistant job description and listing any job-specific details the company pinpoints, like multi-line phone systems or email correspondence, will show you’re right for the job. 

Here are some prevalent senior administrative assistant skills companies look for on resumes.  

  • SVP representation
  • HR documentation
  • Multi-line phones
  • Email correspondence
  • Customer service
  • Microsoft Office
  • Expensify
  • Google Calendar
  • Monday.com

Sample senior administrative assistant work experience bullet points

Senior managers will value accuracy since they don’t want to miss meetings or deadlines. You can help reassure them you’re the right pick with details from previous experience included on your resume.         

Have you helped make reporting processes more efficient or used software to improve the scheduling system? Those would be some ideas of great things to include in this section. 

Additionally, use numbers to quantify your impact, like responding to emails 20 percent faster with a new system.

Try these ideas:

  • Coordinated scheduling, travel, and hotel bookings for a national board meeting within 7 days, while ensuring everyone was on time.      
  • Created detailed expense reports using Expensify that helped the CFO efficiently analyze data and find ways to reduce monthly spending by 20%.     
  • Set up a Google Calendar system to schedule weekly meetings for the SVP, reducing the number of schedule overlaps by 36%.     
  • Set up a system for distributing employee mail that cut down the process by 2 hours.     

Top 5 Tips for Your Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

  1. Proofread for grammar and formatting errors
    • SVPs don’t want to be showing up to a meeting an hour late because their schedule wasn’t accurate. Make the best first impression of your capabilities by submitting a resume with organized formatting and no grammatical errors.         
  2. Reverse chronological formatting will be the best
    • The technology and processes in business are constantly evolving. Listing your most recent experiences first will help. Those will likely include your most relevant skills, like working on digital calendars and scheduling Zoom meetings for executives.       
  3. Consider adding a resume summary
    • Those who make it to a senior-level admin job have built up a lot of experience over their career. You can make that stand out with a short summary at the top of your resume, including things like how you’ve scheduled over 700 meetings in your career with 97 percent accuracy.      
  4. Concise descriptions are best
    • Hiring managers don’t need to know every detail about how you complete tasks like planning travel arrangements. A single sentence saying how you always arranged itineraries on time for over 50 company events will give tangible evidence of your skills.      
  5. Use action words when describing your experience
    • Action words like “created” or “developed” will make your impact feel more meaningful. Saying you “created an effective scheduling system” sounds a lot better than just saying you “know how to use scheduling systems.”        
What if I haven’t worked in a senior-level position before?

Include any information from your previous work experience that shows executives will benefit from having you as their administrative assistant. Things like coordinating company schedules on Monday.com for five years with 98 percent accuracy will make a mark.      

What should I put in my cover letter?

You’ll want to tie your cover letter in with the information you included in your resume to give it a cohesive feel. Listing information about how you manage schedules accurately or why your experiences make you a great fit to be an admin for the company that you’re applying to will work well here.       

Should I include my education?

Every good resume will list education, like an associate’s degree in administrative assisting or relevant certifications like being a Microsoft Office Specialist to highlight your well-rounded skill set.