5 Administrative Assistant Job Description Samples—2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 5, 2023
5 Administrative Assistant Job Description Samples—2023

We assume you’re reading this guide to determine how to find the most efficient and well-organized administrative assistant for your office. You need someone who knows how to balance the daily schedule without losing sight of the big picture, is detail-oriented, proactive, and happy being the glue that holds the office together.

So, you know what type of person will thrive in the position, but how do you attract the best candidates to apply for the job? 

Thankfully, we’re here to help you answer that question. Throughout this guide, you’ll find sample administrative assistant job descriptions and advice on how to write a job description that zooms in on all the ways you stand out from the competition! 

Administrative Assistant Job Description Example


Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

Senior Administrative Assistant Job Description Example


Senior Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description Example


Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

Entry-Level Administrative Assistant Job Description Example


Entry-Level Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

Administrative Associate Job Description Example


Administrative Associate Job Description Template

Pen a Topnotch Administrative Assistant Job Description 

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If we’re being honest, we’d say upwards of 70 percent of job descriptions fail in several significant ways. They’re so generic that most applicants have no idea whether or not they’re qualified, the work environment isn’t highlighted, and the day-to-day life at the job isn’t touched on. 

But, the biggest failing is that most job descriptions out there seem to assume they can be so boring that watching paint drying seems like an entertaining alternative. If you value your administrative assistant (as you should), take the 30 minutes or so it takes to write a compelling, engaging, and informative job description. Put your best foot forward to create the strongest first impression for your future administrative assistant. 

Give thought to who you need on your team and why

Notice how the job description samples above focus on the why? For example, our executive administrative assistant job description lets potential employees know right from the start that they need to hire someone who can help streamline their systems in the face of unprecedented growth. In our first example, the company made it clear that they need help modernizing their business away from paper notes and bookkeeping. Tell administrative assistants exactly why you need help; they’ll appreciate your candor. Being open and honest at the beginning of the recruiting process is critical to finding the right candidate. 

We ask a lot of our administrative assistants, so make sure you keep these values in mind while you write your job description: 

  • If you feel like you’re anxiously awaiting the moment you can finally hire an administrative assistant, you know you need someone who’s an organizational guru, a proactive communicator who’s always one step ahead, and someone with computer know-how. The question is, are you emphasizing that you value these qualities in yourself and the company? After all, it’s unfair to expect such high standards if the business itself seems to have a flagrant disregard for them. 
  • Of course, you need to hire someone who’s organized, but have you organized the layout of your job description? Make sure it’s broken up into clear, distinct sections.
  • Being a proactive communicator isn’t just a skill that’s essential for administrative assistants. Prove to potential employees that you value clear and upfront communication by answering likely questions in your job description before an applicant has to ask about them—such as why you’re hiring, what your company health insurance benefits are, where the company is located, and what work will be expected of a new hire. 
  • You needn’t be a total techie to research the kinds of software you’d like to integrate into your business. Even just researching the software programs you’d like to use, and then leaving it open for alternative suggestions, demonstrates to potential employees that you value this quality. 

Tweak for a well-developed job description

A polished job description is harder to write than many give it credit for. A standout job description should be interesting, answering enough questions to let candidates know whether or not they’d like to work for the company, without taking up too much of their time. It’s somewhat similar to how a well-staged open house leaves you fantasizing about how great your life would be in that home. A great job description requires precision to spark a similar sensation in job seekers. 

Achieving this takes forethought and a series of careful revisions. Writing is actually the easy part—it’s careful editing that makes for an enjoyable read. If you glance through a candidate’s resume and spot a typo, you’re probably quick to move to the next resume. Similarly, your job description needs to be proofread with a fine-toothed comb if you want the right administrative assistant resumes to roll in. 

Get Your Writing Underway by Outlining Your Administrative Assistant Job Description

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At this point in the guide, you’re probably gaining a newfound appreciation for just how important your job description is. After all, without a high-quality job description, you won’t be able to hire a high-quality administrative assistant. Fortunately, there’s no need to stress. Use this outline as your one-stop shop for creating a standout job posting that finds the most qualified admin. assistant for the job.  

Job details

Take a sentence or two to introduce your company, before moving on to let candidates know why you need to hire someone, who the ideal candidate for the job is, and the work they’ll be expected to accomplish. Reading about job details can be dull at the best of times, so if you can find a moment to highlight something unique and interesting (and relevant), go for it! This will hint to potential employees that even the mundane can be enjoyable at your company. 

About the company

If you didn’t mention the job location in the job description, make sure you do it here. This space is a great place to give job candidates a feel for the company culture, and it allows you to briefly give some background on the business and work environment.

What you’ll be doing

Ugh, nobody on the job hunt wants to waste their time with non-specific work responsibilities that tell them nothing about what the company is actually looking for. Some potential employees admit that they’ll gauge whether or not they’ll actually read this section based on the first job responsibility listed. If you want to ensure this section is meaningful and helps you stand apart from the crowd, focus on listing a specific requirement, followed by an example of how it can be achieved.

  • Systematize day-to-day tasks for optimum efficiency (such as setting up auto-shipments of office supplies, so restocking toilet paper needn’t be at the forefront of any of our minds)
  • Coordinate with attorneys to fill calendars as efficiently as possible, reducing the gaps between meetings, and assigning attorneys new clients to balance the workload
  • Maintain a small-business feel, learning about each client and project so you can readily discuss 


If a candidate lacks the required qualifications for the job, they have the right to know this right away. Make your qualifications section clear, including all the essentials, so no one’s valuable time is wasted.

  • High school degree or equivalent—Bachelors in Political Science or Business Administration preferred
  • Multilingual is a plus, especially proficiency in Spanish and French 
  • 5+ years of experience in administration—law firm experience preferred
  • Legal software knowledge, including MyCase, Clio, and The Law Assist


When you hire someone, you’re agreeing to take on a portion of their life. Be upfront and clear about the salary they can expect to earn (or at least give a range), and let them know about all the basics, such as medical coverage and paid parental leave. You should also take the time to mention any unique company perks, such as gym memberships, social events, or access to daycare services at a reduced rate.


Roles and Tasks inside the Administrative Assistant Biz

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An administrative assistant is a fundamental part of many types of business, from a flourishing plant nursery with five employees to a top-tier law firm with 200. It goes without saying that administrative assistants wear many hats. Though not every role we describe will apply to every administrative assistant, those below are a sampling of the functions an administrative assistant might perform.

Organizational whiz

  • Any company in the market to hire an administrative assistant knows they need help in the organization department. Most of us can sort files in alphabetical order, but it takes an administrative assistant to do so in a way that’s intuitive, operationally useful, and (importantly) maintainable.
    • Spearhead projects to improve systems, proactively identifying the (many) areas where inefficiencies exist and presenting possible solutions to our board of directors
    • As an organizational whiz, administrative assistants must be creative problem solvers, willing to try something new and see if it works for the company.

Computer savant

  • From taking an old-school business to the digital era (digging through 50-year-old musty papers isn’t unexpected for the job) to enhancing software operation while working at Google, administrative assistants are constantly learning how computers can enhance workflow.
    • Develop software systems for keeping track of internal calendar and academy schedules, lest we miss another appointment 
    • A computer savant is an avid researcher who keeps up-to-date on the latest and greatest software to keep administrative processes running smoothly. 


  • When a potential client calls the company to schedule a meeting, the administrative assistant provides the first person-to-person experience. An outstanding administrative assistant knows how to foster trust and a genuine relationship from the outset.
    • Handle client inquiries, directing calls to the appropriate resources while making every client feel as though they’re chatting with an old friend (we always want to maintain a small-business feeling, no matter how much we grow)
    • To serve this function, an administrative assistant has to have strong relationship-building skills. Charismatic and emotionally intelligent individuals, in particular, thrive in this role.


  • In many ways, an administrative assistant acts as the boss in the office. Frequently, they find themselves working on the business rather than just for the business. Ideally, administrative assistants can function well without constant oversight.
    • Advise us on what we’re doing wrong admin-wise—we need some restructuring from someone who’s not afraid to take charge
    • To thrive in this role, administrative assistants need to possess confidence and several years of experience (and a proven track record). 

Method maestro

  • It’s easy to start a project and never get around to finishing it. On the other hand, methodical administrative assistants operate in a meticulous fashion that most of us can only dream of.
    • Coordinate with attorneys to fill calendars as efficiently as possible, reducing the gaps between meetings, and assigning attorneys new clients to balance the workload
    • In this role, administrative assistants need to be able to develop structured plans that achieve the highest level of efficiency. To accomplish this, attention to detail is essential.