3 Delivery Truck Driver Resume Examples Working in 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 28, 2023
3 Delivery Truck Driver Resume Examples Working in 2023

Navigating traffic, ensuring the safe delivery of cargo, and maintaining accurate delivery logs—as a truck driver, you’re the backbone of the logistics industry. You contribute significantly to the smooth functioning of businesses that rely on punctual deliveries.

You know how to handle the challenges of the job, but in today’s market, that may not always be enough. A well-formatted resume can make or break your chances of securing your next job.

This can be stressful, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with our delivery truck driver resume templates and tips to help showcase your skills and qualifications in the best light.

Delivery Truck Driver Resume

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Delivery truck driver resume example with 7+ years experience

Modern Delivery Truck Driver Resume

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Modern delivery truck driver resume example

What Matters Most: Your Skills & Work Experience As a Delivery Truck Driver

Your resume skills and work experience

The skills and experience sections of your resume are where you spotlight your expertise and what sets you apart from other applicants. An employer will expect you to possess a long-term clean driving record, but they’ll want to see more.

Don’t forget to include driving endorsements, like a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME), especially when it’s a requirement for the role. Your work experience, on the other hand, should attest to your history of safe driving, punctuality, and any instances where you thought on your feet (or wheels, in this case).

By highlighting these, your delivery truck driver resume will stand out to recruiters and up your chances of landing that dream gig. Take a look at some of these resume skills:

9 best delivery truck driver skills

  • CDL (Class A)
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • ELD compliance
  • Cardo handling
  • Load securing
  • Route planning
  • Scheduling
  • GPS navigation
  • HazMat endorsement

Sample delivery truck driver work experience bullet points

With your work experience, focus on areas where you brought measurable results and mention the honors and distinctions you got over your career. Whether it’s how many deliveries you’ve completed or what your customers thought of you, it’s all data that a recruiter will use to form an opinion of your potential.

Our example resumes emphasize metrics, and you should do the same to demonstrate impact. Some stats you could include are an increase in on-time deliveries, a decrease in delivery errors, or an improvement in fuel efficiency. You could even talk about how your expertise in a particular GPS or ELD software positively contributed to your performance.

Here are a few samples to get you going:

  • Achieved a 5-year perfect safety record with zero accidents or major violations, leading to a 9% decrease in insurance premiums
  • Optimized loading process with warehouse team, reducing loading time by 22% and increasing delivery capacity by 13%
  • Streamlined the delivery process by implementing an ELD system, reducing paperwork, and saving an average of 3 hours per week
  • Used GPS and route optimization software like Garmin and Rand McNally to reduce mileage, reducing fuel consumption by 11%

Top 5 Tips for Your Delivery Truck Driver Resume

  1. Read the job requirements
    • Tweak your resume to meet the specific needs of each role you’re applying to. Let’s say a particular job posting includes “3 years DMV/MVR record with two or fewer moving violations or accidents” as a must-have. If you have a clean record, don’t be shy to boast about it in your resume.
  2. Don’t skip the personal projects
    • Personal projects can be a powerful way to showcase your passion, dedication, and skills that may not be immediately evident through your professional experience. Did you organize a charity drive? Maybe, you frequent industry forums. These kinds of things help prove commitment and can also make for some interesting talking points during an interview.
  3. If you know it, show it
    • A good trucker knows the rules of the road! DOT regulations across state lines, FMCSA regulations—your knowledge goes a long way in showing employers you’ll toe the line of the law. It also helps to be familiar with safety protocols like pre-trip inspections, load securement, and defensive driving techniques.
  4. Highlight teamwork and project ownership
    • Soft skills (like collaboration) are vital to becoming a good delivery truck driver and are better demonstrated than said.
      • See what we mean? Collaborated with a 5-driver team to coordinate schedules and routes, increasing on-time deliveries by 13%.
  5. Include technical skills
    • Proficiency in using GPS devices and ELD software is increasingly common for truck drivers to ensure smooth deliveries. Highlighting expertise with these tools on your resume can demonstrate your ability to navigate technologies and adapt to changing industry standards.
Should I mention my maintenance or mechanical skills?

Of course! Mentioning mechanical skills on your resume is a golden idea. Knowing your way around your truck means you can carry out repairs in a tricky situation that could affect the delivery outcome. By reducing the likelihood of vehicle downtime, you’re also saving your employer money. That’s a win-win!

What should I include in my objective?

Keep it tailored to the specific delivery truck driver position. Your career objective may note years of experience, types of vehicles you drive, specialized endorsements, and your career goals within the trucking industry.

Do I need certifications on my resume?

If you’ve completed the NSC Defensive Driving Course or have a hazardous materials or tanker endorsement, choose a resume template with a certification section. These extra qualifications exemplify give you a competitive edge!