3 Customer Service Consultant Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 6, 2024
3 Customer Service Consultant Resume Examples for 2024

You bring the benefits of consulting into the customer service sphere by a friendly point of contact that’s rich with helpful information, support, and advice. You know just how to handle everything from order processing to customer complaints.

But, while logging customer relations may be second nature for you, building a resume might still seem intimidating. How do you sum up such a versatile skill set?

Fret no longer! We’ve condensed years’ worth of experience into three customer service consultant resume examples plus cover letter writing advice to help you out.

Customer Service Consultant Resume

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Custom service consultant resume example with 5+ years experience

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Braden Cross
Customer Service Consultant
[email protected]
(123) 456-7890
Seattle , WA

Seasoned and successful people expert with 24+ years of driving customer satisfaction and employee mentorship. Eager to offer my expertise as a customer service consultant, where my metrics-driven methods to assessing customer needs will develop Feedsters for the national market.

Customer Service Executive
Pareto Law
November 2018 – current
Seattle, WA
– Collected, tracked, and reported standardized performance
metrics for 100+ employees
– Established employee recognition program, rewarding the
top 10% of employees with bonuses that incentivized a 15%-
increase in productivity across the board
– Generated job descriptions posts, oversaw hiring, and training,
resulting in the staffing of 7 new employees, 6 of which
performed in the 3rd quartile in 2020
– Attended 2 annual seminars on conflict resolution and people
management, resulting in 97% positive customer reviews
– Handled 3+ calls per shift from dissatisfied customers,
maintaining a calm, respectful, and sympathetic demeanor

Customer Success Manager
July 2001 – November 2018
Tacoma, WA
– Calculated ROIs, ensuring optimized product benefit and
maintaining product ROIs of 40% or higher
– Collaborated with 4 department heads to craft job postings,
resulting in 300+ qualified applicants
– Established mentorship role for new hires, helping 9 junior CS
staff navigate customer relations and data analysis processes
– Operated between company staff and customer relations,
boosting positive experiences, achieving 98% positive staff
feedback, and 97% positive customer feedback
– Generated operations policies for CS team, improving
efficiency and productivity standards by 25%

Customer Support Associate
April 1997 – July 2001
Tacoma, WA
– Helped 25+ customers per shift to solve technical difficulties
– Achieved the highest standard of efficiency on the team,
resolving customer difficulties within 7 minutes on average
– Identified and wrote 4 annual reports around operating errors
Engaged with social media, improving Google Reviews by 10%
by remedying issues and addressing complaints

– Metrics-driven
– Customer Service Reporting
– Empathetic
– Analytical
– Account Management
– Verbal and Oral Communication

Customer Service
Washington State University
August 1990 – May 1994
Pullman, WA

Modern Customer Service Consultant Resume

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Modern custom service consultant resume example with 5+ years experience

What Matters Most: Your Skills List & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

If you want the job, you have to show you want it! Recruiters want to see a versatile skill set that shows off your prowess. Crystallize your skills list into a relevant list that both emphasizes the needs in the job description and highlights your true skill set.

Recruiters don’t want to see generic terms like “interpersonal skills” or “ambitious” on your resume. These skills are broad without tying into anything specific about your dream job. Be as technical and pointed as you can, even with your soft skills!

Don’t forget to pull in hard skills too, such as programs you use to ensure customer satisfaction or manage data.

Take a look at these examples:

9 best customer service consultant skills

  • Account Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Data Entry
  • MS Excel
  • Google Analytics
  • Order Processing
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho Desk

Sample customer service consultant work experience bullet points

Your skills are looking great! But what’s next? Well, recruiters want to see examples of how you applied those skills in the past to create success.

While your experience points should be concise, you still want to paint a fluid picture of accomplishment and advancement within your field. What programs did you learn to manage help tickets better? How did your communication abilities bolster customer retention rates?

Make sure each of those points are backed up with numbers! Quantifiable data and metrics like feedback improvement percentages, ROI improvements, and increases in productivity boost your credibility.

Here are some ideas from our resume examples:

  • Calculated product ROIs using Salesforce and MS Excel, ensuring optimized product benefit to maintain ROIs of 42% or higher
  • Increased engagement on social media by addressing complaints and remedying issues, improving Google Reviews by 11%
  • Collaborated with company staff while supporting customer relations, boosting positive staff feedback to 97% and positive customer experience feedback to 98%
  • Achieved the highest standard of efficiency on my team by using HubSpot to resolve customer difficulties within 7 minutes on average
  • Applied learnings from 2 annual seminars on interpersonal relations and proactively assisted 26+ customers per shift, spotting improvement opportunities and boosting positive customer reviews to 99%

Top 5 Tips for Your Customer Service Consultant Resume

  1. Pick an appropriate resume template
    • While you might be tempted to go for some zany colors on your resume template, you should still strike a balance between approachable and professional. A touch of personality is great for a customer-facing role, but keep your colors minimal and use classic, readable fonts.
  2. Measure your impact clearly
    • Once you’ve brainstormed and listed all the high points you can think of, narrow them down and provide numbers that measure the impact they had. What kind of quantifiable success did you create?
  3. Yes, you really should include software
    • This one might surprise some customer service consultants, but you should always list the programs that you use to work your magic. For example: Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite can all improve your ability to help, so list them if you use them!
  4. Save space and skip the resume summary
    • A customer service consultant’s abilities are stronger when presented through quantifiable points. Show them off in your experience section instead of describing them in a summary statement that risks redundancy.
  5. Give context for your skills
    • Don’t get me wrong; your skills look snazzy in a nice, clean list. But they’re even more impressive when you also provide work experience examples that specifically reference how they fit into your career story.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Demonstrate proactivity and task ownership
    • Even if your resume isn’t filled with managerial roles, it’s still important to foster a tone of ownership and responsibility in your resume. A customer service consultant needs to look at the bigger picture and go beyond what the customer asks to offer insight into anything else they might need.
  • How long of a resume do I write?
    • Just one page or less! You want to quickly demonstrate how you helped customers form a more positive view of your company: So stick with concise and measurable points that show what made them stay without using much space.
  • Do I focus more on the company or the customers?
    • That depends on the job description: If the company is clearly more corporate and numbers-driven, then reflect that in your resume’s bullet points. If you’re applying to a smaller business that emphasizes a warm company culture, then focus more on customer happiness. Focusing on what the job listing asks for is a great way to show why you want to work for that company.