3 Hostess Cover Letter Examples for the Job in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 8, 2024
3 Hostess Cover Letter Examples for the Job in 2024

You greet guests as they arrive, leading them to their tables or cheerfully directing them to the right rooms. You answer phone calls and questions, handle reservations, and provide updates on wait times during rush times or heavy booking seasons.

You might be wondering how to make a cover letter to complement your hostess resume and convey your critical thinking skills and ability to think on your feet. It can be a lot!

But don’t worry: we’ve helped plenty of people on the customer-facing side of the hospitality industry, and we’ve developed three hostess cover letter examples and a free cover letter generator that will help you get on the right track!

Hostess Cover Letter Example


Hostess cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • A single shining moment, well articulated in your hostess cover letter, can speak volumes about your competence and readiness to rise to the occasion.
    • Picture a packed evening, every reservation filled, and then comes the curveball: the arrival of 97 unexpected VIP guests. Imagine the buzz in the recruiter’s mind when you narrate how you conquered this seemingly impossible situation smoothly, just like Emilia does.

Level up your
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Host Cover Letter Example


Host cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Showcasing your knowledge of the hiring establishment underscores your diligence and shows you’re already invested in the prospects. You are not just a candidate—you become a fan and a prospective team member in tune with the company’s values.
    • See how Luca mentions something about Hilton’s growing network? Similar ways of establishing instant rapport in your host cover letter include recognizing the brand’s awards, echoing its mission, or praising its service ethos.

Hostess No Experience Cover Letter Example


Hostess no experience cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Without formal experience in the role, a proven tactic for giving your hostess no experience cover letter the edge it deserves is unearthing unexpected gems from your past.
    • An example in this piece would be Maya showcasing her product demonstration prowess mastered at a local annual tech fair. Though unrelated at first glance, such highlights excel in proving your resourcefulness and adaptability—qualities a recruiter would appreciate from a beginner.

How to Write Your Ideal Hostess Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

So, what kind of job are you applying for? This question should remain at the back of your mind while you write your cover letter so that you aren’t pitching the wrong stuff to the wrong place. Are you writing to a family-run diner or applying to work at an upscale hotel establishment?

Take another look at the job description and ensure you’re covering all the bases, considering whatever this particular role calls for. If this restaurant is short-staffed, up-sell your efficiency! If they need someone to make guests feel more at home, play up your positive attitude and customer service.

Writing a greeting and intro fit for your guests

You might not know the name of everyone who walks through the door for a meal, but you need to know who you’re writing your cover letter to! Old, generic greetings that don’t address anyone in particular won’t land you that hostess job in your favorite restaurant.

Once you’ve researched to find a name for your cover letter recipient, look through the business’ website for values you can connect with. Do you align perfectly with their mission of providing every branch of the community with affordable meals, or just love their atmosphere?

When you state the values that sparked your interest in the job, drop in a couple of job skills that qualify you for it. This will not only show your great fit for the hostess role, but it’ll serve as a great hook to keep your reader’s attention!

Make sure you adhere to formalities while you write your opener, unlike this vague, careless example that’s written in rather poor taste and addresses irrelevant obstacles:


Yeah so I heard you’re looking for a hostess and I’d be great at it. I like eating at your restaurant but I have some suggestions so I can help people figure out where to sit but also change some stuff around.

Instead, aim for the impact that this opener delivers with its connection to the company, references to relevant skills, and enthusiasm for excellence within the hostess role:

Here’s a much more inviting opener:

Dear Ms. Martin,

As a hostess, I aim to deliver outstanding customer service that mirrors the culinary excellence that Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill exemplifies. Your establishment’s success in creating memorable dining experiences resonates with my own aspirations. My ambition solidifies my confidence that, as a hostess at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, I can contribute to customer satisfaction, manage reservations effectively, and optimize floor plans to accommodate bustling crowds.

Writing the body of your hostess cover letter

Now that you’ve connected with your reader and made a good impression by aligning with the establishment’s values, it’s time to flesh out your cover letter with powerful examples of your efficacy as a hostess.

Think of times when you’ve boosted a company’s profits with your efficiency or memorable holiday dinner rushes that you navigated with outstanding agility to reduce wait times. And remember: revisit the job description to make sure your focal points align with the company’s.

Don’t forget to throw in some numbers to quantify your success, too! Recruiters and hiring managers need metrics for your achievements—think of data like review ratings, ROI improvements, and customer satisfaction percentages.

Example of an engaging body paragraph

At my university’s Computer Club, I was the go-to person for all things tech for 2.5 years. I tackled over 1,782 technical queries related to customer service software applications and hardware configuration, often employing digital tools like Zendesk and Zoho Desk. This hands-on experience has honed my technical inquiry handling proficiency, resulting in an impressive 18.9% improvement in resolution efficiency: These skills now empower me to guarantee a seamless experience for each guest.

Closing, concluding, and signing off your cover letter

Now that it’s time to conclude your cover letter, give your reader a brief recap of your skills and reiterate your interest in the open hostess role. Align your skills with their values while you arrange your closing paragraph.

Don’t forget to include a call to action, too! You want to hear back from the establishment so that you can provide more details about what an excellent fit you’d be for the job. (By the way, it’s a good idea to keep a few more impressive hostess qualifications at the ready for when that happens.)

Make sure you’re polite, just like you’d be while interacting with guests. Always say “Thank you” in your cover letter, either in the closing paragraph or as your formal signoff. If you don’t use it as your signoff, stick with something formal and use your full name.

Don’t be vague! And definitely don’t be sloppy or write a closer like this one that uses a nickname and sounds completely out of touch:

Um . . .

There it is. All the reasons you should hire me! I’ll make sure everyone who comes by leaves a good rating.

-Willy B.

This closer is way better in terms of enthusiasm for the hostess role, formality, and a strong connection with the company:

Now that’s a winning closer!

With the ambition expressed through these experiences, I can contribute significantly to the warm, inviting atmosphere that Hilton Chicago provides. Given the opportunity, I look forward to discussing my potential to further enhance the Hilton experience in Chicago. Thank you so much for your time.


Luca Moretti

How do I find out who I’m writing to?

If you haven’t found the name you need somewhere in the job listing or on the company website, try their professional social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or even job-seeker review sites.

What can I do to stand out to the company?

Comb through their online presence to find niche details about the obstacles they’re currently facing. See if you can find any catchphrases in the subtle pages on their website. The added effort will demonstrate the attention to detail that a great hostess leverages on the job!

Which values do I use to connect?

Focus on whichever objectives stand out the most while you’re researching the organization. For example, if you see a prominent focus on speeding up wait times and streamlining a fast-paced workflow, mention that.