3 Senior Marketing Resume Examples For 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 7, 2023
3 Senior Marketing Resume Examples For 2023

You’ve got years of experience in ideating, troubleshooting, executing, and overseeing marketing strategies and business development plans. You’re skilled in multiple areas of marketing, like social, PR, influencer, SEO, and others. Plus, you’ve got the skills to lead the marketing department to long-term success.

Okay, but how do you fit all of that onto a 1-page resume to land that killer job?

We’ve helped thousands of senior marketers snag their next job, which is why we’ve created this guide that includes 3 sample senior marketing resumes to help you update yours.

Let’s get started.

Senior Marketing Resume

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Senior marketing resume example with 7+ years experience

Professional Senior Marketing Resume

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Professional senior marketing resume example

What Really Matters: Your Skills & Your Previous Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

As a recruiter reads your senior marketing resume, they’re trying to determine if your skills and experience show that you have what it takes to create and oversee marketing campaigns from start to finish–with great results.

That means you need to have the right set of hard and soft skills that showcase both your marketing expertise and leadership skills. But first, the skills section.

You want to focus on hard skills here, like A/B testing or Salesforce, as opposed to soft skills like leadership. The latter should go in your job experience section. Now is the time to focus on the make-or-break skills recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS) will be looking for.

9 Best Senior Marketing Skills

  • SEO
  • A/B Testing
  • Hootsuite
  • Excel
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • Pardot
  • Media intelligence
  • Google Analytics

Sample Senior Marketing work experience bullet points

As a senior marketer, you’re expected to have been around the block and have a good grasp on different marketing and communication formats. Plus, chances are high you’ll need to have undertaken some leadership tasks.

In the work experience section of your resum, show the impact your marketing efforts have made in your career through your skills and various activities you’ve spearheaded.

Basically, focus on the business outcome. Did you increase sales or revenue? Reduce operating costs? Supervised a team to bring a campaign to life? If you make it clear what you’ve got to offer, you’ll be miles ahead of the other senior marketers.

Here are some examples:

  • Directed and executed the marketing campaign launch of a new language learning application, resulting in revenue of $540k in the first year
  • Ideated and brought a brand awareness campaign to life across social, digital, and OOH channels, leading to a 76% increase in inbound leads
  • Exceeded growth marketing targets by 15% for 7 consecutive quarters
  • Manged 4 cross-departamental teams over 8 months to develop go-to-market strategies for a dozen SaaS products
  • Supervised a team of 12 copywriters, UX/UI designers, and graphic designers to deliver a marketing strategy for a new clothing line 1 week ahead of schedule

Top 5 Tips for Your Senior Marketing Resume

  1. Use active language and quantifiable metrics
    • Show ownership when applying for a senior marketing job by using active verbs (“directed”, “oversaw”) and hard numbers. Saying you secured $150k of additional revenue is stronger than saying you “made the company more money.” It helps!
  2. Show your impact
    • Yes, we’re repeating ourselves here: you want to highlight your impact on your senior marketing resume. Show them what positive difference your input and expertise brought about. It’ll help solidify your chances!
  3. Demonstrate leadership
    • Since you’re applying for a senior role, you’ll likely be overseeing or assisting juniors. Even if this is your first senior marketing position, you’ll need to show you can undertake the extra responsibility, so highlight any relevant leadership experience you previously had.
  4. You don’t need to know everything
    • You might be tempted to list out every marketing tool you’ve worked with to be extra competitive. Don’t! If you need CRM experience and you’ve worked more wth Monday.com than Salesforce, put the one you’re familiar with. You can always transfer your skills, and it’s better to be honest!
  5. Don’t include a career summary
    • Well, generally don’t. If you do, it needs to be customized fully to each job. A generic summary takes up valuable real estate and adds nothing. If you’re using it, make sure it showcases your unique expertise and clearly demonstrates how you see yourself fitting into the company.
How long should my senior marketer resume be?

One page, max. Since you’ve been in the industry for a longer time, your education experience is less relevant. It’s best to keep it short and succinct, providing just enough information for them to scan your cover letter and learn more about you in the interview.

How should I format a marketing manager resume as a senior?

Keep it easy to read! That means lots of white space, a simple font like Times New Roman, and no fancy graphics. That way, both recruiters and ATS can get to the meat of your content quickly.

Do I need to customize my resume for each job?

Yes, you do! It’s easier than you think, fortunately. Just include the relevant skills each senior marketing job application asks for on your resume, and make sure you highlight relevant responsibilities/projects that align with what they’re looking for.