3 Lead DevOps Engineer Resume Examples Created for 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 19, 2023
3 Lead DevOps Engineer Resume Examples Created for 2023

Helping business processes run smoothly is where you shine. Production applications are managed and deployed at top performance, and the DevOps department works effectively with you leading the way.

Have you taken time to develop your resume in the same way you do with business applications?

You don’t have to be an expert in both writing code and creating a top-tier resume. Our lead DevOps engineer resume templates will have your back in this process to display your top skills effectively.

Lead DevOps Engineer Resume

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Lead devops engineer resume example with 8+ years experience

Modern Lead DevOps Engineer Resume

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Modern lead devops engineer resume example

Professional Lead DevOps Engineer Resume

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Professional lead devops engineer resume example

What Matters Most: Your Lead DevOps Engineer Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

You possess several technical skills to help businesses improve and troubleshoot their key programs. However, the trouble can be narrowing down the right 6 to 10 skills for your lead DevOps resume.

Are you noticing that some companies are looking for help with process automation, whereas others need assistance in installation and configurations?

A good strategy is tailoring the skills you list to the company’s needs. For instance, you could list your Azure DevOps and VNext skills for the company looking for process automation and your TFS expertise for the one looking for installation and configurations.

Here are some lead DevOps engineer skills in demand in today’s job market.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Microsoft Test Manager
  • Azure DevOps
  • VNext
  • XAML Build Template
  • TFS Build Server
  • Troubleshooting
  • PowerShell
  • CodedUI

Sample lead DevOps engineer work experience bullet points

Now that you’ve listed your top skills, the next step is showing your work experience in processes like XAML build templates in a way that’s easy to understand.

Not every hiring manager who comes across your resume will be as well-versed in DevOps as you. Simplify by including clear impacts that everyone can get behind. Things like boosting efficiency or productivity are understandable to every hiring manager.

Also, use numbers whenever possible to quantify what you have achieved. For example, you could say you debugged build logs to help applications run 70 percent faster.

Here are a few samples:

  • Created an Azure DevOps pipeline that made builds and deployments 56% more efficient.
  • Integrated a customized XAML workflow that allowed the DevOps team to update applications 50% faster.
  • Configured a Microsoft Test Controller to analyze products in prototype, increasing the accuracy of detecting issues by 74%.
  • Developed multi-lingual support in applications with 99% accuracy in proper language usage.

Top 5 Tips for Your Lead DevOps Engineer Resume

  1. Combine leadership with technical skills
    • In the lead DevOps role, you’ll have to guide your team and perform technical tasks. Using examples like how you created and trained employees in a new PowerShell application can show how you use both types of skills.
  2. One page is the optimal length
    • Limiting your lead DevOps resume to one page keeps everything concise and relevant. Aim for short one-sentence descriptions that are easy to understand. For example, you could say how your TFS build server helped update applications 68 percent more efficiently.
  3. List work experience in reverse-chronological order
    • You’ve worked up to the lead role and grown your skills over time. Listing your most recent experiences first will be the most relevant to today’s modern tech space and helps hiring managers look back through your experience to see how your skills have grown.
  4. Consider adding a resume summary
    • Lead DevOps engineers usually have a lot of experience. A summary statement will help spotlight your primary skills, like how you’ve been part of over 200 new application builds in your career and have expert knowledge in Microsoft Test Manager.
  5. Always proofread
    • When you set up a new build, you run it through programs like CodedUI to test its functionality. Take the same approach with your resume and proofread for grammar or formatting errors to ensure it’s the most effective.
What if I’m applying to my first lead role?

Focus your experience on areas where you’ve shown leadership, innovation, or technical skill. For instance, training new employees in Azure DevOps automation can show where you took leadership while using your technical proficiency.

What do I put in my lead DevOps engineer cover letter?

Use your cover letter to fill in aspects your resume doesn’t cover or provide a more personal touch. For instance, you can go into more detail about your automation strategies, what got you into the DevOps field, or why you want to work for the company you’re applying to.

What if I’m struggling to fit everything on one page?

Look for areas where you can cut back on past experience. Maybe the development assistant internship you completed in college isn’t relevant anymore. Also, try to get very job-specific. For example, focus on skills like CodedUI for companies looking for automation experts. Finally, maybe you need a resume template that maximizes space.