3 Event Server Resume Examples for 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 14, 2023
3 Event Server Resume Examples for 2023

From event prep, behind-the-scenes food storage and arrangements, and table setting to mid-event service and buffet refreshment, you handle each process that goes into enriching an event with a top-tier dining experience.

But you’ve browsed through sample resumes and may still feel stumped and unprepared when it comes to making yours. What kinds of events do you mention, and how can you maximize the impact that your experience points have?

Don’t worry: We’ve helped plenty of job seekers navigate their way to their chosen roles, and we can help you, too! Use our helpful resume advice and three proven event server resume templates to gain some inspiration.

Event Server Resume

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Event server resume example with 7+ years experience

Professional Event Server Resume

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Professional event server resume example

What Matters Most: Your Skills & Job Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

Recruiters need to see that you have all the tricks up your sleeve that it takes to create a seamless experience for event guests. You’ll need to show that you have interpersonal skills that will make everyone feel welcome, along with the analytical, alert mindset and attention to detail it’ll take to keep everything operating smoothly.

See how specific we were, even just now? That’s how specific you should be in your skills section! Don’t settle for saying “people skills” when you could specify “guest reception” or “fine dining service.”

And as you’re probably seeing, skills are far more effective when they’re related directly to your profession! Ensure each ability you list is highly specific and as technical as possible.

9 top event server skills

  • Time Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Fine Dining Service
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • TouchBistro
  • Memorization
  • Tidiness and Cleaning
  • Code Compliance

Sample event server work experience bullet points

Now that you’ve given a cursory list of the types of abilities you have, it’s time to show recruiters that you’re ready to jump into the action! Show that you not only have those skills but know how to employ them.

How great were you at handling rush hour at that old diner job? Do you currently specialize in boosting ratings with your incredible customer service?

Speaking of ratings, that is a great example of the metrics you can use to quantify your success. Make sure all your experience points relate directly to your current role, and then use quantifiable data to back up their positive impact!

Here are some samples:

  • Collaborated with kitchen staff and servers to deliver accurate orders to guests in order of arrival, decreasing customer complaints by 34% and boosting efficiency by 7%
  • Answered customer questions over the menu and ingredients with 98% accuracy
  • Managed buffet availability and cleanliness by refilling hot station food, washing dishes, and quickly removing trash/food waste, contributing to a 97% customer satisfaction rating
  • Promoted specials during ordering process, increasing revenue by 12%

Top 5 Tips for Your Event Server Resume

  1. Show adaptability
    • Include a variety of examples from your job history to show your ability to think on your feet. That’s a big part of an event server’s role, after all! Catching mishaps before they happen to boost satisfaction rates and saving company profits are great examples of adaptability.
  2. Streamline your resume
    • While you want to include diverse points on your resume, it’s important to be concise. Recruiters don’t have much time, so while you should give context to your bullet points, make it quick.
      • There’s no time to give a play-by-play of how you helped increase event attendance by 12 percent, but you can briefly share that you used social media and a webpage to make it happen.
  3. Demonstrate your niche
    • Leverage your professional history as a chance to demonstrate how you’ve found your niche. Use increasingly relevant examples to show how you’ve honed your problem-solving skills and food presentation knowledge to become the ultimate event server!
  4. Use a professional template
    • Any of the resume templates we’ve provided should complement your awesome qualifications: Just make sure you stick with sleek, readable fonts and keep your color usage both minimal and understated as you discuss coordinating events, working with local vendors, and serving guests.
  5. Save it for the letter!
    • If you’re worried about parting with certain resume points in particular while you’re keeping it to a readable length, set them aside for your cover letter! That story about how you increased profits by promoting certain foods could be the perfect intro.
How long should I make my resume?

Remember: Recruiters don’t have long to spend on that first speed-read through your resume, so if you’re particularly proud of how many guests you served at events on a weekly basis, just know it may be missed if it finds its home on the second page.

What if my previous jobs don’t relate?

Some people have a very “hodgepodge” work history, and that’s okay! There are plenty of skills you’ve probably used in the past, such as time management or quick problem-solving, that you can emphasize to tie everything together.

What makes a dull metric?

Avoid any numbers that don’t reinforce the positive impact you made. For example, including event start times probably don’t affect the outcome of your experience point and may be confusing or unimpressive.