3 Corporate Paralegal Resume Examples Built for 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 15, 2023
3 Corporate Paralegal Resume Examples Built for 2023

The corporate legal system is a maze, but you know how to navigate it effectively. Forms are filed, legal agendas are drafted, and bylaws are followed accurately with you working on the legal staff.    

Does your resume show corporate legal teams that you’re the right fit?

While you might know corporate law like the back of your hand, we know all too well the corporate hiring system can be challenging. You can use our resume examples and these corporate paralegal resume templates to successfully portray your skills so you can get back to what you do best.

Corporate Paralegal Resume

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Corporate paralegal resume example with 5+ years experience

Formal Corporate Paralegal Resume

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Formal corporate paralegal resume example

What Matters Most: Your Corporate Paralegal Skills & Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

Big corporations employ thousands of people and operate across many locations. There are tons of legal implications to manage with that. You’ll want to put the most relevant skills on your resume to show how you can help.         

Looking at the type of corporation you’re applying to and the required skills for the job can help narrow it down. For instance, some businesses may need help with their international hiring policy, so your knowledge of i-129 forms will be helpful. Others may be more concerned with tax compliance, so include your knowledge of ss-4 forms.   

Here are some popular skills that corporate legal teams look for paralegals to have on a resume.

  • UCC
  • Corporate compliance
  • NDAs
  • Entity formation
  • Legal research 
  • Mergers
  • Financial securities
  • PracticePanther
  • Clio

Sample corporate paralegal work experience bullet points

Executing legal processes correctly can have a company-wide impact. You’ll want to show you have the necessary skills to help corporations succeed.        

Knowledge of the corporate business structure will help you here. If you can quantify how your impact helped the bottom line or contributed to the execution of a legal task that helped a business expansion get approved, you’ll stand out to corporations as someone they need on their team.    

Ensure your examples are concise and straightforward. Not every hiring manager will have detailed knowledge of the legal system, so your examples should be understandable for anyone.

Take a look at these samples:

  • Maintained and updated legal data for 70 subsidiary companies with 99% accuracy over 6 years.     
  • Facilitated an annual code of ethics certification for 10,500 employees across locations to reduce compliance errors by 45%.    
  • Established a new case management system using PracticePanther, leading to a 30% increase in efficiency when retrieving data.     
  • Used Clio to create a new document automation system that increased accuracy by 40% and filing efficiency by 25%.   

Top 5 Tips for Your Corporate Paralegal Resume

  1. Use the right language to stand out
    • Resumes that use action words like “established” or “designed” in descriptions will sound more impactful. For instance, saying you “established a new non-compete clause that eliminated loopholes” sounds much better than saying you “know how to structure non-compete clauses.”
  2. Emphasize technical skills
    • The corporate world has no shortage of technical processes you must follow. Emphasize technical skills whenever possible, like your ability to draft NDAs accurately and efficiently.       
  3. Use metrics
    • Metrics related to finances and efficiency are standard in the corporate world. For instance, explaining how you helped strategize litigation contributing to a 26 percent decrease in total manufacturing costs, will make your descriptions more meaningful.      
  4. Descriptions should be short and direct
    • The most impactful descriptions are ones that get your point across concisely. For instance, one sentence about how you applied your knowledge in multi-state filing requirements to make reporting taxable income 39% more efficient will go a long way.        
  5. Check for errors
    • The corporate world is all about managing the small details. Your resume template is only as good as what’s on it. Make sure your resume is free of grammatical errors before submitting it to show you have the skills to accurately perform tasks like drafting agendas and filing memos.      
What if I’m transitioning from a small firm to a corporate position?

Be as job-specific as possible about how your previous experience prepared you for the corporate environment. Something like maintaining legal databases with 99 percent accuracy can show you have the detailed mindset businesses will value.         

How long should my corporate paralegal resume be?

Limit your resume to one page. The corporate environment is fast-paced, and hiring managers have tons of resumes to go through. Concise and impactful descriptions with the most relevant skills, like your knowledge of corporate compliance, will help you stand out.     

Should I include a cover letter?

Corporate paralegals will benefit from having a cover letter. In fact, you can use it to your advantage by designing it to add to your resume. Your cover letter can fill in gaps like additional details on how you manage corporate filings or why your experiences make you a great fit for the company’s needs.